My History With the Megaman Franchise!

Just the news that Megaman X will appear in Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite makes me think, "Well I hope Crapcom doesn't screw it this time!" I remembered how I got so upset with Marvel vs. Capcom 3, how I didn't like the whole idea that Megaman X wasn't put and we only had Zero. There's always that feeling, "Screw you Capcom!" Then there's Keiji Inafune leaving and unfortunately Mighty No. 9 didn't do so well on its launch. But I'd like to talk about my history with Megaman games.

As a child, I remembered owning a Family Computer before we had a Playstation. I enjoyed playing the Super Mario Bros. series especially my personal favorite Super Mario Bros. 3. But one game particularly caught my attention and it was Megaman. My first Megaman game was Megaman 3 followed by Megaman 6 and Megaman 5 so I had a hard time adjusting to the first Megaman and I only played Megaman 2 during the Megaman: Anniversary Collection Game when we finally had a Playstation 2.

I could remember the time figuring out what each Robot Master was weak against. There was the share of fun and frustration because we had no Internet access during the 90s. That means, I had to figure out what each Robot Master was weak against. It was a game of rock/paper/scissors. I still couldn't forget how I had a hard time against Gyro Man until I figured out his weakness was Gravity Hold or how Shadow Man was actually weak against the almost useless Top Spin. Plus, I remembered how I wasn't able to defeat Gamma until I saw Video Power's episode that showed that you needed to Top Spin the cockpit to defeat him.

Since we never had a Super Nintendo at home then I never played Megaman X1-X3 as well as Megaman 7 until we had a Playstation 2 and the Anniversary Collection games. When we had a Playstation during the late 90s, I started playing Megaman 8 (which was pretty boring and lacked the charm of the NES games) while Megaman X4 was a pretty cool experience. Megaman X4 was my very first Megaman X series. Back then, I remembered wondering where in the world was Dr. Wily in Megaman X? Since Megaman X happened 100 years after the original series then the original cast was gone. So where in the world is Classic Megaman? I didn't know how the timeline worked or the sequence of the games. Heck, I didn't even know Megaman 7 was released after Megaman X3!

Megaman X4 was pretty much my cool experience. Zero was finally playable. I spent more hours playing as Zero. Zero may not be a long range character but I had fun with his now trademark saber and learning new moves from them. But it didn't mean that I didn't start with Megaman X because he was easier to use. Yet it was Zero's unique gameplay that got me hooked. Sure Zero was harder to use because he was a close range character but I felt like he was more powerful. Zero didn't need to charge up to unleash powerful attacks with his saber. It was a challenge playing as Zero since he didn't use upgrades except for Heart Tanks. In Megaman X5, he had a limited buster which I didn't care for anyway. 

Just a year or two during the first Playstation era, I spent time playing with Megaman X5 (which was supposedly the final game) and the Megaman Legends series. The Megaman Legends series was an interesting spin-off that supposedly took place in a separate continuity from the original Megaman universe. It was a 3D Megaman game that went back to the lighter and softer touch Megaman had in contrast to the darker and edgier nature of Megaman X. Megaman Legends was more of a comedic spin off but it was enjoyable with its 3D environments. So screw Capcom for canning Megaman Legends 3 in spite of fan demand! That's not good for business! Megaman X6 was a pretty hard game but it was fun to play with so screw all the critics who criticize it too much! Megaman X6 improvised a lot of stuff from Megaman X5 with smoother gameplay, ability to skip the cutscenes and you can choose to talk or not to talk to Alia.

Then the Playstation 2 era entered and I remembered buying the slim model at a lesser price. I wanted to play more Megaman games so I bought both Megaman X Anniversary Collection and Megaman Anniversary Collection. I was feeling like a child again playing the old school Megaman games especially those I never played as a child. I was an adult when I played Megaman, Megaman 2, Megaman 4, Megaman 7, Megaman X, Megaman X2, Megaman X3 as well as Megaman: Battle and Chase. I felt like my childhood was patched up by those games though I'll never get to play the handheld ones but I could care less about that now. I also remembered playing through Megaman X8 (which was pretty cool IMO) and having lent (and never bothered to finish) Megaman X7 (the most annoying game ever in the X franchise). Megaman X Command Mission was a fun spin-off RPG-like game which nearly made me forget the Megaman Legends series.

So years later, I wondered why in the world are Megaman 9 and Megaman 10 just download only old school style games? Sure, I want to play the 8-bit Megaman games on a new school system but why are we just having a paid 8-bit download game? What confused me is that critics even praised the two games. I wanted to get a more modern Classic Megaman game and not some 8-bit looking game that's digitally downloaded. It went back to some basics like Megaman couldn't charge or slide... WTF?! Then it happened: Capcom wasn't treating the Megaman franchise right that Keiji Inafune left them. Then you know how Mighty No. 9 turned out, right?

Pretty much, that's what I can remember about Megaman. I haven't played the Megaman handheld games nor do I intend to buy handhelds even if I can afford them. Maybe, it's because I prefer to play with the big screen and I'd rather bring a smartphone/tablet during my trips with relatives. To close, I would like to put my top favorite Megaman games for both Classic and X series. They are:

Classic Megaman:
  • Megaman 3
  • Megaman 6
  • Megaman 4
  • Megaman 5
  • Megaman 7

Megaman X series:
  • Megaman X4
  • Megaman X
  • Megaman X2
  • Megaman X3
  • Megaman X8


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