Is Power Rangers Shooting Itself At The Foot Too Many Times?

I thought about how Power Rangers is going from bad to worse. Sure there have been moments but I can't help but be critical about what's going on. Sure, I acknowledge Toei's license with the contracts between Disney and Saban but I wonder if Power Rangers' snobs even realize the franchise has been going down. A lot of bad decisions of the franchise such as the Zordon era (and good thing Power Rangers in Space ended it), the Disney era and the Neo-Saban era.

At first, I thought it was good riddance and welcome back Saban or should I just call him Cake Boss from now on. Disney was already doing bad enough with too much cost cutting with its super rushed pacing and acting tends to suck. Power Rangers RPM had potential but the rush pacing killed some of it. While I wouldn't compare RPM and Go-onger but I may end up writing on why I prefer Go-Busters over RPM. Disney brought forth that awful Mighty Morphin' remastered and later, Cake Boss returned and brought in more disappointment one way or another.

I could talk about the guy called Jonathan Tzachor. Yes, him. Power Rangers Samurai stinks and Power Rangers Megaforce is Megaflunk because of this guy. Neo-Saban era's decision to team up with Nickelodeon is the worse thing. Two-season split is killing revenues compared to the yearly change. I mean, let's think what if the yearly change remained. What if Power Rangers Samurai ended in 2011 and Megaforce aired in 2012. Maybe, we could have had an official Gokaiger localization without the "need" to merge it with a Goseiger localization. It happened anyway and both shows are a product of irresponsible decision making.

Getting Judd Lynn to write for Dino Charge didn't help things out in the long run. I mean he's handled a lot of series already so they should have expected a huge major burnout. Ninja Steel is so full of him raising up "That's it! I give up!" or "I'm so burned out I'll just write whatever I want." placards and signboards. He did contribute a lot during the past but right now he's like every other writer who's burned out. This incident is no different than what happened with Hirohisa Soda during Turboranger and Fiveman (which nearly ended Super Sentai until it was saved by Jetman), Toshiki Inoue with Kamen Rider Faiz (though he's proud of it) and Kamen Rider Kiva (where you can see he had no idea of what to do anymore), and Yasuko Kobayashi with Go-Busters and ToQGer (though the show was fortunate to have received a recognition award). Overworking a writer has never been good for any franchise nor for innovative thinking. I mean, shouldn't we need a new batch of innovative ideas from new people every now and then to keep a franchise fresh?

The Power Rangers movie premiere felt like a groundbreaker. Toei's executives showed up to attend the "momentous" event yet it didn't gain the intended revenues for a second film. For one, no amount of marketing can ever promote a bad film. I guess all the guests were laughing their way to the bank all the while the movie didn't kick out momentum.

The Japanese movie premiere didn't do much and while the movie was not a loss but it didn't gain much either. According to Power Rangers Now the film did have a revenue of USD 40.3 million but is that enough to keep a movie franchise running? Not even the presence of legends like Takumi Izu, Yuuta Mochizuki and Antonio Inoki could really bring it up. I even want to say that launching it in Japan may have not been a good move.

Think about it it was Power Rangers that helped Saban Entertainment go up to another level and Toei reach the American market. Both of them had a lot to share from profits. All the bad decisions is affecting the franchise. It's probably alienating those who once enjoyed it from their childhood. Worse, the franchise may be ruining the childhood of many who used to watch it. I can't blame certain people who have left the franchise for bad decisions from the people behind it. Unless they take action and do something then you can expect to kiss the franchise goodbye.

What do you think of this rant?


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