A Summary Of Some Things I Believe Power Rangers Did Worse Than Super Sentai, IMHO

If I wrote a summary of stuff that Power Rangers did better than Super Sentai, now it's time to write some of the stuff that they did worse. Now this is just a personal bias okay and I may focus mostly on the 90s. Moving on...

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers getting overextended then the Zordon Arc. I felt like that Mighty Morphin' should have just ended in the first season but Toei and Saban both agreed to film the Zyu2 exclusive footage. I dunno what Toei was thinking about allowing Saban to overextend Mighty Morphin' when in fact, they could have just moved with adapting Dairanger in full with an entirely new cast of characters. But again, I think Toei and Saban didn't put that too much into consideration back then until people got bored of recycling.

Is it me or do I really hate Zeo? Based on my own personal feelings, Zeo was a bad season and Ohranger is pretty underrated. Okay, I guess you know how I dropped this show like stupid when that stupid Dear John letter was written by Douglas Sloan. I guess this was the show that started the spark of me as a purist. So really Mr. Sloan, did you have to write that letter and forge it? In reality, my imagination is, Douglas Sloan wrote that letter and forged Kimberly's signature! =P

Power Rangers Turbo is... BORING and Carranger has better humor. I felt like Justin was just a poor gimmick in contrast to Kou in Dairanger who really was plot material in more than one level. Suddenly, you had to write off everyone but Justin. The whole show itself suffers from inconsistency in more than one level. Fortunately Power Rangers in Space managed to close the Zordon Era and started an entirely new era.

Many times, I feel like Power Rangers tends not to put its heart into it after Timeranger. For anything, I felt like the acting quality is really bad for a lot of seasons. Some may have criticized the acting quality of Wild Force, Operation Overdrive and Samurai which really ruins the show.

Writing quality can drop depending on who writes it. The Disney era had Bruce Kalish as a hit or miss writer, he wrote Power Rangers SPD which many considered good (but I prefer Dekaranger) but he later undid himself with episodes that caused Power Rangers to enter the dork age. Later, we have Jonathan Tzachor who was in charge with Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Megaforce, two seasons that I'd say, bleh to the writer. Fortunately, toy sales still allowed the franchise to survive but I pity the fans who had to endure such bad writing from people who are least expected to write a bad story. Samurai is so bland, I'd skip it.


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