Angry Rant: Power Rangers Ain't About Tommy!

As a child, I used to like Tommy a lot. Maybe it was because of how "cool" I thought he was or was it because of the Tommy/Kimberly ship that Dougie Boy sank for no good reason? That letter is best known as Doug Sloan forged Kimberly's signature into it! Okay, be ready for a lot of my personal biases because I'm mostly neutral with Power Rangers. But there are good Power Rangers seasons, there are some good actors who can really do what they do like Mike Chaturantabut is an accomplished martial artist or that Amy Jo Johnson plays a good Kimberly. But let's focus on Tommy who's nothing more than an overrated, self-glorified character like Hercule in Dragon Ball Z. Plus, Jason David Frank isn't really pleasing anymore either.

So what's my issues with Tommy? I would talk more about the post-Zeo era. Power Rangers managed to create some decent seasons. During Wild Force's "Forever Red", it bothers me why Tommy and not Jason was the leader. Can you imagine it if the Legend War in Gokaiger had Oh Red lead instead of Akaranger? No! But that's what the writers did with Tommy. Plus, Dino Thunder gets overrated because of Tommy. I'm glad that I didn't bother to watch Dino Thunder so at least I don't keep comparing it with Abaranger. At the end of Power Rangers Megafail, he appears to lead the final battle which is just so WTF. "Really Tommy? Do you have to hog everything to yourself? No, Power Rangers isn't about you Tommy! Get over it!" is what I can say about him.

Does it take a genius to figure out that there are people better than Tommy or his actor Jason David Frank? No! After watching Zyuranger, one can see Burai is much better than Tommy. Burai shows how much of a great character he is and why he deserves all the likes. Though I admit, Burai can be pretty overrated never mind that his concept was improved later on with future sixth rangers. All of Tommy's Super Sentai counterparts are better than him not because they're Super Sentai but because they had better writing involved. Other Power Rangers seasons will show you people better than Tommy. As mentioned earlier, Mike Chaturantabut is a real accomplished martial artist and I wanted to joke Chad Lee should be Nagare's fitness instructor or that he should have been a martial arts instructor prior to becoming a Power Ranger. The other members of Lightspeed Rescue have their heart in the show. We can also include Lost Galaxy and Time Force to name other seasons who have people much better than Tommy. Want a badass sixth ranger? Eric Myers/Quantum Ranger really does a good job and Daniel Southworth is a much better actor!

One can go ahead and say Miyauchi's appeared in several shows already so why not Tommy? Need I remind you that Hiroshi Miyachi plays DIFFERENT characters and JDF is Tommy all throughout? The difference between JDF and Hiroshi Miyauchi is how the actors are used. After several years of acting as a costumed hero where Miyauchi was in Goranger, JAKQ, he was Kamen Rider V3 and Zubat is that the show doesn't ride on his character but him. So after that, he acts as the mentor of the Winspector team and its successor the Solbrain team. Then he acts as Chief Counselor Naoki Miura in Ohranger and they're all different characters! He's not like Tommy who's hogging everything to himself. Miyauchi just does what he's required to do and he doesn't steal the spotlight. As a mentor, the spotlight moves to the protagonists and not towards him. That's where the difference between the two actors are shown.

That's why I'm glad that Dino Charge doesn't have him or Tommy in it. No, I really think that Power Rangers should say goodbye to Tommy as in FOREVER. He's not worth keeping around as I used to think he was. Austin St. John is still a much better guy. Power Morphicon can do without Tommy. St. John deserves to meet Yuuta Mochizuki and later Keiichi Wada because he's a red ranger who truly deserves respect. Jason's worthy to shake the hands of Geki, Ryou or even the first red ranger Tyuyoshi from Goranger but never Tommy. Toei, Saban and Bandai can go ahead and still continue earning money from Power Rangers even if I don't like the franchise as whole because I'm still stuck with my Super Sentai usually does better mentality (but I can still accept the flaws and strengths from each side) but I think they should keep Tommy out of the equation... PERMANENTLY!


  1. Take it easy man, as much I lost respect for jason David, I agree with you as well. At least Austin doesn't appear in any new Power Ranger series.

  2. A great way to kick start JDF's birthday. He's an overrated hack who could never fill Miyachi-san's shoes ever. Even Miyachi when he guest stared on Spider-man he still was geat in not playing a toku hero, but just a detective who's hell bent on getting revenge on Iron Cross.

    JDF isnt that great of a Martial Artist, the list goes on of top 20 people who could best him.

    JDF could'ev ended the feud between him and ASJ two years ago but no, he chose to be the even more childish about it. JDF could;'ev been part of the historcal moment in PMC in 2014 but no....JDF missed out due to his ego.

    JDF loses more fans every year pushing away people, mistreats fans too. JDF isn't humble like Hiroshi Miyach who don't consider himself the face of Kamen Rider or Super Sentai, If JDF was half as humble as Miyach then maybe so many people in the fandom would hate him so much.

    JDF is a whackjob that needs to grow up and get himself some serious help for his ego.

    1. Of course, he can NEVER fill in Miyauchi's shoes. Miyauchi's played several different characters each one with a different challenge. Tommy is just Tommy all throughout and he's one good reason why I don't think it's a big loss to skip Dino Thunder or rewatch Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

    2. It's still my dream though to see Austin St. John reprising his role as Jason in the Power Rangers Universe (morphed or not) sort of a mentor now


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