Ninja Steel And The Galaxy Games

When I look at this, I want to do some criticism maybe they could have named it as Ninja Space instead of Ninja Steel. What's funny is that while Ninja Steel has the Galaxy Games, this year's upoming Super Sentai Kyuranger is the first space themed Super Sentai in many years. Though there's the pressing concern that Judd Lynn already showed signs of burning out during Dino Charge and Ninja Steel may be his collapse period. I don't want to compare the show to Ninninger either because the execution is very much apples and oranges. There's lots of original footage here so screw you Jonathan Tzachor.

I think the issue is with the return of Star Wars. Den of Geek reveals this interesting information:

Mitchell also cites Power Rangers main competition these days as not only Marvel but also Star Wars. It isn’t hard to see that the new trilogy of movies had an influence on Kyuranger’s space motif.

So Power Rangers' main competition is both Marvel and Star Wars. I guess Super Sentai's would be Pokemon. This year's Kyuranger has a space motif and this year's Power Rangers is integrating the Galaxy Games. There are many instances galaxy games were used in the world of fiction like in Marvel Comics or DC Comics. I guess they want to put their own touch with the Galaxy Games plot. Quite interestingly, the now about to end Zyuohger also has Genis playing a dangerous game with the Earth though we don't have the typical flamboyancy in game shows. I guess Ninja Steel is trying to pay tribute to a lot of popular game shows in America or sci-fi movies I didn't know existed. Or maybe, just maybe game shows are hot right now so we've got one in Power Rangers. Gekiranger was almost a game show in some way due to Bae as the announcer of almost every match.  

It's also good to note that Lynn was responsible for a lot of improvements in Power Rangers but he may no longer be in top condition. Power Rangers in Space saved Power Rangers then were was Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, he wrote the second half of RPM like he did with Turbo but he started to show signs of decline during Dino Charge. It's best not to expect much from Lynn. His situation is no different from other fan favorites like Hirohisa Soda, Toshiki Inoue and Yasuko Kobayashi. I wonder if it's not too late to actually pull Lynn out and put a new writer or will he suffer the same way Soda, Inoue and Kobayashi did during their worst moments? 

But honestly Nickelodeon will you please STOP splitting Power Rangers for the sake of its fans?!


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