What If Dr. Hinelar Had A Power Rangers Counterpart?

With Gingaman getting a DVD release anytime soon after Megaranger is released, I thought of what if Dr. Hinelar wasn't demoted to Furio for Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. I thought that these following events could have happened.

Trakeena would have either never existed or she would have taken the place of Darkonda. Another alternative is that Darkonda would have become the right hand man of the Dark Specter. Trakeena may end up arriving as a midseason game-changing villain as Power Rangers' own version of Queen Ahames. Maybe, she may never be Scorpius' daughter at all. She may have a plot where she and Darkonda once worked to get rid of the Dark Specter but failed. She returns "begging" for mercy but she has her own plans to take over and rule the Universe. Maybe Astronema would have been redeemed in the same way as Shiima from Changeman. Maybe, just maybe Ecliptor would have probably "killed" Astronema, he and Andros have a final duel and he ends up dying an honorable death prior to "Countdown to Destruction".

So we're done with Trakeena so what could happen if Dr. Hinelar weren't demoted into Furio and maybe, Villamax would be the first general to go? I thought about it if Dr. Hinelar had an American counterpart complete with an American actor, I think he might be established as Scorpius' right hand man and lead scientist. I would probably name this guy as Professor Furio. Maybe, just maybe he may have a twist he actually came from Earth but was genetically modified by Scorpius. He would probably be slowly manipulating all the people around him and Deviot would probably become Sir Kaura's counterpart for the show. Monsters in Lost Galaxy may end up being genetically modified organisms instead of ancient foes. He may have ended up creating the generals as well before the show even started. Who knows he may even fancy experimenting on the Galaxy Beasts to create his next ultimate lifeforms.

The plot may go to where Scorpius seeks to become the most powerful organism without knowing that Dr. Furio has other plans. Maybe, later monsters will have Scorpius' DNA all designed to drain him out. He may soon end up turning Scorpius into the Earth Beast from Gingaman. Maybe, just maybe Hexuba may die the same way as Ley Nefel in Flashman. We may even get the plot that the Lost Galaxy Rangers may suffer from the Anti-Mirinoi phenomemon which is a result of taking the powers of the Quaser Sabers. He may attack the Terra Venture on full scale then he later offers the cure to the Lost Galaxy Rangers in exchange for their lives but is rejected. He may die while having delusions of grandeur of being the master of the Universe.

But unlike Flashman, the Lost Galaxy Rangers get cured of their condition after Mirinoi is restored.


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