Conan The Adventurer's Ram-Amon Is A Demoted Thoth-Amon

I remembered seeing the Conan cartoons first and there was one episode that sort of popped unto me. It was the episode where Conan simply changed the way Wrath-Amon would be born. It was revealed that centuries before Wrath-Amon there was the wizard Ram-Amon. If anyone noticed, he looks like an Egyptian Pharaoh.

His design would remind you of Thoth-Amon's alternate costume. While Thoth-Amon wore ram horns in one of his costumes but other incarnations would have him wear a Pharaoh-like costume. So where are the similarities? They are both Set's entrusted high servants, they both possess the Black Ring of Set and they lost it.

Wrath-Amon as a gilla monster turned into a snakeman stole the Black Ring of Set from Thoth-Amon. For two hundred years (and how he survived was a result of some magic) we have Ram-Amon in the dungeons below his usurper. Yet, you can't underestimate Ram-Amon without the ring as he could still master a few spells to help him or he has a cunning mind. What I also find interesting is that Ram-Amon like Cobra Commander was overthrown by Wrath-Amon, the Serpentor counterpart of the show. Wrath-Amon manages things like Serpentor does all the while Ram-Amon, like Cobra Commander, wants his old job back.

In the Conan comics where Thoth-Amon becomes the main villain, his power is tied to the Black Ring of Set. It was later lost making him somewhat vulnerable. Yet, he was still able to do a few tricks or use his cunning to get the Black Ring. Wrath-Amon is pretty much the anti-thesis of what Thoth-Amon is. While Wrath-Amon is overly dependent on the Black Ring, Thoth-Amon does have a few tricks up his sleeve in order to survive even without it. 


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