Frieza's Deadly Combination Of Childishness And Cruelty!

I know Dragon Ball Z has Frieza as one of its most iconic villains if not the most iconic one. But there's some criticism I could offer towards Frieza's characterization. If there's one thing that I could say is that Frieza's actually pretty immature for somebody who's older than Vegeta. I think that one thing that Akira Toriyama may not want to admit is why Frieza's given a very small size. While it may be a message that looks can be deceiving considering that he does look harmless but there may be a bigger picture to that.

One can argue how cruel Frieza is but he's not exactly all that mature himself. Consider the fact that he frequently murders someone whenever he has temper tantrums, reacts negatively to criticism, whenever something defeats his ego or just any petty reason that leads this petty tyrant to go on rampage. Not so many people criticized him and lived to tell about it. When he realized that the Saiyans would one day be more powerful he destroyed them and laughed about it. He may be childish but he's also dangerous. A petty tyrant is someone you should think twice before offending or it may be your last breath... especially if it's someone like Frieza.

What one may consider is that Frieza's cruelty and childishness may also be his  deadly weakness that could be exploited. Aside from the fact that his body's actually wearing itself out (so he has to use separate transformations to prevent himself from tiring out) he also has a bad habit of not getting things over and done with. For instance, his sadistic torture of Vegeta proved to be his downfall. Would he have just gotten everything done and over with then maybe Goku wouldn't have defeated him. Instead, he got so cocky and chose to torture everyone rather than eliminate the threat when he had the chance. If he chose to eliminate Goku immediately than just flaunt his ego then maybe he would have emerged the winner. What's worse is that he's never learned from that mistake. After he was cybernized by his father King Cold, his arrogance once again proved to be his downfall. He could have just chosen to blow off Earth from a distance to kill Goku or mastermind his attack. Instead like every spoiled brat he chooses to act on impulse.

So why did Frieza dominate space and other planets for a long time? I guess it's because he's one terribly powerful spoiled brat. Nobody could oppose him or his species for some time. He didn't really need that much power if he could dominate everyone with that massive power he had or managed to hide the fact his powers actually work against his body. Maybe, in spite of him being a brat he's still able to get things organized but again, who'd dare oppose this spoiled brat if he had all that power to control everyone and get his way?


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