Hiroshi Miyauchi Kicks Jason David Frank's Butt

Happy Birthday to the "greatest" ranger of all time... NOT!

I guess it's always going to be one question that some Power Rangers fans could throw at me. They might ask why I complain about Jason David Frank while not minding Hiroshi Miyauchi's multiple appearances. While it does sound stupid but I could talk about the huge difference: Miyauchi-san plays different characters while JDF is Tommy through and through. Tommy here, Tommy there and you get one overrated guy while there's other Power Rangers warriors who can kick his arrogant butt.

Miyauchi is Aoranger, Kamen Rider V3, Big One and Zubat and they are all different characters. He's always willing to step aside to make room for new legends. Winspector, Solbrain and Ohranger is where Miyauchi appears as a mentor and he steps aside for newer legends. In Ohranger, he doesn't do what Tommy does. Sure, he's amazing as Commander Miura and he alone could make JDF look like a baby. Making JDF the reason why Zeo is better than Ohranger is stupid though I wouldn't say Miura makes Ohranger better. I'd focus on how Ohranger in spite of all its flaws gives a better story and ending. Zeo was just bridging that overextended Zordon Arc. That definitely is a record that he plays several characters with different personalities. Even better, he never considers himself the face of Toei's franchises. That humility of his is really why I don't mind him playing as different characters.

JDF is better considered as a real life Hercule or Master Pogi (Filipino dub). The reasons are because the guy tends to think he's the best and that Tommy's the best ranger ever. He's always grabbing credit whenever he feels like it. All his Super Sentai counterparts don't even need to gang up on him to defeat him. He's just a plain, pathetic guy with an ego who thinks he's the best. Has he even considered how Tommy keeps stealing the image of Power Rangers further ruining the franchise? Heck, I didn't want to even admit it but for years I've ended up loathing how overused the character is and how the actor is such an arrogant idiot. Tommy here, Tommy there please enough no more Tommy already. It's probably just as bad or even worse than Hercule claiming he's defeated Cell when he didn't.

Pretty much, I hope he chokes on this entry as my "birthday gift" to him and it will do the same to people who think he's the greatest legend ever. Besides, the JDF fanbase can just be considered the same as the fanbase that Hercule really has. They think he's the greatest person ever even when the real accomplishment isn't his. On the other hand, Miyauchi doesn't even consider himself to be the face of Tokusatsu even if Big One is considered by some as Super Sentai's mascot. But for JDF he wants to promote Tommy who is nothing more than an overrated flunky. I could jsut let those people fall down while I can watch my favorite shows. They weren't ruined by him. In fact, "thanks" to him the Super Sentai shows are becoming more and more watchable in the eyes of those who've seen the truth about him.


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