Tekken Games And How I Believe They Aged

Some Tekken games aged well but others aged badly. Remember this is entirely my OPINION. Considering I didn't always start out as a Tekken fan (I was more into Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat as a child) so some of them may vary. So here goes nothing!

I. Tekken games that aged badly

Tekken 1

Although Tekken 1 was a good kickstarter. It broke records, introduced a new fighting scheme that Tekken would be known for and dominated the fighting games and started the phenomenon but I can't forget some of its problems. Considering it's the first game from the 90s then I guess signs of aging badly will inevitably hit it. The game's problems involved less flexible controls, lack of balance, bosses were unlockable in the home versions but they had no endings and Heihachi was just that hard to defeat. 

Tekken 2

Tekken 1 was a hit and so was Tekken 2. Back then, you'd say it's a great game. But today? I wonder how will the younger Tekken fans think of the older Tekken games? Now it managed to add endings for the unlockable hidden characters, added new characters and more but it still had some problems from the first Tekken game. That problem I'd name is the lack of flexibility in the controls. Plus, Devil was a bigger pain to deal with.

Tekken 4

It's the first canon Tekken entry for the Playstation 2. It introduced full 3D gameplay but there were some new stuff that didn't work. Namely the overly easy side-stepping and some stages just had uneven terrain. Fortunately these innovations that didn't work were removed in the next game.

II. Tekken games that I believe aged rather well

Tekken 3

As the last Tekken game for the PS1, this game really had some improvements that would be further enhanced in the next generation systems. The game had a better select screen, smoother controls and improved the graphics to a certain extent. Plus, the game's cinematic endings were improved. While I don't deny Tekken 1 and 2 get remembered for introducing the cinematic endings, Tekken 3 improved it. But then, I guess some Kazuya fans aren't so fond of this game because he's not there.

Tekken Tag Tournament 1

The first Tekken Tag Tournament game was for the Playstation 2. Before the kickass Tekken Tag Tournament 2, there was one. Now it may not be as fluid due to limitations back then but there's been a lot of cool stuff this game has. Fluid controls and tag team play made the game a popular hit. But the only downside were the character endings. For me, it's still aged pretty well though. 

So what do you think of my list of Tekken games that aged badly and those that didn't? 


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