The Generation Gap That I Feel With Most Of The Showa Riders!

What I find funny in my preferences with Tokusatsu is that I end up preferring new school Kamen Rider (from the Heisei era) while I usually prefer 80s-2010 old school Super Sentai. I grew up with watching Kamen Rider Black as my first Kamen Rider. I saw Black RX on Cable TV which I didn't really understand what was being spoken. Fortunately, I saw Black RX with subs later on in my life.

What shocked me (or not) was that before Kamen Rider Black, there were actually other Kamen Riders before him. I feel that generation gap. I tried watching a few episodes of the first Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider V3, Kamen Rider Stronger and I watched Kamen Rider Amazon from start to end. That's just it and I haven't met the 1,000 episode challenge of Cake Boss. The first Kamen Rider was so 1971 and Kamen Rider Amazon was so 1975. Kamen Rider also went on hiatus after Kamen Rider Super-1 for six years and after Kamen Rider Black RX, no new series was developed until Kamen Rider Kuuga.

I guess here's my personal bias towards the Showa era. It's because most of their old school entries are way older than I am. I feel that generation gap. People who were either 70s or 80s children could appreciate it more. I could appreciate it less. After watching Kamen Rider Amazon, I love its choreography but being a 70s series made me like it less. I guess it's because of that generation gap. But again, I guess some of these shows can still be enjoyed. I think I may enjoy the classics but not as much as the new school.

I wonder how many younger fans are willing to take this challenge of watching more of old school Showa? For one, I can't say I'm willing to watch all of it. But I'll still watch some of them for the sake of comparison.


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