My Personal Thoughts On Disney Then And Now!

There's no doubt that I did grow up with Disney. It was responsible for some cartoon movies I grew up with like Cinderella, Snow White, Little Mermaid Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. But a lot of these changed. Adaptations aren't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, deviating from the original material does wonders since some fairy tales were really just too tragic or too brutal. Who wouldn't prefer Ariel to be with Prince Eric? Who would want to watch Lady Tremaine force her daughters to cut their toes off? I don't think anybody would and sometimes toning things down is the way to go because too much dark and edgy can be a bad thing.

I started having a lot of dislike or even hatred toward Disney later in my life. I don't think it started with Disney's Hercules. Sure Disney's Hercules wasn't great but at least they were recovering after that. The problem is with the Hannah Montana era. That show was so freaking annoying and it went on and on because of the popularity. Even the mere mention of Miley Cyrus was enough to trigger my anger. That era also introduced a lot of Hannah Montana acting in many of its shows. A few examples I could name are Mara and Kapri in Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Cassidy in Dino Thunder and Syd in Power Rangers SPD.

It pissed me off how they had to even buy Marvel Comics off making it even worse than before. Man, I hate the Marvel Super Hero Squad show. A lot of stuff people grew up with like Magneto's paternity just got conveniently tossed out of the window. WTF Marvel? How could you get rid of stuff many fans grew up with for the sake of selling more comics or extending a story? I'd rather stick to the X-Men cartoon continuity or Saban's era with Marvel. Disney caused me to give up on new school Marvel. There goes my chilhood doesn't it?

But does that mean I've totally hate Disney in its entirety? I doubt it. In spite of the mess they had like their era of Power Rangers or how Marvel is now but I still cherish the time I had with it when I was a child. Every company has its ups and downs. It's just like my relationship with Capcom or just any company. Capcom was responsible for some of my favorite series like Megaman, Resident Evil, Street Fighter and a lot of cool characters but the current management practically undid it. There's going to be a dork age for just everything. Right now, I think I've given up on Disney though there may be a time it'll get out of the Dork Age.

Besides, there's a lot of new school stuff that are better than what Disney has to offer now. It's probably just time to move on or is it?


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