Power Rangers Snobs: A Living Example Of American Superiority Mentality's Stupidity

Power Rangers snobs need to face this fact: no Super Sentai means no Power Rangers! They might reply with, "But Saban took Super Sentai which is crap and made it legend!" to my face. But here's one question that I might ask to them, "Did you even bother to watch Super Sentai before you call it crap? Did you bother to do some comparison or are you just bitching out because one's in Japanese and your beloved show is in English?" The whole idea of taking "crap" and making it "legend" is something. If it were crap why did Super Sentai survive in spite of having some bad seasons? If it were crap then why is Super Sentai the longest running Tokusatsu series by Toei? If it were crap then why would it attract both Stan Lee and Haim Saban in two different occasions? That may be a few questions to ask the Power Rangers snobs assuming they can provide a good answer.

Here's what I'm just think about that the whole kingdom of these Power Rangers purists or Power Rangers snobs. So what's their reason why they think that Power Rangers is better? I think it's linked to a whole lot of stupid reasons. Some reasons may include because it's in American-English or because it's American. I even say "HUH?!" to that because how can a show be better for being in American-English or being American? Sometimes, it takes one's guts to start to learn to endure reading subtitles (since a dubbed Super Sentai for the U.S. may not be a reality) or how can being American make it better? Is it me or is America also filled with too many shallow-minded people? This also goes for those with the American superiority mentality. They're no better than any kind of person who bootlicks any nationality to be more "superior" than the other. America, Japan, etc. I don't really give too much attention to nationality. Any sense of nationalism gone wrong makes a person a dangerous citizen to their own country.

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Also, those Power Rangers snobs have to be very stupid and pathetic to believe that this...

Is far superior to this...

Yes, you get it. Just because the first one was in English and the second one was in Japanese doesn't make the first one better. Then again it doesn't make the G3 Princesses song from Go-onger superior to any good moment that Power Rangers RPM has. Get my point?

Did they really bother to watch Super Sentai or are they still having that idiotic, "But Japanese culture sucks and American culture is better!" mentality stuck in their minds? Do they realize that a lot of stuff they enjoy today is because of Japanese influence around the world? They may be playing with a Nintendo or Sony gadget which both are from Japan or enjoying a couple of video games or video game systems made by Japanese companies. The Digital Versatile Disk was a result of a collaboration between Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic and Philips (a German company) and without these companies then the technology wouldn't even start to exist. Blu-Rays are also part of the long list of Japanese inventions and in the past we've had the Video Home System tapes way before they became so obsolete. The Playstation series of consoles is a Japanese invention. Modern Japan managed to revolutionize the world and non-Japanese companies are benefiting from the inventions. No Modern Japan means that there'll be no electronic revolution today! The problem is that they may be watching Power Rangers through Japanese-invented media while berating modern Japanese culture to be "inferior to American culture". A lot of American films are transported worldwide thanks to Japan's electronic revolution.

Worse, they tend to spread rumors like Gingaman was defeated by Lost Galaxy in Japan, Japanese prefer Mighty Morphin' over Zyuranger or the more preposterous Samurai did better than Shinkenger in Japan. For Samurai, that show was so ridiculed so how can it be crap turned legend to start with? Shinkenger is a fan favorite while Samurai is still berated for its really weak acting. Where's their sources anyway? It's probably just another echo chamber for them. They just don't want to accept that their beloved franchise can't exist without Toei Ltd.'s contracts with Saban to start with.

Did they bother to notice that some Super Sentai cast members got invited to Morphicon 2014 and 2016? Do they even realize that their beloved Shout! Factory is also releasing Super Sentai DVDs aside from Power Rangers DVDs? Morphicon 2014 had Yuuta Mochizuki showing up. Morphicon 2016 had Keiichi Wada added to the roster. How's that for "crap" and don't give me the whole "But they're there to witness how their crap turned legend!" statement. If Super Sentai were "crap" then why would the Shout! Factory release Super Sentai DVDs? It would be a loss if they did but they got profits from it anyway. Zyuranger came out and we've had Dairanger, Kakuranger and Ohranger DVDs. Carranger is about to get its DVD release soon. That would just render them invalid because their beloved outlets are bringing the "crap" they thought was only made legend when it hit America. Hopefully those Power Rangers snobs also cry tears of blood with their stupidity.

Meanwhile, one could check out all the war zone comments in this Youtube video.


  1. Actually, Power Morphicon 2014 featured Yuuta Mochizuki, Hiroshi Maeda (tyrannoranger suit actor), and Yasuhiro Takeuchi (dragonranger suit actor) both of which are incredible talent in their own rights and are overlooked. Takumi Hashimoto, Reiko Chiba, and Seiju* Umon came to PMC 2016.


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