The Bizarre Father/Son Relationship Of Cyclops And Cable

Considering today is father's day, I thought of this rather bizarre incident between Cyclops and his son Cable. Cable is the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (a clone of Jean Grey). Mr. Sinister assumed that if Cyclops and Jean Grey would have an offspring, that mutant would be powerful enough to defeat Apocalypse. It just happened that Jean Grey supposedly died and the Phoenix Force brought to life Mr. Sinister's failed experiment Madelyne Pryor making her more or less another Jean. This happened that Madelyne had now become more or less a "real person" capable of getting pregnant and that's what happened. It's most likely Cable was named Nathan by his birth mother because of Mr. Sinister's mental suggestion. Plus, Mr. Sinister's real name is Nathaniel Essex.

Apocalypse was awakened by the birth of this new powerful mutant. Having his bond with the Celestials, he may have felt it was his duty to get that child and test it. Apocalypse infected Nathan at birth with the techo-organic virus. During that time, Cyclops had no other choice but to give up his own son to the Askani. There was no choice but to let Nathan go into the distant future of the Askani in order to survive. Did the Marvel writers think that having a young son with Cyclops would make it hard to write a story? I can't tell what's in their minds. But regardless, this began a bizarre father/son relationship.

Later, Cable returned together with Stryfe. It's a bizarre story where both claimed to be the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor. Many thought that Stryfe was the real son and that Cable was the clone. Cable was having cybernetic parts so they assumed he was a defective clone. Cyclops and Jean Grey were kidnapped by Stryfe who started to torture them. Cyclops and Jean Grey couldn't use their powers as a result of Stryfe's unrestrained use of such power that Cable couldn't have due to the latter's T-O virus. Cable also had a strained relationship with Tyler who might not be his son but Stryfe's son. It's somewhat hinted that Stryfe raped his captive Aliya resulting to the birth of Tyler. Yet Cable raises Tyler as his own son. While Cyclops and Cable eventually get reunited but... Cable must deal with Tyler who he raised as a son. Tyler is basically Cable's antagonistic offspring.

So Cable does attend the wedding of his father Cyclops to Jean Grey with his alternate reality half-sister Rachel. During Cyclops' and Jean Grey's honeymoon, Rachel takes away their minds and sends them into the Askani Timeline with cloned bodies. This was because for some reason, the Askani Timeline forbade bodies to time travel without consequences explaining why Cable was left there for a long time. Cable returned in time old enough to be his father Cyclops' father. Plus Cyclops now has a wayward grandson who's just like a brother with Tyler. Cyclops tries to catch up with Cable's childhood for twelve years but later on, still can't change the fact all the time travel has made his son old enough to be his father.

The relationship between Cyclops and his son Cable hasn't been always a good one. Cable tries to change the past and only ends up messing time up all the more. During the events of "The Twelve", Apocalypse intended to merge with Nate Grey but ended up merging with Cyclops instead. Jean Grey separated Apocalypse' soul from Cyclops. Cable would later defeat Apocalypse but this didn't last long. Later, Cable would revive Apocalypse after M-Day after 90% of the mutant population lost their powers.

Even after many years, Cyclops and Cable still have that weird bond. Cable later ended up in the future and it's not established how many years has passed. So I wonder how old is Cyclops now and how old is Cable now considering the amount of the time that passed since Hope was born as the first mutant after M-Day? Cable must be 70 something and maybe Cyclops is 40 something?! It's still a weird relationship between a father and his son who he lost in time.


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