I've Just Started Watching The Cult Classic Chojinki Metalder!

I've just finished Kamen Rider Super-1 (which left me pretty mixed), I'm now watching the 1987 cult hit Metalder. Yes, Superhuman Metalder. Metalder only ran for 39 episodes probably due to the super huge budget and ambition this show had. He's the first android Metal Hero and a remake of Shotaro Ishinomori's Kikaider (which I'm yet to see but I don't have much interest on 70s Toku). So what's up with Metalder? Beware... a lot of bashing will be there in-between. I did see the series in raw (but not all episodes) and I'm now seeing it with subs.

The character is given the name Ryusei Tsurugi. He's modeled after Dr. Koga's late son Tatsuo. He appears to try and learn more about humanity in the show. He has no idea of what it is to be a human. He knows he's a robot and not everyone is ready to accept him. I guess during the time Metalder was aired, the show is meant to be a standalone series. No reference to other Metal Heroes for him unless we're talking about massive crossover movies. The hero Ryusei or Metalder must learn what it is to be human. I also feel that maybe, just maybe his character may have inspired Megaman and Megaman X in the 90s. Springer his robot dog may be Rush's inspiration in the Classic Megaman series. It's probably just a coincidence but who knows?

I think the main villain God Neros was probably named after the infamous tyrant Emperor Nero of Rome. He even played the fiddle in one episode. He's got a god complex and an ego that consumes him through and through. He appears to have his love for brutality by ordering is gladiators. This one has a truly frightening atmosphere. The human form (which underwent radical human surgery) is played by Shinji Todo who played the Japanese Spiderman. Todo pulls the part of the secretly evil CEO pretty well. As for God Neros, he has a really terrifying voice provided by the late Takeshi Watabe. Watabe also voiced Emperor Aton from Dynaman, Creation King from Kamen Rider Black and Emperor Ragorn from Turboranger. I'd be terrified to be his underling.

I'm just starting on the cult classic Metalder. I know it's pretty short but it's more captivating. Is it me or do I actually prefer most Metal Hero series than old school Kamen Rider?


  1. I love this show.

    1. You probably meant 'Kikaider' (not Hakaider) which Metalder has soem tributes to.

    2. Actually, Megaman and his dog are actually inspired by Casshen (or Cashern) and his dog Friender from the classic anime

  2. Why wouldn't you have any interest in 70s Tokusatsu? Kikaider is a great show, as are so many other staples of the 70s.

    1. I thought that I tend to find them boring but I'll try to keep an open mind about them.


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