My Thoughts On Power Rangers' Really Bad Drop In Its Ratings

Power Rangers has now sunk to a whole new level of low. Should I even be surprised? Power Rangers has really SHOT ITSELF at the foot too many times and that's why I usually don't regret not watching it.

Here's what Power Rangers Now has to say and I'm not surprised with every word that I copied/pasted from the same article:

The classic saying above rings true in many aspects of life, but perhaps no truer than when thinking of Saban Brands, who has continued to trot out the same, consistent Power Rangers product year after year despite blatant warning signs on the horizon.

Year after year, Saban Brands continues to produce a Power Rangers TV show that disappoints fans in quality. Year after year, Nickelodeon continues to elect for a summer hiatus that causes an annual viewership drop that’s proven unrecoverable. Year after year, Saban Brands continues to remain unwilling or unable to prevent international territories from airing new episodes months in advance, unleashing a barrage of online leaks and spoilers. And year after year, Power Rangers’ TV ratings continue to decline, as the brand loses more fans by the day.

So, it should come as no surprise that Power Rangers has finally reached its lowest point in viewership, as Power Rangers Ninja Steel’s mid-summer premiere failed to break even 1 million viewers for the first time in the Saban Brands era of Power Rangers (2011-present).

‘Rocking And Rolling’, the 9th episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, marked the TV show’s return to Nickelodeon on August 12, but only 950,000 viewers tuned in.

Sinking below 1 million viewers is an obvious cause for concern for a TV show that was once closing in on 4 million viewers in 2011 when Saban Brands bought back the Power Rangers property from Disney.

What this equates to is a 75% reduction in audience over Saban Brands’ 7-year run with the brand.

Although the data is both concerning and disappointing, one thing it’s surely not is surprising. As Saban Brands continues to trot out the same product and formula on a yearly basis, refusing to enact any change despite the blatant warning signs and negative data staring them in the face, the painful downfall of the Power Rangers can be seen as nothing other than expected.

Surely some of Power Rangers’ viewership decline can be attributed to the current changes in technology, as consumers shift away from traditional TV services in favor of streaming services such as Amazon Prime or Netflix.

However, not all of Power Rangers’ struggles can be attributed to changing consumer habits, as no TV show on Nickelodeon has lost a bigger percentage of its audience since 2011 than Power Rangers.

Still, in hopes of improvement, fans will continue to call for change in a world that consistently demands it. The only question is, will Saban Brands wake up to the reality surrounding their #1 brand before it’s too late to save it? Or is it already too late to truly save the Power Rangers from the depths of irrelevancy?

The Power Rangers have defied many odds, and defeated many villains over their 25-year run. But if Saban Brands’ plan is have them take down one of Albert Einstein’s most timeless quotes, the data clearly shows, it’s not working.

Insanity IS doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

It's really bad for business if your new school doesn't beat your old school. Come to think about just take a look. While Super Sentai does have its issues, it's not perfect but I usually end up thinking of how often the summer hiatus is a real problem. I admit, I used to like Nickelodeon a lot but now, it just STINKS. It's really something to think how my childhood is ruined with the direction Fairly Oddparents took, Spongebob is not funny anymore and Power Rangers' new treatment is making it lose sales.

There's that annoying summer hiatus that's causing ratings to drop and potential revenues to fly away

Yes, that one. I thought about why can't we just get Power Rangers as a yearly thing like it should be. Okay, it's not about me but it's about how to do business. I mean, one of the reasons why Power Rangers managed to survive during the 90s was the decision for a YEARLY cast change similar to Super Sentai. I even thought how bad it was to even cram Goseiger and Gokaiger into Megafailed. Yup, Megaforce is Megafailed. I'd pick the so 90s Megaranger as the true Mega series followed by a Gokaiger rewatch. 

So why do have to go from Power Rangers to Power Rangers Super. That's really utterly ridiculous. I thought of how I could enjoy Samurai Sentai Shinkenger with a summer movie with no summer break. There's summer episodes. Then I think about Goseiger and Gokaiger are totally two different shows so why even attempt to merge them? It's like mixing two conflicting flavors together. They skipped localizing Go-Busters and ToQGer in exchange for localizing Kyoryuger and Ninninger. Power Rangers Dino Charge had some potential but Judd Lynn was really starting to burn out. Power Rangers Ninja Steel is me screaming, "Don't even get me started on Victor and Monty." 

Let's take an analysis shall we? You're too used to watching Power Rangers for an entire year. You're too used to seeing the next Super Sentai get localized for the United States the next year. Then there comes this stupid shift. The summer break is so stupid. How much revenue has been cut to start with thanks to the summer break? Not to mention seasons are skipped which means less sales for them Bandai merchandise. This attitude of indifference is really causing a huge drop in the cash flow.

Sure, Super Sentai suffered from some drops but I think it's because of Pokemon. Right now, I hope the new TV schedule shift for Super Hero Time would help it though there's the problem of clashing with Fuji TV's Dragon Ball Super and One Piece which are also by Toei? 

Power Rangers has been experiencing from a lack of proper ideas and implementation

I gave second thoughts on what I once thought about post-Go-Busters series. I thought about it that Kyoryuger isn't trying to become Abaranger 2.0 but its own fantasy dinosaur dance show. Ninninger may have brought in ninja guests but it's pretty much not milking on Kakuranger and Hurricanger. Super Sentai has its mistakes, no Super Sentai series is perfect, there are down times but this time I think that these down times aren't as bad as what Power Rangers is doing right now.

The problem is milking with the Mighty Morphin' formula. How many times have we heard the MMPR theme song get rehashed. It's getting irritating already. Then we have the Power Rangers reboot film which changed history for the worse. Okay, maybe I'm being too overly Grand Professor Biased about it but I thought there's better new school stuff to enjoy. While Dino Charge wasn't trying to be Mighty Morphin' and thankfully NO TOMMY TO RUIN IT but Ninja Steel is yeesh really you can tell Lynn is so out of ideas now! 

There's also one thing about innovation. It's not all about innovating a product for the sake of innovating it but making changes to improve it. Also, innovation involves learning from past mistakes and successes. Sometimes, past successes many no longer work. Yesterday, minimal merchandise wasn't much of a problem but today we really want to have the problem of trotting the same product and formula for every season. If there's hardly anything to change for the better then there's only change for the worse. Innovative ideas aren't going to work unless they do something significant like increase ratings, interest and make things better. It's like how innovative cooking won't work if all you do is make one food fiasco after the other. 

While I'm pretty much old school when it comes to music and some forms of entertainment but I keep in mind classics won't be classics without good innovation. Why do you think some songs continue to live on even when their singers are no longer popular? Why do you think some classical series are classical series? It's all because they're remembered for being not only innovative but also for all the quality they bring. If there were any mistakes there's learning. But I don't think this is the case of the Neo-Saban era - it's failing to learn from its mistakes which really should be a call for alarm. Toei is already losing its American market as we speak.

What do you think of what's going on? 


  1. The problem with Power Rangers now is that Savan bought it back from Disney and is now trying to make it like the 90s MMPR! It seems they're really just all about the merchandise and money, something that wasnt present back in the 90s! All these super titles and new suits scream "merchandising" lol
    Honestly the sad thing is old fans will still support this crap and thats why Saban wont ever change. Super Sentai has been around for over 40 years, they've had their share of bad seasons, low ratings and even cancellations! However, the difference is they try new things, use old ideas but in a new way, and just dont settle on their laurels. Thats why I love Sentai and will always laugh at the sill pr fans lol


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