What If Time Force's Unique Plots Were From Timeranger?

Power Rangers Time Force introduced some plots that makes it a little more if not much more different than Timeranger except with time travel. Time Force was a pretty balanced season while Timeranger was a well-written atypical serious Super Sentai season or the Agito of Super Sentai. I'd like to think what if certain plots in Time Force were actually taken from Timeranger. Here's how I think it'd go.

The whole love triangle across time

I always found the whole love triangle across time to be something that gets me WTFed with Time Force. So Jen supposedly loses Alex and then she falls in love with his ancestor Wes. How screwed up can that get? So let's think about what if that happened in Timeranger. Let's just think what if we had a Tatsuya/Ryuya/Yuuri love triangle going on.

Let's just say that Don Dolnero escaped and supposedly killed Ryuya in an attempt to rearrest him. Plot twist would be that Ryuya allowed himself to be injured knowing that Don Dolnero's escape would just be to his benefit, that he allowed the escape to happen and he was actually trying to cheat death. Now let's think what if Yuuri was actually having her mood swings because of not just one but two major incidents. First, she lots her family to a mad gun criminal and second, she lost her fiance Ryuya in a major attack. That would definitely NOT be a good way to start isn't it?

I think we'd probably get a violent break-up of sorts. Let's think if Ryuya showed up and Yuuri was glad to see he lived. But not for long since they'll discover that Ryuya himself was trying to fix time in order so he could live. I couldn't think about how it'd be if Yuuri returned the engagement ring to Ryuya after Ayase accidentally shot the latter. Was that plot even in the original Time Force draft but the executives felt it was just too inappropriate?

What if Ransik were actually Super Sentai's version of Dr. Giba?

Ransik in Power Rangers Time Force was born from some laboratory accident. He's basically the embodiment of what's wrong with society and he's a symbol of karmic backlash. So what if we ended up Super Sentai's own version of Dr. Giba? While Ransik may have had some questionable moments like when he burned Dr. Ferricks' laboratory (even lighter and softer Super Sentai has moments like that, think that Dayu actually did massacre people in a lighter and softer season like Shinkenger) but he had more large ham approach. I don't think that would have happened in Timeranger's super serious setting.

If Ransik were a Timeranger villain, I think he'd be born from the toxic wastes of progress gone unchecked in the 30th century. Maybe, some of the alien criminals would actuallyy be mutants born from alien DNA residue. Then maybe, Ransik would have a monster form like Dr. Giba did in Jiban and he would probably be more cruel. You might even rejoice to see him get murdered by Gien. Maybe, Gien's backstory would be that he helped Ransik out but was "thanked" by getting forcibly converted into a machine. Maybe, just maybe all the mistreatment that Ransik would give to Gien would make the latter rebel and go insane.

I think one possible outcome that could happen if Ransik were Timerangers' recurring villain is that his death may also make you question on who's more evil: mutants or humans? Maybe, just maybe we'd have this version of Ransik either killed by an insane Gien. This might soon be revealed that Ryuya allowed the dangerous criminal Ransik to escape as part of creating a better future or not. Another possibility is that he might go as far as to kill Lila (who I'll assume would be his daughter here) for trying to stop the mutant/human war. That is, this version of Ransik might become as crazy as most Super Sentai villains are in trying to justify his immense hatred towards humans.


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