Friday, 24 October 2014

Mr. Sinister's Study of the Summers/Grey Line in Action

Mr. Sinister was indeed a mad geneticist obsessed with genetics and bringing up humanity to its next level no matter what the cost.  In a way, he is Darwinian but perhaps lesser or greater than Apocalypse.  Having been centuries old, he had observed the Summers' line to which he would later cause some serious damage to the later parts of the future.  He was the one who threw in the chess pieces that could have destroyed humanity especially when he examined the Summers' brothers, grew an unusual interest in Scott Summers and Jean Grey... and in two different realities, produced Omega Level telepathic beings thanks to his studies.

So how did his studies go?  He developed a fascination over his soon would be archenemy Scott Summers.  When he discovered that Cyclops' optic blasts could harm him at a higher level, he took his as a sign of new discovery.  He grew obsessed with the Summers lineage and decided to play matchmaker one way or another.

It was later discovered that Mr. Sinister had actually also been interested with the Grey lines.  He theorized that the offspring of Cyclops and Jean Grey would create such a powerful mutant.  During that time, he wanted to also put Jean Grey under his custody, hoping to make both Cyclops and Jean Grey mate, produce a child for him but he failed to do so.  In his case, he took a blood sample of Jean Grey and cloned her... producing his "daughter" Madelyne Pryor.  He started to think she was a waste of his time, as she grew into maturity, she showed no mutant powers developed until the Phoenix Force descended into it.  So he through some kind of weird science, programmed Madelyne Pryor with false memories as to get her to marry Cyclops in Jean Grey's place.  Most people assumed Jean Grey had already died.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Mr. Sinister: 90s Cartoon vs. Comics

Mr. Sinister was among a few characters to get some modifications from the X-Men Cartoon Series.  To be honest, I feel like the cartoon show may be more of an old shame to me.  Now let's focus on Mr. Sinister and how he differed from the comics.  Now I'd like to discuss the cartoon Mr. Sinister first.

Cartoon Mr. Sinister has some elements changed in him.  For instance, in the cartoon he activated his own dormant x-gene (it's highly possible that both versions are born with the x-gene but the gene was yet to be activated) which is unlike in the comics.  In this one, he is portrayed to be able to heal himself but finds himself weak to Cyclops' optic blasts.  His motives behind his obsession behind Cyclops and Jean Grey is never known.  The comics however presents a darker, more different story which makes Sinister far more a threat than he was in the 80s cartoons.

Mr. Sinister's X-Gene was awakened by Apocalypse.  Now I would like to assume that Mr. Sinister was a mutant whose powers were yet to be activated.  Apocalypse enhanced Mr. Sinister into the being that he is today, who is supposedly immortal.  If he wasn't one with an X-Gene, Mr. Sinister may not survive Apocalypse' process.  Whatever mutant powers he had not discovered was not known but it was certainly something - he was indeed a truly Sinister!  Mr. Sinister would later seek to seek to betray Apocalypse for his own personal agenda.  He was obsessed wit the Summers and Grey lines, seeking to bring mutation to a whole new level which was in contrast to Apocalypse' plans.

Another difference is this.  Mr. Sinister is NOT vulnerable to Cyclops' weaker optic blasts.  One thing was verified one way or another... Cyclops needs to fire stronger blast to hurt Mr. Sinister, though he can still recover from them.  The only time Cyclops blew Mr. Sinister apart (but he survived it) was because Havok super-charged Cyclops.  Other than that, Cyclops' melee optic blasts won't harm him at all.  That is very different from the cartoons where even weaker optic blasts can harm Mr. Sinister.  Only if the cartoon kept that in mind!  But the cartoon kept their rivalry though!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Power Rangers Injustice: Kimberly Being Sick During "A Friend in Need"!

Well after I have seen how much more polished Shinkenger Arc in Kamen Rider Decade, I wanted to bring out this major flaw in "A Friend in Need" in MMPR.  Now MMPR started the experiment of actually bringing a Kamen Rider/Super Sentai crossover from the stage to the TV set.  The stage shows were very mixed... this one tried to narrow down the concept but... the major problem was that Kimberly was sick.  If Amy Jo Johnson saw the Decade/Shinkenger crossover, she's most likely going to comment that bad writing was one reason why she left the series.... and I'd probably do the same in her place!  

What was terribly wrong?  Aside from BAD EDITING, all the terrible cheesy acting and Saban's Masked Rider was terrible, TERRIBLE and TERRIBLE and unfortunately, Decade IMO is just as terrible and neither show deserves to be rewatched IMO.  Now, I'd like to point out the whole Kimberly is sick scenario... which renders her helpless and almost useless.  In short, the crossover is filled with bad writing and Kimberly being sick is one of the many reasons why it's horrible!  Plus, the crossover was full of loose ends too.  Shuki Levy is really Saban's own version of Shoji Yonemura!  And I mean, please don't even let these two meet at all!

Another of the worst events is well, Kimberly being sick causes her to be pretty vulnerable to the new monster called the Repellator.  Lord Zedd and Rita sends a monster to go after her WHICH again, causes some forced humor.  Kimberly is so sick that the monster well, gets sick too.  Which I think is stupid how in the world did Kimberly survive?  To be honest, Kimberly's pretty much a weaker fighter to endure all that alone!

At least Yasuko Kobayashi was smart enough not to do that to Mako in the Shinkenger Arc of Kamen Rider Decade!  Decade may be a terrible series to watch for me, and I mean really terrible but... Kobayashi definitely knew how to tie in all the loose ends, get a real two episode arc done adn really, REALLY get the concept done better.