Is Sarah/Ninja Steel Pink The New Kimberly?

Yes, we're having another short pink ranger no questions asked. It's too early to actually comment on it since Ninja Steel hasn't even started. I'm already having my series of early biases for and against it. It's just like when Dino Charge came out, I already had biases against it because I really freaking didn't like Kyoryuger. I also freaking didn't like Ninja Steel. Power Rangers' splitting into two seasons is a horrible idea. I hope they fix that mistake.

I'd like to talk about one thing: it's about trying to redo Kimberly. Power Rangers Megaforce tried to redo her but failed due to Jonathan Tzachor. I always felt that Kimberly's concept can be redone right or wrong depending on who's in charge. Yasuko Kobayashi was able to do her own version of Kimberly with Mako. Tzachor wasted an entire cast that could have done something good. Looking at the Megaforce cast outside their show, they're far more different than they were in-show.

Sidenote, I don't think it's intentional that Mako ends up like Kimberly in some way. It doesn't look like it since Mako didn't do the hair thing that the end of Shinkenger's first episode. Though she does have her marks of being Kimberly like when she frankly shoves Ryunosuke aside for annoying her. It's no different than Kimberly being blunt towards Billy. Kimberly did admit she wanted to be a teacher because she loves children (MMPR fan video) and Mako handles children. I guess Rin Takanashi herself was chosen for her acting ability not her appearance. Rin's taller than Amy Jo. I still think Kimberly's more attractive than Mako in the face and skin department. Mako's slimmer and taller. 

So what about the new pink ranger for Ninja Steel? It's still to early for me to even conclude how it'll turn out. I don't know if I'll ever bother to watch Power Rangers again ever since I want to be more neutral about it. But still... I'd like to see how it turns out but again, remember I have my biases.


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