Trying To Understand The Mishima VS. Kazama Conflict In Tekken

Tekken itself really presents the Mishima clan as the center of a dysfunctional clan then insert the Kazama clan (while we know nothing about the woman Heihachi produced Lars Alexanderson with), it creates a rather interesting conflict.

Who should be blamed for the conflict?  I blame Heihachi for why the curse arose, Devil gene or no Devil gene, the curse existed.  Knowing how Tekken's sequels includes loads and loads of flashbacks, want to try and write the stories from beginning to end.  So let's see what's under the Mishima Zaibatsu's secret files shall we?

I am yet to see what really happened to Kazume Mishima except she's the final boss in Tekken 7, apparently it'll be the last Tekken game (or not) which is coming out in the next generation system which I want to get a Playstation 4 (since I haven't played Mortal Kombat X).  So here's my rather limited knowledge of the Tekken series' prequels.  So where did the mess start with?

Before the Tekken games started

Actually, blame it on Heihachi!  I always felt like that guy is a more sinister and warped version of Dr. Wily.  While Dr. Wily later showed some redeemable traits such as giving the cure for Roboenza in Megaman 10 (in exchange for bringing him to the hospital), I can't name a single instance that I could really forgive Heihachi that easily.  You'll see why I really, practically think this guy is already and really one of the biggest complete monsters in video gaming history.

The Mishimas weren't always dysfunctional.  Before Kazuya becomes the vengeful villain that he was, he was a kind little boy who had a close relationship with his grandfather.  Now we know nothing about Heihachi's mother but we do know about his father Jinpachi.  To mold the boy to be the ideal successor, he locks up his own father under the Honmaru (thus explaining the conflict in Tekken 5) and did the unthinkable.  Heihachi throws his own Kazuya from the cliff to see if his successor was truly worthy which was the start of the internal feud.  Years later would lead to the events of the very first Tekken game.  Somewhere along, Heihachi adopted Lee Chaolan and sired a son with an unknown woman named Lars.

The first two Tekken games...

The first game itself was where Heihachi held the King of Iron Fist Tournament 1.  Kazuya had returned with a huge scar in his chest, angry and wanting to avenge himself.  After fighting his way through the first tournament and his adoptive brother Lee Chaolan in a duel.  He defeated Heihachi and along the way, he threw off his father from the cliff.  However it was not the end considering Tekken 2 came out.

Kazuya took over the Mishima Zaibatsu and turning it more wrecked than ever.  Oh boy where do I start?  If you know this, Alex and Roger are both genetically modified creatures created out of unscrupulous genetic engineering.  Later on, we'd have Steve Rogers (Nina's son but she feels no connection towards them, she's a supernaturally young mother due to suspended animation) who was created via artificial insemination.  I thought that his actions are either because of his deal with Devil or he's an angry man who wants to get even with the world.  I'd say it's been a lethal combination of both to why it happened.  No sooner, he declared for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 when Heihachi returns seeking revenge, thus spinning the cycle.

What I found interesting was the entrance of Jun Kazama with an ambiguous story with Kazuya Mishima.  So really, I thought that it was interesting that it happened which I assume that he actually RAPED her.  Yup, I'll admit that I had my sinister fantasies of what happened between Kazuya and Jun, so did he rape her or what?  I've heard that she just gave in but more likely, she may have been raped.  Oh my evil malice and that's why Kazuya's my top favorite character in Tekken!  I'll admit I had a crush on Jun Kazama in Tekken 2 and I was sort of an evil eleven year old child!  Moving on, I thought about the possibility that Jun Kazama is the one who summons Angel.  In the Tekken animated movie, Jun takes the place of Angel and we don't see Heihachi getting thrown off a cliff.  Probably due to the Kazama blood's ability to neutralize the Devil gene, Kazuya was at the losing edge and was thrown into the volcano.

The grandson of Mishima... Jin Kazama

19 years after the events of Tekken 2, we discover from whatever happened between Kazuya and Jun (and I want to believe he most likely raped her) bore another bastard into the line, Jin Kazama.  If couples of years ago, Heihachi sired Lars with a European woman, Jin would be the one born from that liaison.  So really, there was a huge gap so some legacy characters arrived.  Kuma Sr. dies and Kuma Jr. is the new Kuma.  The first King is now replaced by his student.  The events of Tekken 3 involve the arrival of the mysterious supernatural creature Ogre.  What happened to Jun Kazama is unknown but most likely, she's dead no thanks to Ogre's attacks.

At first, Heihachi (who now holds the Mishima Zaibatsu) seems happy to meet his grandson Jin.  Jin would learn every skill he would need to win the third tournament.  The tournament was created to lure Ogre out and during this time, much time has passed and Nina is unaware that she gave birth to a son who is biologically just her age, Steve who would appear in Tekken 4.  The whole conflict would later escalate shortly after the tournament finals.  It's possible that he really fought his grandfather Heihachi prior to the fight with Ogre.  In a way, remember that Heihachi trained him for four years to lure Ogre out.  A really bad grandparent indeed!

During the final events of Tekken 3, he defeats Ogre but he doesn't get a job well done complement.  Instead, Heihachi guns his own grandson Jin knowing the latter has the same form of power with Kazuya.  With that gunshot, the Devil Gene appeared healing Jin.  He would later spend most of his time undoing the Mishima fighting style (this was most likely due to Kazuya's return in Tekken 4) for traditional karate.  Kazuya would return in Tekken 4 for the next tournament.

In Tekken 4, it's not a very happy reunion between the three.  Heihachi holds the fourth tournament hoping to lure both his son and grandson to get the Devil Gene power.  For some reason, Heihachi doesn't have the power of the Devil Gene.  Jin and Kazuya would have a very bad reunion.  Jin was planning to finish off his grandfather Heihachi and father Kazuya.  However a vision of the supposedly deceased Jun convinced Jin not to carry on with his vengeance.

Remember what I mentioned earlier of Jinpachi locked up under the Honmaru.  Though he supposedly died and we later learn that he's a friend of Wang Jinrei.  If you remember Wang's ending in Tekken 2, he was pouring wine on a tomb and that my friends was Jinpachi's tomb.  Jinpachi comes as a vengeful ghost but he was also seeking for someone to finally end his miserable existence.  Heihachi was supposedly dead after Kazuya double-crossed him but again, Heihachi for some reason just keeps living.  So really, what's up with that?!

As the fifth tournament is declared, Jin's devil form was also now a usable character.  Jin was in the quest to end the curse, but he would only continue it.  So he defeated his great-grandfather Jinpachi in a duel, something that ended the misery of the old man.  From what is stated, Jinpachi may not have the Devil Gene but he's more of a vengeful ghost of sorts.  Jin would later cause some chaos so Azazel can be summoned.  So Jin goes haywire, the battle with the Mishimas happened and as Scenario Campaign reveals, Heihachi's bastards on Lars appears to take on the scene but unlike his half-brother or father, he's pretty good actually.  Jin would later try to defeat the demon Azazel but events prove that the curse isn't over.  

So really I can't wait to see how Tekken 7 will be on the current generation system. 3:)


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