Is Cable's The Biggest Reason Why The Marvel Universe Is Screwed Up?!

Do you think why the Marvel Universe got messed up? Well look no further than one person where I want to blame it on namely Cable. The origins of Cable can be so confusing so what could have happened before he meddled? There's a lot of stuff that we could talk about Cable's past and how everything ends up to be so... well complicated no thanks to him.

Cable started out as the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (the Jean Grey clone) so how in the world did he start the mess? It wasn't always that way. He started out as the son that Madelyne dubbed as Nathan for his first name as a subconscious suggestion by her "father" Mr. Sinister. Madelyne was grown to be an experiment for some number of years but even in her puberty, she never developed any of Jean's powers. But one day while she was unconscious, part of Jean gave her life and she more or less was made a real person or not. Mr. Sinister lost Jean Grey but earned a nearly perfect replica of her when the Phoenix Force landed. That was all revealed in later parts when Jean Grey was scheduled to return and Madelyne Pryor was easily written off as a Jean Grey clone. The plan was that any child born containing the DNA of Cyclops and Jean Grey would produce the ultimate mutant.

So Apocalypse was awakened not once but TWICE by Cable. So how did that happen? So let's assume that before Cable intervened, he was just born like any other mutant. But as Cable grew up, he just kept time-travelling causing several events to go haywire. So Cable was infected by the Techno-Organic Virus as a baby. How did Apocalypse get access to the virus? It's "revealed" in an annoying chain of events that the "Traveler" appeared as a young man who wanted to kill Apocalypse before he could rise into power. But that Traveler is none other than Cable himself. Because his techno-organic arm was amputated during the fight, the T-O Virus started its way into Apocalypse' system which gave him access both to it and the Celestial's ship. Hmmm nice joc Cable, nice job and you just awakened him much earlier than you could have.

How Apocalypse came in contact to the T-O Virus BEFORE Cable meddled isn't known yet. What's possible is that before Cable came, the Celestials simply gave Apocalypse the T-O Virus to use as part of their weeding out the weak from the strong. But after the incident he infected Cable (as a child) with the T-O Virus, the way things unfolded were more different. Cable's frequent struggle in his younger days to spell the end of Apocalypse only rewrote how he rose. I thought that all because of him, some things just got worse. Even worse, Cable's spending his whole life fighting Apocalypse in different timelines was also another reason why he returned old enough to be father Cyclops' father. Just imagine the bizarre event where Cyclops finds his own son Cable now twice his age!

So what's the worse that happens? Cable's biography states that he was raised by Slym and Redd who were actually Cyclops and Jean Grey. But in an act of time travel (and meddling) he ends up attending their wedding before Cyclops and Jean Grey could live as Slym and Redd in cloned bodies as prepared by his alternate-reality half-sister Rachel Summers. Now isn't that confusing. Plus, what's the use of Slym and Redd raising him as a family when one, Cyclops already knew the young boy would grow up to be that man Cable. Then another, didn't Cable's meddling just cause more problems for everyone? This also causes a lot of problems between the future and the present.

In the Askani Future, a lot of plots started to fall apart. There was the story of "The Twelve" which was a fable that was actually written by Apocalypse. So before Cable meddled, who were the original Twelve then? Did Apocalypse' rise to power happen much differently than it did in the alternate future Cable grew up with because he was stranded? My theory is that Apocalypse may have had inhabited some other bodies he found. Cable's time travel also caused another confusion: the Apocalypse of that era named the Nathan Christopher Charles Summers' clone as "Stryfe" after an enemy he faced in the present. Perhaps before Cable and Stryfe messed up with time, the Apocalypse of the Askani named the Nathan clone as "Stryfe" to instill his philosophy. A lot of theories came to who the Twelve were and things just got more complicated.

The list of "The Twelve" didn't always have mainline continuity mutants. One can think that while Cable was born in the mainline but he grew up in an alternate future. Bishop isn't a mainline mutant and neither is Nate Grey. Nate Grey was from the Age of Apocalypse reality as an artificially created son of Cyclops and Jean Grey. So who were Apocalypse' choices before Cable meddled? He may have been choosing them across time even before Cable meddled but his choices were later altered thanks to Cable's meddling. We don't really know what happened but one thing's certain: Cable hasn't been thinking of the consequence of his actions. How Apocalypse rose up to power in the past is not known but it's possible that he just had found many ways to use a spare body without the need of a host. But Cable's meddling may have inspired a lot of chaos.

So perhaps, one of the biggest unexpected effects of Cable's meddling would be Cyclops' marriage to Jean. Maybe, just maybe if he didn't meddle then I don't think Cyclops would have even merged with the spirit of Apocalypse to start with nor would have Apocalypse even had more clues. I felt like the whole merging process may be a spillover and a result of Cable's meddling with time. The result was that Cyclops and Jean Grey never had a child in the mainstream universe. So Cable, are you really proud of what you did with all the meddling that you did?

Besides, later he would end up assisting in Apocalypse' revival after the events of M-Day. So what in the world was he thinking of actually reviving a foe he worked so hard to defeat? In this case, he just brought back chaos to the world by doing so. So what's Cable going to try and do next then to make the Marvel Universe more screwed up now huh? But again, this is just a theory that's still subjected to a lot of criticism from the readers of this post.


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