Some People Do Prefer The Power Rangers Counterparts Better

I've written about the Power Rangers snob rumor mill. Take note that just because certain people like the Power Rangers counterpart better doesn't mean they're automatically a snob. So what's the difference? A snob is someone who thinks at a one-sided view (and I'm really guilty of that) vs. the one who actually tries to sees the pros and cons on both sides.

Mighty Morphin' over Zyuranger

As much as I can't find myself doing a Mighty Morphin' rewatch but I could point out some strengths Mighty Morphin' has. One example is Amy Jo Johnson is a better actress than Reiko Chiba or two, there's not much child of the week focus. Heck, I don't even feel like comparing the two batches because the Zyurangers are from warrior tribes so it's not even a fair fight. Zyuranger has its own sets of flaws also like it suffers from too much child of the week syndrome or how the show doesn't explain why Daizyujin still needed to be piloted if its sentient.

Zeo over Ohranger

People know I really hate Power Rangers Zeo namely because of that stupid Dear John Letter. Maybe it's a hangover or two, that overrated prick Jason David Frank who's in no way worthy to fit in the shoes of any true legend whether it's his side of the fence or not. I personally can't find myself enjoying Zeo. Ohranger isn't solid gold and it suffered from the mood swing due to real life incidents but storywise, I think it does things better.

Power Rangers in Space over Megaranger

I think this is an apples vs. oranges issue yet again. Power Rangers in Space was meant to wrap up the Zordon era. Megaranger was meant to be its own continuity. Personally, I thought Power Rangers in Space is a huge mess. I don't blame people for liking Power Rangers in Space because it kept Toei and Saban afloat and earning bucks. On the other hand, I prefer having a Super Sentai series set on its own continuity rather than Space's hexagonal format.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy over Gingaman

The rumor that Power Rangers Lost Galaxy is more popular than Gingaman in Japan is unsubstantiated. But there's a fact that some people prefer Power Rangers Lost Galaxy over Gingaman. I guess a treehugger Super Sentai isn't in their preference huh? Hmmm I wonder how will Gingaman click when it gets its DVD release? Maybe it will still get accepted but it won't necessarily make people line Gingaman over Lost Galaxy. I even think that Lost Galaxy fans should wish for Flashman instead.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue over GoGoFive

I think this can be understandable. A sibling Super Sentai may not always be that welcome in contrast to a non-sibling one. So I don't blame people who can't get into GoGoFive because of that or how much more Fiveman. Speaking of Fiveman why didn't the Lightspeed Rescue video game use a Fiveman poster instead of a Bioman poster as an Easter egg? Fiveman inspired GoGoFive in some way.

Power Rangers Time Force over Timeranger

I don't blame it if some people can't handle Timeranger's super serious theme. It's almost like why I don't buy spicy foods for people with terribly weak stomachs or why I don't watch any show that features torture scenes. Time Force did some things better than Timeranger like reducing the douchy behavior among its characters or Ransik's concept is better than Dolnero. Eric is a better character than Naoto Takizawa being like Hojo Toru in Kamen Rider Agito. Should I mention Mr. Collins going out into the city to find his son is better than Mr. Asami staying in his office? My preference for Timeranger over Time Force is more of a biased point of view though I still want to give credit to what I just mentioned.

Power Rangers Wild Force over Gaoranger

I think this is debatable considering Wild Force's acting is still mocked. If I can name points where Gaoranger is better than Wild Force it's the acting and the Gaoranger VS. Super Sentai movie. Wild Force's inclusion of Viktor Adler who slowly becomes the second Master Org as the series progresses. I wonder how many Power Rangers fans think Wild Force is actually better considering that I keep hearing the acting's been mocked?

Power Rangers Ninja Storm over Hurricanger

I don't know how true this is but I think it's purely a cultural thing. Hurricanger is pretty much a Japanese show while Ninja Storm is catered for westerners.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder over Abaranger

Personally I think Dino Thunder is overrated thanks Tommy. Okay, Connor ended up praising Abaranger (even if was gag dubbed) but in the end I still feel that episode divided a fanbase. Some may ended up wanting to watch Super Sentai while others didn't as a result.

Power Rangers SPD over Dekaranger

Did anyone create a rumor mill that SPD is more popular than Dekaranger in Japan? I hope not. I was thinking that maybe not everyone is comfortable with having an overarching villain instead of having a central organization. Power Rangers SPD added Emperor Grumm and his sidekick Morgana while Abrella's counterpart Broodwing was providing services for the main villain.

Power Rangers RPM over Go-onger

RPM is different than Go-onger. RPM is more serious while Go-onger was meant to be lighthearted. I think this is pretty much apples and oranges again. RPM had some interesting potential but the 32-episode format really forces rushed character development. I think Go-Busters could have tried to improve RPM's doomsday concept but WTF why didn't it happen?

Power Rangers Dino Charge over Kyoryuger

I don't have much to comment on this one. I'm not fond of Kyoryuger either. I think not having all the development focus on Tyler is a good thing. Kyoryuger is too hyperactive for my taste and this is coming from someone who's that hyperactive. But I prefer not to watch both series. But what's so bad is that Judd Lynn himself already showed signs of losing charge somewhere along the line... no pun intended. He likes Go-Busters a series where Yasuko Kobayashi was also showing signs of losing charge. Coincidence?


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