Ninja Steel Ain't Sharp Enough To Make The Cut?

Here's what I feel and personally, I don't think I should be surprised with how Power Rangers Ninja Steel itself really fails big time. While I do acknowledge the contracts between Toei and Saban but I guess the franchise has been shooting itself at the foot way too many times. It's really had me thinking about it that the project may no longer be as feasible as it used to because of bad marketing decisions such as the summer break which only delays revenues. So what's the point? I hope I can make this as objective as possible with pointing what's wrong with Ninja Steel.

Don't even get me started on how Victor and Monty with how that they really that useless to the show. They're even way more stupid than the father of both Takaharu and Fuuka. At least the father of the Igasaki siblings contributes to the plot while the other two only serve to derail it. This is really proof Judd Lynn has burned himself out beyond belief. I've even heard that Judd Lynn was burning out during Power Rangers Dino Charge. The fact he'd put two really irritating characters such as Victor and Monty into the show is either a result of executive meddling (such as why Ryuki was such a mess like adding that idiot Megumi who should have just left quietly) or he has ran out of ideas. I have to admit that no offense to some Power Rangers fans but Yasuko Kobayashi even at her worst times didn't put such useless characters into them. Lynn could have just written the show without them at all so his fall wouldn't be so hard.

How often do Victor and Monty derail the plot? A lot and I mean a lot. It reminds me why I'd still watch Zyuranger over Mighty Morphin because of Bulk and Skull, Bulk and Skull's plot as defective detectives is worse than having that unfortunate family in Ohranger (though there was a Calamitous type character who only appeared so few times so it didn't matter), Boom from SPD and I'm glad I skipped Dino Thunder because of Cassidy and Devin (and Abaranger's comic relief characters don't derail the plot and work together with the Abarangers) and not to mention that overrated flunky TOMMY. The same goes for these two. Could you imagine what if Victor and Monty were in the Ninninger vs. Drive Summer Movie? I guess we'd see the last of them because their Kamen Rider belts would probably explode with them. Like seriously get them out of the show... NOW!

Is the idea of the Galaxy Games all that bad? Not really. While it's a good idea but it's thrown into a badly done show. It's important to innovate but just think what good is innovation if the implementation isn't done properly? I think having the Galaxy Games is a nice jump for the Western audience, Galvanax gets to do more than what Mangetsu got to do but it's unfortunate that such a good idea has to be in such a bad show. It's always something to have great new ideas fail because of improper implementation isn't it? Boy, will Don Armage please send his armada to destroy this show?

If I've got some dumb reasoning (which I do) I'd probably raise the girls again. Well there's the problem of my being superficial minded in several levels of stupid. Okay, this is very funny considering how I regret spending some time watching some episodes of that idiotic Megafailed for eye candy but I may have not regretted watching Ninninger for its eye candy. I would also dare say that Kasumi's sweetness is way better than Sarah's sweetness but that's not really a good reason to skip Ninja Steel. If I have a better reason it's got to do with how the show is carried out. Of course, a certain someone I know only watches Ninninger all because he lusts after Yuuka Yano or certain Super Sentai and Power Rangers seasons to please his lust.

I guess it's only expected that Ninja Steel is getting a lot of criticism. After all, would you want to use weaponry that's not sharp enough to make the cut? So Saban Brands are you all really trying or are you all just dozing off?


  1. I felt the galaxy games would've been perfect for a Zyuohger adaptation! However Ninja Steel is just another wasted series that PR fans will make excuses for. Like i dont understand why Saban didnt keep the family part of Ninninger with the rangers being brother, sister, and cousins, forced into the fight because of their grandfather, a legendary ranger. Shane could've made an appearance as a former ninja who has doesnt like how showy the Ninja Steel rangers are. However as usual I always think these are simple concepts that maybe wont sell


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