Serpentor And Galvatron Are Really Stupid Leaders With Great Entertaiment Value

G.I.Joe and Transformers may be a huge part of any 80s child or 90s child. For a 90s child, it would be G.I.Joe and Transformers re-runs. Let's take a look at these two crazy characters that really were so stupid they don't fail to entertain the viewers.

G.I.Joe's Serpentor

So what's Dr. Mindbender's solution when Cobra Commander keeps leading COBRA like Dr. Evil would? Create an even more stupid leader! Dr. Mindbender's plan seemed good on paper when he thought of making a newer leader with the DNA of history's greatest tyrants. But there's one problem: Dr. Mindbender's lack of judgment created an even more stupid leader for COBRA. Dr. Mindbender could have thought of using Mao Zedong's DNA instead of Sgt. Slaughter's to complete his intended emperor. We got a villain of really extreme stupidity who nearly ended COBRA the moment he seized power.

What entertained me was how Serpentor would just recklessly invade Washington D.C. without a backup plan. His impatience caused G.I.Joe to defeat them and more than half of COBRA's thugs were arrested that day. He could have been arrested too if Cobra Commander didn't save him. Instead of being grateful, he keeps Cobra Commander as a right hand man and personal scapegoat. I guess Cobra Commander gets blamed for actions that were even Serpentor's fault. As a leader, he's simply a failure due to his lack of patience. His childish behavior made him even funnier than Cobra Commander. If Cobra Commander is Dr. Evil then he is Dr. Evil with hyperactive rage hormones.

The opening scene of the G.I.Joe movie where Serpentor berates Cobra, I think half of me could agree with Cobra Commander's accusations. It's mind-boggling how two idiots argue with each other and how Destro, Dr. Mindbender, Baroness and the Crimson Twins defend the even stupider character. Cobra Commander accuses Serpentor of being a pathetic leader. Serpentor accuses Cobra Commander of having ego-driven stupidity but even he is not spared from such idiocy. After the movie, Serpentor gets his just desserts at the hands of Cobra Commander in the DIC series. Cobra Commander merges him with an iguana instead of a snake. What's interesting is that in Conan the Adventurer, Wrath-Amon (who's also got Serpentor's design and attitude in some way) also ends up becoming a lizard.

Post-movie Galvatron

It was nice to see Megatron getting reformatted into Galvatron. The movie Galvatron was a pretty scary fellow. He did what he should have done years ago: KILL STARSCREAM. Oh, Cobra Commander should have the same thing to Destro years ago. He was a real threat in the movie but after the movie... he ended up becoming a super insane leader with unlimited entertainment value. Megatron was pretty much a loser like Cobra Commander. But when Megatron became post-movie Galvatron, he became a loser with much entertainment value like Serpentor.

What was entertaining about post-movie Galvatron was just how crazy he gets. He just simply attacks Cyclonus for no reason at all (and Cyclonus is also that stupid for blindly serving him) or anyone whenever things didn't go his way. He always gets the rage towards everything and has ended up hurting both Autobots and Decepticons alike. His actions nearly ended the Decepticons far often than not because he's really that stupid. My favorite episode was when Galvatron gets admitted in Torkulon. But not even Torkulon has the power to handle him and it will take centuries before that planet recovers.

I could also talk about the Takara Transformers continuity which ignored the events in Rebirth. Perhaps his greatest and most stupid plan was to become Grand Galvatron. He wants to use the Earth as his body and would even sacrifice his fellow Decepticons to achieve that plan. What makes him even more stupid is that he can't even get out of piles of piles of ice after the Headmasters bury him in the arctic area. I guess his greatest enemy is his stupidity and not the Autobots.


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