Wishful Thinking: Kimberly's "Foul Play In The Sky" Episode

While watching Zyuranger and the first 40 episodes of Mighty Morphin', I still can't help but comment how Reiko Chiba's acting needed more work while Amy Jo Johnson's experience in the theater helped her out. The episode "Foul Play in the Sky" had several goofs. Like how can Kimberly use a flying mecha but she couldn't even fly a plane? The show doesn't explain that. Here's what I wish really happened.

In Zyuranger, the episode "Fire the Golden Arrow" presented Bandora's back-up plan for her victory. She knew that the Ptera Arrow was the only thing that stood in between her and victory. Mei was poisoned by Bukback leaving the Zyurangers incomplete. In Mighty Morphin', Rita's plan was typically "divide and conquer". I could present some things that could have been included for that episode. I could still put Skull going after her and getting rejected for the nth time.

If I were to write the episode, I think I'd actually have Rita target Kimberly because of her Power Bow. I'd have Kimberly trapped in the same kind of dark dimension that Mei was trapped in. I think Amy Jo could do a better job than Reiko playing the part of a nightmare world. It doesn't have to be that scary. Rita could prepare Snizzard in advance and she commands Finster to prepare that potion targeting Kimberly. I wouldn't put Kimberly on a plane. I'd probably have her poisoned by one of Baboo's apples which causes her to be trapped in her own nightmare and she overcomes it by her willpower so she can help the others.


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