Why Writing Off Magneto's Paternity Towards Quicksilver And Scarlet Witch Is WTF Stupid!

WTF Marvel? Ever since Disney bought Marvel a lot of stupid stuff has been happening. I already hated how Disney ruined Power Rangers (not that Saban's return did anything better either) with giving us some stupid Hannah Montana like characters. Now Disney has done the unthinkable of actually writing off Magneto's paternity towards Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. So really, there's been some hints that they could be Magneto's children. So why drop the bomb or should I say by the power of the pen get rid of Magneto's paternity towards both children after several years of established continuity?

Please, don't give me that stupid reason that, "Well Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch both don't have Magneto's power!" The excuse can be so stupid for several reasons. Just think some mutant humans are born from two normal human parents. The X-Gene is something that's unpredictable so any kind of mutant power could be developed. Did Cable, Nate Grey, Stryfe and Rachel Summers all inherit Cyclops' optic blasts? They didn't. Besides, how many mutant humans in the Marvel Universe were born from normal human parents? Magneto's parents weren't mutant humans and neither was his wife Magda. Plus, it was established Magda gave birth to the twins fathered by Magneto.

Revealing Polaris to be actually Magneto's daughter makes more sense than writing off Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch from the family tree. I wouldn't say it's because they both have magnetic powers but here's what. When Iceman reveals the affidavit to Polaris that disproves Magneto has her legal father, it was only because Magneto never acknowledged her. It's possible Magneto took a blood test and discovered that Polaris is his daughter by another woman. The revelation isn't all too surprising because Magneto feels some connection to Polaris. Both of them manage to tap into the power like any father and daughter would. So writing Magneto as Polaris' father in later comics made a whole lot of sense. It wasn't any surprise either!

Another would argue that why did both Quicksilver and Crystal have a normal human baby? Okay, let's think about another established fact. Graydon Creed is the normal human child of both Sabertooth and Mystique who are both mutant humans. If a lot of mutant humans came from both normal human parents then why can't the reverse happen? In the case of Quicksilver and Crystal remember that one's a mutant human and Inhumans may have been forbidden to wed outside their class due to incompatibility. That may explain why Luna was born without human powers but was later empowered by the Terrigan Mist. 

Just me thinking ever since Disney took over Marvel, a lot of stuff really stank. This killed the childhood of a lot of people who always had it in their minds that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are Magneto's children. Way to go Disney! Way to go to ruin someone else' childhood. From remastering Mighty Morphin' to horrible levels to mutilating Marvel, what's next? I guess Marvel's greatest evil right now is Disney. As much as I don't like Power Rangers but at least Saban had a lot more respect with how he dealt with adapting Marvel Comics for live media. I guess Toei and Saban should join forces like never before to liberate Marvel from its greatest enemy: Disney!


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