Why I Don't Feel Like Watching The MMPR Movie!

Just looking at the trailer of the MMPR 2017 reboot film and man IS. IT. HORRIBLE. What? Is this film taking place in 2017 or are we still in 1995? As much as the Mighty Morphin' movie of my childhood felt awkward but this trailer is just DUMB. I feel like it won't be an epic event. I feel like not only will it be a bad film but maybe the childhood of many will be murdered in the process. It's just a hunch and maybe I could be wrong.

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A better movie to watch would be Gavan vs. Dekaranger. I find this idea funny considering that Dekaranger was so last 2004 and it's 13 years later. If I'm to look at the trailers this is clearly the SUPERIOR trailer. Not because it's Super Sentai, not because it's Japanese Tokusatsu but because it's well made. Let's take a bit of trailer comparison.

For American superiority snobs, you have to be stupid and pathetic to believe that this trailer...

....is superior to this trailer that's not in English...

Again, it's not because, "It's Super Sentai!", "It's Japanese." but just look at the quality and how the Gavan vs. Dekaranger movie presents its trailer. The Gavan vs. Dekaranger movie communicates with the audience that it'll be a nostalgic movie for Dekaranger and Gavan fans to enjoy. Also, the Space Sheriff Trilogy sequels make you feel the actual amount of time that passed from the 80s to this decade. When you're making something new it's important to really make sure you're going to make something worth it.

Anything that's garbage is garbage whether it's legitimately produced or not. A horribly done legitimate production goes to the garbage can with what's considered as bootleg products by legal terms. Zaido may have been licensed by Toei but it will go to the trash can along with anything bootleg. If your new products are inferior to your old products then you're not doing it right! It's not garbage because it's American but it's garbage because it's poor quality. Garbage is garbage regardless where it comes from.

Not to mention, will you please take a look at this old MMPR trailer and how it communicates what it wants and needs to communicate. Yes, it's old school but one can see the trailer communicates what needed to be communicated that it's a Power Rangers movie. There's more excitement and just everything that needs to be felt. I don't find the movie as good as I used to but I can't deny that the trailer was pretty good. The 2017 trailer may be new school but it's not even exciting compared to this MMPR trailer. The old school trailer communicates that, "Hey watch it! It's a Power Rangers movie!" while the new school movie trailers seems to deviate from the intended message. 

So who says everything new is always better or worse? It just depends because making new school means you must always attempt to beat your previous work until you can't handle it anymore. If a company's new school isn't beating it's old school then something is terribly wrong. I'm already filled with biases before it even shows. The Power Rangers Turbo movie may be so bad I regret watching it but I praise the trailer for still communicating its intended message. The new trailer may already be giving some bad impressions. Let's face it Power Rangers has done a lot of promos and they're impressive that even a non-fan like me can still commend it. 

Why are the aesthetics SO UGLY that they make a struggling artist look good? It made the already ugly CGI version of the Ninja Megazord in the MMPR movie look... decent. If you do a side by side analysis clearly the CGI used in Gavan vs. Dekaranger is clearly superior. No surprise there that the mecha and everything is just so horrible. Even the Battle Fever Robo which was so last 1979 looked a whole lot better. I know Tokusatsu has a lot of awkward aesthetics but there's a difference between mediocre and weird. Sure a lot of 80s Toku aesthetics were funny but none of them were mediocre. The new Megazord and Dinozords are a desecration of the original Guardian Beasts or Dinozords. I'd get a Dinosaur Megazord or Daizyujin figure anyday over that desecration. Why would I want a trashy model when the default Power Rangers toys that look MUCH BETTER.

For me, I'll just skip that film to save myself from any more moments of insanity. It may be even a bigger disappointment than the first Super Hero Taisen film. Heck, I'd rather rewatch Super Hero Taisen written by Shoji "Patrick Star" Yonemura though everything garbage is garbage. I don't really care what kind of trash it is but it's trash. It's still too early to say anything but I just like like ranting right now. I may reconsider watching the Beauty and the Beast remake but not the MMPR film. I hope I've made a good reason not to check it out. There's still some good American films and series worth watching though my biased attitude tends to get the best of me.. A LOT!


  1. It's a Hollywood film. What else did you expect? Hollywood has no ability to even come close to the creativity (and skill) of tokusatsu. Hollywood produces garbage

    1. I may not be anti-American but I usually avoid most American entertainment for that reason. =P


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