How I Wish Hera Was Carried Out In Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

After watching how Hercules the Legendary Journeys progressed, I wanted to name a few points that annoyed me. Like one was Hera never showed herself so often. It was a deviation from how Hera was usually portrayed in the movies.

In most movies, Hera was always shown in in her human form. So why didn't Hercules: The Legendary Journeys give her the same treatment? I felt it was annoying to keep assuming how Hera looked like beneath those two eyes. I wish Meg Foster already appeared from season one to four or others could have done the job. 

I could have wanted to be closer to the myths than she was in the series. The reason why she hated Hercules even more was because his name means "Hera's Glory". Hercules was already named Alcides but when they found out that Alcmene was deceived by Zeus, his name was changed to Hercules in an attempt to appease Hera's wrath. Instead, it backfired resulting to Hera hating Hercules even more.

Some stuff I wish the show kept true to the myth were Zeus' faults. In the myth, Zeus was the one who separated Echidna from her husband Typhon and it was also his doing that Prometheus was chained to a rock for giving fire to mankind. I'd probably make Hera closer to the myths like she did protect certain people like Jason. On the other hand, Ares can be kept as the same warmonger he is really is. He's been more consistent than his mother Hera was.

After this, I thought Meg Foster could have played as Hera in other Hercules related media. She's the best Hera ever!


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