Friday, 29 May 2015

Pamela Anderson Should've Been That Mortal Woman On Stage In Interview With The Vampire!

The original actress... Laure Marsac

While watching "Interview With The Vampire" (well I'm not really a fan of Vampire Chronicles in general), only one scene caught my attention too much was with Laure Marsac's guest role.  This was where her unnamed character, a mortal woman on stage gets disrobed of just everything (which is symbolic of death, or sort of), Armand would render her unconscious, drinks some of her blood and hands her over to the others who also partake in her blood.  In the novel, the vampires drank her blood one by one as opposed to the movie where the others drained her of her blood together.

Who should have been cast into that Theatre Des Vampires scene...

I always thought of the description which was in Mr. Skin, "Vampires, especially the stylish sub-breed of those defiling bloodsuckers who group together onscreen in movies Oscar-nominated for art direction, are very choosy about the virginally sweet child-women they ceremoniously disrobe, slay, and slurp upon. The ideal sacrifice must be fair of skin, fine-boned of face, with a blondeness reminiscent of a stilled breeze, a wiry wisp of which blondeness must cover the juncture...".  I always thought about it, come on Pamela Anderson during that time was fair of skin, fine boned in face, she has the blondeness of a stilled breeze (I know she's really brunette) and well, she has all that descriptions!  I always thought, while Laure Marsac is really attractive to a certain extent but Pamela Anderson herself was really pretty at that time.  She should have GOTTEN THAT ROLE!

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season 1 vs. Power Rangers Megaforce: Why One Morphinomenally Succeeded, The Other Megafailed!

Well it's time for me to discuss on the Megafailure that is Megaforce... looks like my really utter dislike for the series hasn't faded.  So really, what went wrong?  After several super bad seasons of Power Rangers, I guess it's best I stay neutral but, I am still concerned over its fandom might have been hurt hence hurting Toei's returns in the long run.

Nothing can be more annoying when Power Rangers Megaforce has outdone Power Rangers Operation Overdrive as a bad season right?  Right now, I even think Samurai has outdone Operation Overdrive.  Megaforce, Megafails and well... I can't deny that even Power Rangers fans can go critical on the show.  Even as a Sentai fan, I can go critical on some shows of Super Sentai which as of right now, I have gone into the state of Kamen Rider "purism" then again, I berate Decade is a terrible show also.  Looks like Megaforce really suffers the problems of Kamen Rider Decade of having a very loose, almost non-existent plot but in due fairness, the latter wasn't lazy.

I could talk about the cast.  Everything's just imbalanced for me.  Troy, oh wow I don't really blame Andrew Gray but the writers.  Now take a look at Andrew Gray's videos... he's hardly robotic even if his acting is so-so... I mean, there is hardly any personality in him.  Ciara Hanna can act but her character Gia is so much of a head bitch in charge.  Emma, ugh you know I freaking dislike her, she's a terrible, terrible Kimberly wannabe as I love to emphasize it.  Jake's just a creepy stalker and Noah, probably the only person I could stand.  UGH!  The whole cast felt so plastic for me and acting is mostly, mostly terrible combined with horrible writing, you can't expect success!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Why I Think The Shinkenger Girl Team Rocks And The Megaforce Girl Team Sucks!

Well looking at how my feud with Power Rangers Megaforce is going, I can't help but write this entry.  Megaforce was an eye candy season, no questions asked but it's HORRID!  Now I'll just talk on the girls themselves.

I might as well talk about the Megaforce girls first and why I think they suck.  I personally have too much of a bias here.  So I have NOTHING against Ciara Hanna while I suffer from extreme dislike for Christina Masterson.  Now I can really rant on this one for a LOOOOOONG time.

For Emma, I can't help but be a broken record/looped song in saying she's NOT the new Kimberly and she SUCKS, SUCKS, SUCKS.  I guess from the first episode up to the very last, she really pisses me off with her overly cheery overacting.  Oh boy, I can't count the number of times I have done a facedesk thanks to her!  Plus that song of hers is really not impressive at all!

The other one is Ciara Hanna.  Sure she is eye candy and Ciara Hanna CAN act, but the problem I have is aside from the show's inferior quality writing, or two maybe because she should have been pink to start with.  My problem with her is that Head Bitch In Charge personality eventually gets annoying.  Although she's not as bad as Syd, but still.  But I'll admit, this is a very minor complaint compared to the previous complaint.