Can Hasbro Really Save Power Rangers With Beast Morphers?!

With Power Rangers Beast Morphers just around the corner -- it's amazing to see how backwards Power Rangers has become one way or another. It's freaking 2019 and why are they localizing or adapting something from way back in 2012?! I even want to ask whether or not Hasbro can really save Power Rangers. Why I want to ask that question is because of the fact that Power Rangers is really getting worse whether it's Disney's rush seasons or Nickelodeon's fully unnecessary two season split. What's amazing is that whether it's the Disney rush season or the current season -- Power Rangers still survives even if it was already getting worse starting with the Disney era and the Neo-Saban era made it even worse.

I was thinking about my history with Hasbro and how they are responsible for several franchises such as the Transformers series and G.I.Joe for starters. Maybe, some of you who were 90s children could remember the highly successful Conan the Adventurer. Now, how will Hasbro handle Power Rangers after Saban sold the rights to Hasbro? I've thought of how Hasbro did have an impressive track record. Well, Saban did have an impressive track record when it came to American shows. But later, Saban Brands just becomes a joke and I wonder if Hasbro is already going down right now?

One could consider that Beast Morphers to be Hasbro's safe gamble. Maybe, Hasbro is being safe considering that trying to do a Kyuranger localization (with plenty of merchandise and some of their own footage) can be very costly. It's almost like having a low gamble -- Hasbro may not even be sure if Beast Morphers can save an already worsening franchise. It's taking the slightest risks. I guess Hasbro is aware how sunk Power Rangers has become and maybe they're not even sure if they can save it as well.


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