My Top Favorite Tekken Games For The Playstation 1-4 Systems

I was thinking of challenging myself with ranking my favorite Tekken games from best to worst. So I'd like to do a ranking of my favorite Tekken games from bottom to start. Remember that these games would be Tekken, Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken 4, Tekken 5, Tekken 7 and the recent Tekken 7. I haven't played the handhelds and don't intend to since I don't like owning too many stuff either!

My top list:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

If there's going to be one Tekken game that I'd say actually did the best for innovation -- it's Tekken Tag Tournament 2. It's got almost everything I wanted -- almost every character from the previous game are here. It's basically improving almost everything Tekken did right for the years. It's like you've got a really good solid arcade mode, really solid gameplay and not to mention you could also take time to customize Combot here. Truly the best Tekken game!

Tekken 5

Okay, it does sound like I'm "old fashioned" whenever I like an older entry series better. However, I don't want to just care only if something is new. For me, Tekken 5 cemented my status as a fan of Tekken for this reason -- it corrected almost everything Tekken 3 and Tekken 4 did wrong. Better sidestepping, smoother gameplay and a really interesting arcade mode. Gone are Tekken 4's rather annoying uneven fighting arena and not to mention -- the introduction of the first super challenging, non-playable Jinpachi as a means to balance the challenge because controls have become super fluid!

Tekken 6

I would say Tekken 6 is a fun choice to have. Some say it's the best Tekken game ever though I do have my beef to why I have to play through Scenario Campaign and the SUPER SHORT Arena Mode to unlock character endings? Sure, there's the classic arcade mode but why didn't we just have it where we beat it and unlock the endings? Other than that, Scenario Campaign is a pretty rich side quest with some interesting takes on the Tekken lore. If I'm going to think about it -- Scenario Campaign is way more interesting than Tekken 7's story mode!

My middle list:

Tekken Tag Tournament 

Perhaps not really my dream game but I did enjoy it to a certain extent. It was trying to take Tekken 3 and improvise it. Plus, it returned one of the most beloved Tekken villains of all time -- Kazuya! While Kazuya did make his first canon return in Tekken 4 -- he did return here in a what if scenario. The whole game introduced a unique tag team concept where you lose one character then you forfeit the whole match. Still a classic!

Tekken 3

Perhaps a hugely ambitious and too ambitious for its own good. Tekken 3 takes place 25 years after the second tournament. I admit, I was too afraid to admit that I was addicted to this game due to the whole "you need to memorize all these set moves" going on. This game is perhaps one beloved classic especially it's got some interesting side modes such as Tekken Force and Tekken Bowl. Also, it started evolving arcade cinematic endings. Heck, Julia Chang's ending is the best so why didn't the rest get proper dialogue?

Tekken 7

Yes, it's the latest game but newest doesn't always mean best. It's disappointing how while it has smoother, better gameplay and Treasure Battle is a good addition -- so why in the world is Arcade Mode made SO SHORT with just five characters and no endings? Story Mode was interesting but I still feel like Mortal Kombat's story modes are far superior. Honestly, only if Katsuhiro Harada would stop getting intoxicated with his past successes!

My bottom list:

Tekken 4

Perhaps what I'd call not a good way to have a second entry into the Tekken franchise. Sure, it brought back fan favorite Kazuya but the problem? Well, I thought of the problem of introducing easy side stepping (which was also done in Mortal Kombat's 3D era) and uneven terrain makes it more frustrating than fun. Fortunately, Tekken 5 fixed this disaster and there was still enough money to help improve this mess!

Tekken 2

There's always the fuzz about Tekken. Tekken 2 started improving some stuff that Tekken introduced. Now every character has an individual ending. Electronic Gaming Monthly even gave it the best ending award which is well-deserved. Unfortunately, stiff controls were still plaguing it and it hasn't aged well.


The game that started it all. People in the 90s were attracted by its now outdated graphics. What I didn't like about Tekken back then can be summarized with STIFF CONTROLS. Yes, I was more into projectile-based gameplay for that reason. Yet, this game started a revolution yet no one can deny it's already aged badly! 


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