Some of My Opinions About Power Rangers That May Piss Off Power Rangers Haters!

Even if I have jumped into the state of "Power Rangers neutral" as of late, I would still give credit where credit is due.  Here's my opinions that will piss off them Power Rangers haters.

So it's no secret I like Zyuranger over Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and I like both Kimberly and Mei.  Now I'd share this one.  I find Mei more developed as a character but I don't agree with Mei being prettier.  Pretty can be relative.  In my opinion, I think Amy Jo Johnson was able to carry her part out as Kimberly better than Reiko Chiba did as Mei.  Also I would want to believe that Kimberly sort of got carried into several other characters later.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is NOT racist.  It does seem racist to have the black man as a black ranger and the yellow girl as a yellow ranger.  But it is NOT.  It has no racist overtones.  Seriously, whoever said that MMPR is racist for doing so is nuts.  Battle Fever J would be accused of being racist as well because... Battle Kenya was a black ranger and Kenya is a nation in Africa.  How stupid can these assumptions be?

Peebo and Alpha Five are just as hysterical as each other.  So Peebo panics a lot and is rash to move.  So is Alpha Five.  Peebo almost caused the demise of the Biomen because he was impulsive.  Alpha Five is also pretty rash.  What's the difference really?!

Trakeena can stand a chance against the Gingamen and she passes Super Sentai villain standards.  Compared to her predecessors, Trakeena is one villain who can stand a chance against Sentai warriors.  I think she might even go as far as to turn Pucrates into a bomb so she can take over Zahab's crew or she might also stand a chance against Shelinda.  I think she is the Queen Ahames of Power Rangers (a softer one) and she would also stand a chance against the Changemen.  So the Lost Galaxy rumor is false but still... I still can give credit where credit is due.

Power Rangers Time Force has some plus factors even if I was still reeked at the whole Wesley/Alex/Jen love triangle (which I think is just Judd Lynn's bad writing).  So Timeranger for me is better but I thought the mutant/human war was interesting.  Also Time Force IMO is still more watchable than Kamen Rider Faiz and Kamen Rider Den-O.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm is a decent season.  Now I'd like to troll those purists a little bit by pointing out that Sally Martin wearing Nao Nagasawa's magician costume won't distract me a bit.  Moving on... it's not anything special but I think Power Rangers Ninja Storm IS still watchable.

MMPR's three parter "A Friend in Need" inspired the Shinkenger/Decade crossover to go on television.  There were stage shows back then but none of them became a full blown TV special.  Toei did some stage shows then Saban tried to make an unofficial crossover.  Toei had the idea, it was Saban's idea to bring it on TV.  So pretty much, as much as I think "A Friend in Need" really was badly executed, the idea was still necessary for Shinkenger/Decade crossover.

Billy Cranston would be a template for future rangers namely Renn and Tokkati.

It's hypocritical to complain about Jason David Frank when Hiroshi Miyauchi was also overused.  Okay Jason David Frank was just Tommy and Tommy is overused.  Hiroshi Miyauchi was Aoranger, Kamen Rider V3, Zubat and Big One and later played as Commander Miura and had a role in Winspector.  I know Hiroshi Miyauchi's better... but isn't he also overused at the same time?

Power Rangers RPM would partly inspire Gobusters.  Gobusters used the term Megazords for ALL MECHA in general, the use of "It's Morphin' Time" and Messiah is sort of similar to Venjix.

Here's just a few which I hope will troll those annoying Power Rangers haters.


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