I Watched Beauty And The Beast 2017 Version And I Can't Like This Blockbuster As Much As The Original

As a person, I want to be critical about everything. I was excited to hear that a Beauty and the Beast remake was about to take place. It was going to be a success but I thought about my personal preference. You may want to grill me for this entry but I'm going to write it out anyway. So what's my thoughts? There were some improvements with the plot from the 1991 version for the 2017 version. It's like how Belle was seen to be an inventor herself or that the movie has a different interpretation of Gaston to avoid copying too much from the original.

I thought about Emma Watson as Belle. I dunno is it me or does she lack the charm of the original aside from my stupid reason that Watson is nowhere near as hot as the cartoon character. I could talk about how Belle's character showed her as someone who's passing her knowledge. I think I couldn't accept Watson's lack of charm. There was something about Belle that made her more balanced in the original animation than the live version.

So why did I like the original Belle better? She's gutsy while retaining her feminine and socially awkward side. I didn't like the way Watson's Belle sang after she rejected Gaston's lustful advances. She didn't need to add, "ERRR!" after that. The 1991 Belle is socially awkward yet a more lovable character IMO. What's funny is that I tend to fall for socially awkward girls even if they're just plain looking. For shallow reasons I just think Watson is nowhere near as hot. This reminds me of why I skipped the Power Rangers film not because I don't like the franchise but because Kimberly is nowhere near as hot in that film. The character could've worked out if you just had the right actress.

I thought about how Beast differed greatly between the two versions. Beast in the 2017 movie is really boring. Beast is supposed to be a temperamental character. I can't forget the classic, "GO AHEAD AND STARVE!" from the 1991. The 2017 version pales in that one. Just take a look at this video. I thought about how Beast is really that fearsome. He has to be fearsome! The 2017 version makes me say, "Convince me!" a lot whenever Beast needed to be fearsome. Giving him a theme song didn't even work at all IMO.

I have no problem with the tone Gaston has in the 2017 film. Having Gaston appear to be a more refined villain is a good twist. The 1991 version of Gaston gave Belle way more reasons to reject him. The 2017 version was a good deviation but I thought that they needed a more muscular actor to play the character. I could appreciate both Gastons depending on how I want to though.

So overall, I end up thinking that I may end up getting a DVD version of the classic film instead of the 2017 version. Then I could start getting some other new school stuff worth watching along with the best of what every era has to offer... though I can't enjoy most good films from very old eras either!


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