My Imagined Jason/Tommy/Kimberly Love Triangle Scenario For Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Just reading that Jetman could have been used for Mighty Morphin' feeds the imagination. Jetman had a love polygon to deal with with Gai liking Kaori but Kaori likes Ryu but Ryu likes Rie scenario. But let's think about a possible love triangle that could have been done. I was inspired by this also because a Jason/Kimberly kissing scene got deleted from the Lionsgate Power Rangers movie.

I gave a thought over the Jason/Kimberly shipping would might have happened in the Power Rangers Turbo movie. I thought about it would Jason having feelings for Kimberly work in the first place? I wanted to think about it that the storyline could only be pursued when Zyu2 footage is produced for Mighty Morphin'. So what's the possible storyline that I could imagine to go along with it?

Lord Zedd immediately returns after Doomsday. He's disgusted by Rita's failure and decides to take matter into his own hands. I felt like that Lord Zedd should have arrived right after Rita was defeated. This causes some trouble for the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. They could have gone back to their regular lives but a new cause arises. Lord Zedd banishes Rita Repulsa out of the palace and starts causing havoc for the Power Rangers like never before. I don't know what was in Toei's mind when they created the Zyu2 footage for Saban to use by not having Lord Zedd to immediately return.

So part of the plot does fill a gap in between Rita's defeat and retreat to Lord Zedd's return. Jason discovers that he's been having feelings for Kimberly. He's glad to have Tommy return in their fight against Lord Zedd but discovers he's having feelings for Kimberly. This causes a rift. He's already had faced a brainwashed and crazy Tommy once. He doesn't want to revive any clash between them and he's grown closer and more fond of Kimberly.

Tommy's gone from the team and the team misses him. Lord Zedd starts sending out new monsters and Lord Zedd starts to kidnap the rangers' parents. Tommy's powers as the Green Ranger returns. Tommy who's probably too used to living the civilian life now has trouble readjusting to his newly restored powers which won't last long either. Lord Zedd starts inflicting more and more attacks until upgrades are badly needed. He misses Kimberly (and vice versa). This also results to Kimberly showering him with much of a welcome which could soon cause a strife. This also results to Tommy sooner or later fearing that a seed of conflict will once again be planted.

For me, I think it would work if it needs to create more development within the team. I gave thoughts that it would have been interesting if both Jason and Tommy ended up having a rivalry for Kimberly's affections and having to work through that trial. How it will develop would probably challenge writers to re-think how to go beyond the surface. On the other hand, I don't think it's all that necessary but it would have been an interesting clash if it happened.

One episode that could be used to develop would be the episode "Two Heads Are Better Than One" where both Jason and Tommy were set against each other. It would probably center around Kimberly. Kimberly would feel guilty that the team's divided because of her. The episode ends with both of them calling a momentary truce to defeat the monster. They realize that the rivalry has to be settled later as it could wait.

So if you're to pick your vote who would you wish would get Kimberly in this imagined scenario?


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