Will Judd Lynn's Downright Crash Be With Power Rangers Ninja Steel?

I admit I still don't like Ninninger and I haven't changed my mind about it. Even after giving the whole series a chance and watched it, it just doesn't click with it. I also don't like Kyoryuger and recently Dino Charge's finale has a lot of holes. Then again, like Yasuko Kobayashi and Toshiki Inoue, Judd Lynn isn't very good with finales either. Right now, it's just safe to say that Lynn is already hitting towards the road to burnout. Assuming he'll even become the head writer then be ready to see a lot of bad outcomes like what happened to other writers.

Writer's burnout is inevitable. Just think about how long Lynn himself was involved. He took over the second half of Power Rangers Turbo. He made his debut as the head writer of Power Rangers in Space. Then he continued on with Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Power Rangers Time Force and took over the second half of Power Rangers RPM. Then he's assigned to Power Rangers Dino Charge. You can compare that situation to how Hirohisa Soda was an innovative writer from Goggle V up to Fiveman. After seven seasons of pretty good contribution he burned out during Turboranger and Fiveman was a flop. Toshiki Inoue burned out pretty bad during Kamen Rider Kiva. Yasuko Kobayashi burned out pretty bad during ToQGer. For the good they did for their genres they burned out so bad they undid themselves.

Right now, it's best to keep a low bar for Ninja Steel. Dino Charge started showing signs of Lynn no longer in top condition. It's almost like how Liveman's later quarter was losing its edge. Next year, it's best to expect him to run out of good ideas on how to keep the script going. As said, be ready for eventual declines in just about everything!

I guess it's time for me to be glad that Kayla Coffland didn't make it. Ninja Steel but become Ninja Rubber anytime soon with Lynn no longer in top condition. Just think... Fiveman nearly canceled Super Sentai. ToQGer's ratings were lower than its predecessor Kyoryuger and Ninninger's not doing any better. Kamen Rider Kiva is already considered hit or miss. Will Ninja Steel soon be that era that will cause a fan favorite to eventually burn out so bad he'll undo himself? 


  1. Well when Sabah skipped GoBusters and ToQgers they are trying hard to both milk a series. They are at a quick and desperate attempt to cash in and script is as mediocre as the 1993 season!
    With Dairangers and Kakurangers, Sabah only used the SFX mecha scenes and mercifully left out the costume action scenes which I have no objections to.

    Sean, I suggest you pay 💯% on the originals and 5% on the Saban adaptation.

    1. I don't intend to watch any new Power Rangers seasons or rewatch any Power Rangers seasons in general. While I don't hate it and understand why Toei allows its existence but my reason is mostly due to me perceiving PR as a show of lesser quality. Most Super Sentai series have done well even if a few don't click with me.

    2. This is my whole view on power rangers for the last 10 years!! Super Sentai is just far superior.....tokusatu in its entire essence is bettet than the kids shows i liked!! A bad season of Sentai is will always trump a good PR season any day

  2. Yeah, I fear Judd Lynn's on the road to Burnoutville. I fear whereas ToQGer is to Kobayashi and Kiva is to Inoue, I fear probably Ninja Steel is to Lynn.


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