Power Rangers Seasons That I Refuse To Compare Too Much With Their Super Sentai Counterparts

Super Sentai and Power Rangers exist due to the cultural differences between Japan and the United States. I don't think Toei Ltd. would have succeeded with Power Rangers if Saban Entertainment wasn't working with them. I'd like to present Power Rangers shows that I refuse to compare too much with their original counterparts and why.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Zyuranger is all about mystical ancient warriors in the present day so stuff like "Mei is a better fighter than Kimberly." can be answered with "Duh, Kimberly's not a warrior princess!" Mighty Morphin' is all about teens becoming heroes like Turboranger and not ancient warriors. Also, trying to compare Bandora with Rita Repulsa gets out of hand. Bandora's a hammy villain who hates children when Rita Repulsa is just a nutjob villain. So why even make the comparison since Mighty Morphin' when both are apples and oranges?

Power Rangers in Space

Yet another apples vs. oranges issue. Megaranger is an electronic gadget themed Super Sentai while Power Rangers in Space is well space-themed. What needs to be kept in mind is that Megaranger is very much its own continuity while Power Rangers in Space is the conclusion of the Zordon era.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

It's a beloved season no doubt and so is Gingaman. But here's the problem: Lost Galaxy is more space themed than Gingaman. Gingaman is more magical themed and Lost Galaxy has less use of magic. So why bother making a comparison due to how different they are?

Lightspeed Rescue

Sure it's a rescue show but GoGoFive had a little more different approach. I don't feel too much of a need to compare GoGoFive with Lightspeed Rescue. GoGoFive is a team of siblings but not Lightspeed Rescue. Also, I think that there's no need to compare the more calm and collected Carter Grayson to the more tense Matoi Tatsumi. Both Nagare Tatsumi and Chad Lee are radically different since one's a scientist and the other is a water sportsman. The only thing worth comparing is how Queen Bansheera was handled in the finale vs. Grand Witch Grandienne.

Power Rangers Time Force

Maybe I should stop making comparisons between Timeranger and Time Force. Timeranger's more of a fight against fate while Time Force tends to be more of a human vs. mutant war. Sure, Time Force had a fight against fate but the focus ends up with the whole fight against bigotry. Time Force may have some similar elements like father/son conflict but Ransik is more of a vengeance-crazed freak than anything else.

Power Rangers RPM

This is even more and more obvious. Power Rangers RPM is a doomsday-themed show and Go-onger is a comedy series that travels across worlds. Also, the villains of RPM are too different than the comedic villains of Go-onger. Instead, I end up comparing Power Rangers RPM to Go-Busters.

Power Rangers Dino Charge

I don't find Kyoryuger and Dino Charge appealing and I want to say I'd choose neither. Sure, Tyler's not stealing attention or getting focused like Daigo but Judd Lynn is now showing signs of losing charge. Kyoryuger is a dancing Super Sentai (and I'd watch it over Battle Fever J) and Dino Charge isn't.


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