What I Thought Of Solbrain's First Episode...

I had finished Winspector and it's time to watch Solbrain (as subbed by Sailor Otaku) but it's still the very first episode. I could give a few thoughts on the episodes. I remembered dropping this show as a toddler but as an adult, I admit that I regret dropping it. The plot follows that one year after the Winspector cast graduates to Paris, the new team called Solbrain enters with newer, better technology.

The new heroes are Daiki Nishio and Reiko Higuchi. During Winspector, only Ryoma Kagawa wore the upgrade suit. In Solbrain, the two work together since crimes have become more rampant. Junko Fujino herself could have used a suit given how badass she was but then again, no other character neither male nor female wore a power suit in Winspector. Ryoma had Accel and Biker to help him. At this point, Daiki has Reiko help him out in the more dangerous missions.

The organization has been upgraded with more personnel. Winspector was pretty much the start. One year later, Captain Masaki manages to create an entirely different organization. Jun Masuda is always in action but doesn't wear any power suit. For Bioman fans, do notice that Jun Masuda is played by Hidenori Iura who plays as Doctor Man's son in Bioman and for Goggle V fans, they'll notice he was the head Computer Boy.

What amazes me is that given Winspector's setting, technology does develop fast given the new setting that Captain Shunsuke Masaki has given the team. Unlike the first team, there's two heroes that get a suit up namely Daiki Nishio and Reiko Higuchi as the main protagonists. The series presents more dangerous situations that could have killed Ryoma Kagawa in Winspector. There's bigger equipment for bigger disasters as evidenced in the first episode's case that even a criminal's life may still have some value. But it doesn't mean that Captain Masaki moves like the Commission of Human Rights in the Philippines.

The first episode shows a deranged scientist who nearly sacrifices his humanity for technology. In the end, the scientist sees the error of his ways at the end of the episode. There was also a couple of more innovative special effects than Winspector had. But how does the series do with its writing? It's too early for me to judge.


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