The Role Of Set In Conan The Adventurer

I remembered watching Conan the Adventurer and the true main villain or Bigger Bad is Set. What was his role in Conan as the true main villain? While in the comics we didn't really have Conan battle the much more powerful Set but he appeared to face off the heroes in the cartoons. In the cartoon, he does follow some of the Marvel Comics' version of him where he resides in some dimension. But in the Marvel Comics, Set currently has seven heads while the cartoon portrays him to have only one.

The role of the serpent god in the cartoon is to serve as Wrath-Amon's god. He plays the role of the Bigger Bad while Wrath-Amon plays as the visible antagonist and Conan's personal enemy. Long ago he was banished into the Abyss by all the good wizards fro so long ago. However, his worship didn't die out as he even had somebody before Wrath-Amon namely Ram-Amon to serve the Snake Cult. For some reason he decided to let a lizard turned serpentman become his newest high priest in the place of Ram-Amon who was more competent. 

Perhaps his greatest advantage (or not) is that Wrath-Amon is fiercely loyal to him. Wrath-Amon's main objective has always been to release Set from the Abyss. This is when he orders that seven pyramids with a star metal disc I guess that's why he allowed Wrath-Amon to take over the previous high priest Ram-Amon. It's highly possible that while Ram-Amon does serve Set but the previous high priest may worship power more like the comic villain Thoth-Amon.

In the finale, Set arrives as the true villain of the series and rewards Wrath-Amon with more power than ever. This doesn't work too well after Conan defeats Wrath-Amon. He decides to re-hire Ram-Amon for a reason since he doesn't have a high priest anymore. In the end, Conan and his friends used their combined Star Metal to send him back into the Abyss. That alone makes me think that while Star Metal is the weakness of the serpent men but it's also used to set him free. Then Star Metal sends him back to where he belongs. 


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