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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Amy Jo Johnson Leaving MMPR: Why it was Good For Her Career!

Yes it was sad for me that Amy Jo Johnson left season three of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers but I thought it also helped her at the same time.  You may consider the many wrong directions MMPR was already taking back then and Kimberly wasn't exempted from the bad writing.

I guess Amy Jo Johnson was already sick and tired of every character decay that happened to her character.  For example, Kimberly is more of your "damsel in distress" for Tommy later on which can get annoying for the actress.  I could also consider that the character was demoted to being merely eye candy than given her own development.  Worse, MMPR's storyline wasn't getting any better either.  MMPR Season Three was a mess, the show should have ended when it should have ended.  You may consider it a very good reason to leave if your career is dwindling down.  The show wasn't helping her anyway and she wanted better career opportunities.

The aftermath was this... after leaving MMPR for good, she was able to get some better roles.  The "Dear Tommy" arc of Zeo just proved how much of a sore loser Mr. Krabs really was.  She had multiple projects.  I might even assume she became very bankable as an actress.  She had one project after the other like several guest roles and at least one film per year.  It helped to move away fro MMPR. While it had a bittersweet to me as a child but hey, it did help the actress.  For one, none of her MMPR co-stars got that far compared to her!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Quantum Ranger's Survival Makes Sense!

Sometimes it does feel stupid that Eric Myers/Quantum Ranger survived but let's take a bit of common sense. Aside from the main difference that Mr. Collins goes into the city and Wataru Asami does not (which Judd Lynn shows he's not copy/pasting all the time from Kobayashi's scripts)... we have Eric Myers being severely injured.

Now here's a bit of analysis.  First we have that lone Cyclobot armed.  Now why did the Zenitto kill Naoto and the Cyclobot DID NOT killl Eric Myers?  A big of common sense can help.  I was thinking Judd Lynn may have wanted to kill Eric Myers as well but was meddled into sparing him.

The area where Eric Myers is hit out of suit doesn't look like a vital organ.  Again whether he died or not is not much of an issue.  Surviving and dying could have been two possible outcomes for him.  Whether he lived or died didn't matter.  On Naoto's case, him dying was the only practical way to write the scene after being shot by a Zenitto bullet.

Now for Naoto, there are LOT of good reasons why he would die and Eric Myers would survive.  Here are reasons you can see:

  • Naoto was SHOT at a vital organ.  Remember the bullet PASSED through him.  It didn't do that to Eric.  
  • If you think of it, Naoto had a VERY violent fall.  Eric's fall wasn't even that much impact on him.
  • Naoto also had SEVERE blood less.  Well Eric could have died if he wasn't tended but it was obvious he was tended to.  So Eric's survival obviously is NOT an error.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Wishful Casting: Power Rangers Megaforce Edition!

I'll raise my opinion on a Power Rangers Megaforce casting decision.  At first, I thought the Megaforce team was going to at least revive Saban's era.  Now I would share my problem with the casting is with who plays Emma Goodall.  I am thinking that Christina Masterson isn't the best catch nor is she even fit to play as Emma.

Why is that?  My problem with the ACTRESS herself is this.  She's overly cheery, can't even act, can't be serious.  I was already thinking come on, this is Nickelodeon so why don't they get a more experienced still on the set Nickelodeon actress?  Ciara Hanna did have a few minor acting experience prior to Megaforce.  Now here's what I thought of casting for Power Rangers.

My current favorite Nickelodeon girl... Victoria Justice.  She's hot, pretty, sexy and she can ACT.  She has had her acting experience in Victorious and she could pull off the Kimberly-tribute character of Emma better than Christina Masterson.  I would admit that she could have pulled the act better than Christina Masterson.

What I like about Victoria Justice is her acting is really natural.  She's convincing.  I would say she may be able to pull that Kimberly mimic at the end of the first episode WAY BETTER.  I would even dare say that she might be able to fight better.  For one, watching Victorious all over again somehow made me think of this post.