Marvel VS. Capcom Series: Two VS. Two Or Three VS. Three

I remembered the hype that Marvel vs. Capcom 2's three on three which took Tag Team at a different level. It was fun experimenting on not just two but three characters and see what insane Team Hyper Combos I could come up with. I enjoyed messing with the Assist system and using it against my friends. It was fun but there was a drawback. That drawback is where matches can take longer to finish than a two vs. two gameplay. I could remember how often I turned off the timer in the console version just so I could beat all three opponents. The game was cool but suffered some drag and I felt like it was too much on quantity and not quality.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite going back to the standard two vs. two feels like a breath of fresh air. Sure, I'd like to see the three vs. three matches improved some time but it's sometimes nice to have an old school feel in a new school game. Two vs. two is more focused than three vs. three. I just made that realization after I played Mortal Kombat (2011) a few years ago. The Tag Team combat there may drag a bit but it's not as dragging as a three vs. three match. What I realized is that having a two vs. two match gives more focus than three vs. three. Three vs. three can be fun with all the wacky combinations but it can also be very cheap at the same time.

I guess going back to two vs. two can be attributed to the fad of four player VS. games. I'm reminded of how Mortal Kombat (2011) and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 can go with one vs. two and two vs. two matches. I guess Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite wants to innovate the whole fighting process. It'd be fun to see how Marvel vs. Capcom's latest entry could test new stuff. Hopefully, Capcom will get out of the dork age with this game.


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