Power Rangers' Time Force Ransik May Be A Commentary On The Consequences Of Our Actions!

While Mirai Sentai Timeranger existed as a fight against fate itself, Power Rangers Time Force presents a different angle. One could consider that Ransik himself may be a commentary to what's really wrong with society. While Power Rangers didn't have much of the exploration on the science theme in the levels of Bioman, Flashman and Liveman. Power Rangers in Space didn't explore the consequences of the wrong use of science as Megaranger did. Instead, it was more on a space theme like Changeman was as a Super Sentai series. But Time Force somehow explored in some way the consequences of manipulating life. 

In Ransik's origin story, he was born out of a laboratory accident. The story seems to follow from Jiban's main villain Dr. Giba who was actually born from a biological freak accident. It's not really established whether or not everyone was really aware Ransik was a mutant born out of a laboratory accident. Like Dr. Giba, he's filled with hatred for humans since he's an outcast but his story is a bit expanded upon. He he had a daughter named Nadira isn't explained either but he does have some paternal love for her. But he also has contempt towards Frax who he mistreats so cruelly as explained in his side story.

So what was Ransik's purpose as Time Force's main villain? I felt like the writers wanted to show people the ugly consequences of racism and shunning imperfection in society. Remember in Ransik's time, perfect DNA was supposedly established but out from the imperfections during the experiment that the villain was born. He was shunned as an outcast to the point of insanity. Some wanted to help him like Dr. Ferricks (who'd later become Frax) but he's the extreme opposite of the humans who hate mutants. He wants to right one wrong with another wrong by eradicating humans but his actions could make him cease to exist. His arrival in the year 2001 and his attempt to punish humans 1,000 years before he was conceived could even prevent his version of the future from ever existing.

The point is that somehow, I felt Ransik was meant to remind us of the consequences of our actions. People you bully may one day spring back and turn the tables. Yet it also reminds us not to turn ugly like Ransik did. Did some fans of Time Force feel Ransik should have died at the hands of an insane Frax or in my case, I wish he died like Dr. Giba in Jiban? Maybe. Either way, I felt his actions were not justifiable either since he could have nearly ended the 31st century with his actions. 


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