The Geki/Mei Shipping And The Jason/Kimberly Shipping

The Jason/Kimberly fanshipping might have Super Sentai/Power Rangers fans who may be shipping Geki/Mei. It's just a wild assumption but I wanted to think about what the two possible fan ships are. I want to think about it as forever shipped in the mind but never became official for either which. 

As said NEVER attempt to pair Burai and Mei as the two are just incompatible. Burai's prety much another X-1 Mask character after Gai Yuki. What about Geki and Mei? The two tend to have hints that they could have worked out as a lovey-dovey couple but Zyuranger never made it official.

This music video shows moments that they could have been a couple but in the end they were never established. Geki would have felt just as bad for anyone and not just Mei. The relationship seems to be more on a teammate basis than a real lovely/dovey basis. A lot of time in Zyuranger felt like it tried to establish a chemistry between them but no real romance happened. But it almost looked like that Geki and Mei could have been a couple. I think it could have happened but Burai got so popular.

What was strange was that while watching Zyuranger, I thought it over that even if it's so apples and oranges but I thought of how Geki x Mei may or may not play an influence over another pairing namely...  

I thought about it some moments of Jason and Kimberly feel like they're actually being paired at the start but the more popular Tommy x Kim pairing came to be. Not that I'd think it's cool for Kimberly to drop Tommy for Jason because that's not in her character and that Dear John letter was oh so inconsistent. But I thought if Kimberly should break up with Tommy it's because she finds him cheating on her NOT because she found another man. Which might be better if Dear Tommy ended up dumping him because he cheated on her and later she finds Jason. That's a better way to work it than because Kimberly found another man.

I won't think too much of the whole Geki/Mei thing to compare this one. Maybe like Burai, the joke character Tommy got that popular so he even got Kimberly. Again, enough of Tommy already.  Honestly, why is it that people tend to think Tommy is the greatest ranger ever? BALONEY. Jason David Frank's just like Hercule in the face of real martial artists like Mike Chaturantabut who's far more worthy to shake the hand of Keiichi Wada. Austin St. John is worthy to meet Wada but no not JDF. So I thought about it that with how JDF just steals credit from everyone around him like Hercule in Dragon Ball Z so I think I've dropped off Tommy/Kimberly after learning how JDF actually ruined it. But the writers could have dealt with the break-up in a better way.

So I did some rewatches and I thought of some instances Geki and Jason have potential moments that they could have had chemistry with Mei and Kimberly. Jason tends to stand up for Kimberly against Skull more than Tommy. The more I think about the more I think what was I even thinking of being a fan of the Tommy/Kimberly shipping in the first place? Maybe it wasn't all that good to start with especially how Kimberly got decayed into a weaker character. Kimberly was already becoming a better fighter but they decided to weaken her up all in favor of TOMMY. She wasn't too dependent on Jason which could have led to a healthier romance between them. Making Kimberly shout TOMMY whenever she's in trouble is just stupid.

What was interesting was that the Power Rangers Turbo movie hinted that Jason could be dating Kimberly already. I used to think WTF about it because of Dear John letter. A deleted scene was that Kimberly and Jason were kissing. And it resulted to this deleted scene as well...

We've got another deleted scene from the Power Rangers movie. Funny isn't it? 


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