Is There A Deeper Meaning Behind The Name "Solbrain"?

I've officially finished Solbrain. I admit, it's gotten in the way with my plan to rewatch GoGoFive and Dekaranger. I thought about the meaning of Solbrain from the final episode of Winspector. Captain Shunsuke Masaki mentioned about saving the soul and the brain or alternatively the heart and the brain of criminals. But there could be a deeper meaning that producers wanted us to guess for ourselves.

When Solbrain was formed two years and some months after Winspector moved to Paris, the whole show focused on more complicated criminal cases. Not all the criminals in Solbrain are pure evil. Some of them are simply misguided and can still be set to the right path in society. But it seems that the objective of Solbrain is more than just saving the soul and brain of misguided people. It's also how to operate as a police officer.

The meaning was somewhat explored in episode 26 when a brutal police officer shows up. The public safety detective only has his brain but not his soul in the work. Part of me wanted to cheer for the cruel safety detective with how he dealt with the crooks. The other par of me wanted to sympathize with the misguided youths. The closing episode had Daiki mention to think about why the crooks did what they did and not all criminals are hopeless. This is to show that you can't operate well if you just operate with just your heart or just your brain.

This doesn't mean Solbrain believes in the system of impunity like the Commission of Human Rights in the Philippines. In fact, you do the crime you do the time. They are in for humane methods of dealing with crime. The fact Solbrain arrests criminals regardless of their motives shows that although they have the heart or soul but they still have the brain. They can't let crime go unpunished and people who break the law must also do their time to keep society safe. Captain Masaki mentioned before in Winspector he may consider giving the death penalty to severe crimes if need be.

The ending of Solbrain also appears to have this one. You can't save the minds and hearts of everyone. Sometimes, you need to shoot. They tried to save Ryuichi Takaoka but he ended up a victim of his own hatred. I think Captain Masaki would have shot defensively if he had to but he wouldn't shoot out of cold blood either.

What's your thoughts behind the name Solbrain?


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