Thursday, 30 July 2015

Monsterizing Hera Anyone?

In Hercules: The Legendary Journeys being a loose adaptation of the original Greek myths such as that Hercules was legally the descendant of Perseus (who is technically his "half-brother" though Zeus did not have sexual contact with Danae compared with Alcmene) or that Zeus committed adultery with another man's wife.  Now the biggest issue with Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is how Hera got overly monsterized when Ares is much worse than she is.  In fact, she even rejected her own son Ares for being too crude and rude.

So how does Hera get overly monsterized in the TV series?  I thought Hera was mostly out of character considering that most of her hatred in the myths was merely focused on Hercules.  She does not plague the world and she does care about other mortals.  It's just that Hercules ticks her off because his name is translated into "Hera's Glory", which of course deeply insults her to why such a name is given to an illegitimate child of Zeus.  While other renditions of Hera as the Hercules' jealous big mother (that is the legitimate spouse of your father while you are his child by the mistress) are more in-character, this one actually goes very much out of character to the point she's too much of a bitch.

What the show did was to actually give some of Zeus' actions to Hera.  If you know in the myths, Zeus was the one who forbade giving of fire to mankind.  It was also Zeus who separated Echidna from her husband Typhon so she couldn't conceive any more monsters.  After reading more about Hera, she wasn't all that bad compared to her son Ares who deserves the role as the show's main antagonist more than she did.

If you read the myths, Hera's first misdeed against Hercules was to put him into a side of insanity so he would kill his own family.  This was because of her bitter rage and what was needed was that Hercules should perform the Twelve Labors.  She decided to make every labor more difficult than the last, even she sent a crab to try and distract Hercules from fighting the Hydra.  After the Twelve labors, she did settle down a bit and somehow decided to call it a truce.  Later on, Hercules would rescue her from the titan Portheryon which effectively called a truce between them.

Johnny Cage's and Cassie Cage's "Rage Mode"

While I personally dislike (not hate) Johnny Cage and my dislike for Cassie Cage stems from her paternity (which I think Sonya was better as a character than her daughter).  Now moving on, we do have the "Rage Mode" of Johnny Cage and Cassie Cage which happened in Mortal Kombat X's rather not so impressive story mode.  Yeah I know, I'm a Liu Kang fanboy!

In Mortal Kombat X, Johnny Cage knew of his heritage that he was a descendant of some Mediterranean cult that bred warriors for the gods.  IMO, I think Johnny Cage is a reincarnation of some Mediterranean warrior.  Maybe he may have Indian ancestry or he was an Indian warrior in his past life.  I even want to assume he might be the reincarnation of some Mediterranean warrior and maybe he wasn't a white man in his past life?  Now concerning Johnny Cage's powering up and defeating Shinnok, I would consider it a temporary power-up boost at best.  He got powered up in rage when he saw Sonya Blade (his girlfriend and later, they got married but had a falling away) in danger.  This caused the rage to emit some kind of green energy from his body giving him temporary strength against a fallen Elder God.  I just thought the scenario is like that Johnny Cage gets enlightenment and beats Shinnok up.

Now I do think that Cassie isn't as impressive as her mother Sonya, maybe because she isn't fully hard-boiled yet or that she didn't endure as much hardship (yet) as either which parent.  She is unaware of that temporary power-up that's in her until her father was in danger.  Normally, she doesn't really ahve that power all the time and that it was sort of a last minute boost that had her survive a rather dangerous ordeal.  I mean, I always thought Liu Kang or Johnny Cage defeating Shinnok was unbelievable and I think the same goes to her.  She gets greened up because her father was in danger... which might have transferred her father's power up to her for the moment when she was almost killed by Shinnok who was now in his purest malevolence.  It might also be because of her love for her father that also triggered that similar power that her father had.  I know I don't like her as much as I don't like her father but I guess it does make some sense that she beats Shinnok after she gets temporarily "raged up".

Yeah I know the Story Mode is weak for me considering that I wish Raiden powered them both up or maybe the Elder Gods do so before this storyline can be more acceptable to me.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

That Feeling After I Saw Some Episodes of Metalder...

I was around 15-16 when I first figured out which show was based from which and Metalder was amogn them.  I started to think it was just originality then mixing Shaider right into VR Troopers but what I found out was that, VR Troopers' first season footage was based on Metalder and Spielban while the second season was based on Shaider.  So what's my thoughts on Metalder?

The android Metalder is given a human identity as Ryusei Tsurugi, he was based on Dr. Koga's son Tatsuo.  After the bitterness of war, Dr. Koga thought it was best to fight any threat to world peace and as of late, the world peace is threatened by a robotic army that was threatening the world peace.  Dr. Koga dies and Ryusei's sense of justice awakens, allowing him to become the super robot Metalder.