Captain Shunsuke Masaki's One Badass Commander!

Tokusatsu has had a series of mentors now and then. I have my extreme favoritism for Commander Aya Odagiri from Jetman, Commander Naoyuki Miura from Ohranger, Miki Masaki in Gekiranger, Sanjoru Sugata from Maskman. There are also others like Commander Stanton from Lost Galaxy and Captain Mitchel from Lightspeed Rescue who are also worth commending. But I really have one Tokusatsu mentor that I tend to have my current attention on. It's the one and only Captain Shunsuke Masaki.

It's not just about Hiroshi Miyauchi the true legend that kicks Jason David Frank's ass in several levels. It's all about how he's been written and how he's that commander you can't mess with. He's been involved with two teams namely Winspector and Solbrain to help combat sophisticated crime. At the same time, he's the kind of chief who looks at the root case to why these sophisticated crimes happen. That's been the theme of Winspector and Solbrain under his watch.

At the end of Winspector, I remembered his words concerning that even the life of a criminal may still have some value. While he doesn't have the same mentality as the Commission of Human Rights in the Philippines (he would still bash the heads of Etta Rosales and Chito Gascon) but he also believes that the problem may lie in society itself. That's why he also formed Solbrain after the cast of Winspector all had their promotions. Some of the crimes in Winspector and Solbrain happen because justice is not met by the authorities.

What Masaki may also be trying to teach the viewers is that no two wrongs makes a right and that people today are also unappreciative. No matter what reasons criminals have they still have to do the time. But again, Masaki still believes that sometimes you need to shoot the criminal to save the lives of others. It's all about check and balance with this guy.


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