My Thoughts On Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite's Latest Trailer

While Street Fighter V came out as a disappointment, I don't deny I have a love/hate with Marvel Comics now for ruining the childhood of their readers and allowing themselves to get sold to Disney and a lot of bad plots (ex. Suddenly throwing Magneto's paternity out of the window, pairing Cyclops with Emma Frost and randomly killing Jean Grey, making Cyclops no longer the character he was, killing Wolverine) and Capcom for how it treated Megaman. Yes, I've been calling Capcom as Crapcom ever since Marvel vs. Capcom 3 which is supposedly a new school game but it looks incredibly ANEMIC making the old school games a better play. But I never thought I'd actually tackle on Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite's updates.
The new villain is known as Dark Kahn. It was nice to do some crossover plots like allowing Akuma to become a cyborg thanks to Apocalypse in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. This time, I feel like Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (and I personally dislike that game) may have played an influence with the creation of Ultron Sigma. The idea of fusing two villains into one abomination is similar to how Shao Kahn and Darkseid merged into Dark Kahn. Sidenote, I wish that Marvel didn't get purchased by Disney and it was Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel Universe instead.

It's not all too surprising for me that Sigma himself appears in this game. Both villains seek to let robots take over as the new dominant life form and have merged into one entity. More importantly there's also a Story Mode and good thing that according to the Megaman Network that there's an arcade mode. Just the fact that there's going to be an arcade mode makes me think, "WTF was Capcom thinking in releasing Street Fighter V without an arcade mode?"

The gameplay doesn't look anemic. The Infinity Gems are taken to a whole new level than they started in the Marvel Super Heroes game way back in the 90s. While it does take a step backward with the two vs. two gameplay. IMO, going back to two vs. two gameplay manages to keep focus. It's not entirely a step backward if you innovate the two vs. two gameplay with new features like Tag Combos and Tag Assists or add new gameplay features. Three vs. three was fun but I thought two vs. two keeps the focus. I hope the game will make sure that this game won't be anemic like the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 series. 


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