Was Megaman 6 Supposed To End The Classic Megaman Series?

I remembered checking out the chronology of the release of Megaman games. If you noticed, the first Megaman X game was released for the Super Nintendo after Megaman 6. The ending of Megaman 6 showed us that at long last, Dr. Wily was arrested by Megaman. Megaman 6 was released on November 5, 1993 and Megaman X was released on December 17, 1993 under the Rockman title. Megaman 7 was a game that was released after Megaman X3. I call these games as the "prequel games". 

I gave a thought on it if Megaman X became more popular than Classic Megaman then why was the latter given more games after X6? My speculation has to do with this one: Megaman X2 and Megaman X3's plotline called for it. If Classic Megaman just ended with X6 then it'd be difficult to provide explanations for plot in X2 and X3. X2 reveals a bit of a puzzle where Sigma says that Zero is the last of the "Wi... numbers..." and X3 reveals that Megaman X will one day have to fight Zero. It wouldn't make sense if there wasn't anything to bridge it at all while leaving players to use their imagination in some way.

I have my theory that maybe, just maybe Zero wasn't meant to be Dr. Wily's supposed successor and he was a Reploid created by Dr. Cain. Then X2 and X3 provided some subtle hints that Zero could be a threat because of his past. I guess Keiji Inafune just didn't want to let Classic Megaman end without ending it though I wonder why did he want to end Megaman X with X5? Did he end up liking Classic Megaman more than the sequel that became more popular? I thought that Megaman X4 really threw it at us that Zero was supposed to succeed Dr. Wily but that role went to Sigma instead.

I guess the revival of the Classic Megaman series was at least meant to help provide some explanation of other stuff in Megaman X. Since both series belong to the same continuity in contrast to Megaman Legends and Megaman.EXE there may be the need to connect both series. Megaman 8 which came after the release of Megaman X4 as another attempt to revive the Classic Megaman series. Megaman 8 also provided the plot called the "Evil Energy" which may have ended up mutating into the Maverick Virus or might be what powered Zero as Dr. Wily's ultimate robot.

But in the end, no Classic Megaman game ever wrapped up the epic conclusion that it badly needed. So how did Dr. Wily die? Did Dr. Wily manage to use Zero against Megaman? What happened to the classic cast? All these are still left unexplained and somehow, fans are left to decide on their own. 


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