What If Trakeena Were In Power Rangers In Space Instead Of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy?

I gave a thought on what if Trakeena were a Power Rangers in Space villain instead of the would-be main antagonist of Lost Galaxy. I imagined what impact it would have on the story with the United Alliance of Evil. What if they ended up a threatening force to deal with who's going to be called as Trakeena the terrible. She would probably arrive midseason when Astronema keeps failing at the Dark Specter's request. But this isn't exactly going to come as good. Maybe she would have some dark past trying to get rid of the Dark Specter for her own personal purposes.

I could imagine her arriving as a midseason villain. Maybe we'd see her disguising as some attractive woman (which she did in Lost Galaxy and Ahames did in Changeman) and maybe injure one of the rangers. She may start her own little campaign and she would create the Psycho Rangers. She would probably have the Barilian Bug as her first few monsters. Carlos would probably fall victim and she would probably show herself as the new "Queen of Evil" in place of Astronema. She would either cause Darkonda not to exist or do what Darkonda does except at a greater scale. She would probably "beg" Dark Specter for forgiveness for attempting to overthrow him while having plans on her own.

Her next plot would be that the Psycho Rangers slowly but surely drain the energy out of Dark Specter. This would soon cause suspicion with Astronema and Ecliptor. After the Psycho Rangers are destroyed she may soon resolve to using Astronema with a monster that caused the destruction of KO-35 only for it to backfire. We might even see her leading the final assault instead of Astronema who may have been redeemed before the series ends. My ideal scene would be where Ecliptor supposedly "kills" Astronema only to restore her to who she is. It would be like Buuba's final moments in Changeman.

So how can she be destroyed? One could think that it would be more fitting if she got destroyed by Zordon's purification wave instead of Ecliptor. The Space Rangers confront her and she ends up destroying Zordon's tube instead of Andros. Ironically, her own plan ends up destroying her and stopping the full out assault that she wanted to do. But the wave wasn't powerful enough to destroy the Dark Specter. The Space Rangers soon realize from Trakeena's databanks that the Dark Specter is actually a living planet. We'd probably see them in a more satisfying battle that way. The Space Rangers would probably use the Astro Megazord to finally finish off the Dark Specter from his core.


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