Monday, 20 October 2014

Power Rangers Injustice: Kimberly Being Sick During "A Friend in Need"!

Well after I have seen how much more polished Shinkenger Arc in Kamen Rider Decade, I wanted to bring out this major flaw in "A Friend in Need" in MMPR.  Now MMPR started the experiment of actually bringing KR/SS crossover from the stage to the TV set.  The stage shows were very mixed... this one tried to narrow down the concept but... the major problem was that Kimberly was sick.  If Amy Jo Johnson saw the Decade/Shinkenger crossover, she's most likely going to comment that bad writing was one reason why she left the series.... and I'd probably do the same in her place!  

What was terribly wrong?  Aside from BAD EDITING, all the terrible cheesy acting and Saban's Masked Rider was terrible, TERRIBLE and TERRIBLE and unfortunately, Decade IMO is just as terrible and neither show deserves to be rewatched IMO.  Now, I'd like to point out the whole Kimberly is sick scenario... which renders her helpless and almost useless.  In short, the crossover is filled with bad writing and Kimberly being sick is one of the many reasons why it's horrible!  Plus, the crossover was full of loose ends too.  Shuki Levy is really Saban's own version of Shoji Yonemura!  And I mean, please don't even let these two meet at all!

At least Yasuko Kobayashi was smart enough not to do that to Mako in the Shinkenger Arc of Kamen Rider Decade!  Decade may be a terrible series to watch for me, and I mean really terrible but... Kobayashi definitely knew how to tie in all the loose ends, get a real two episode arc done adn really, REALLY get the concept done better.

How Tasmader of Kamen Rider Black RX Should Have Been

Kamen Rider Black RX brought in the villain Tasmader who in the finale, turned out to be an extension of Grand Lord Crisis, the same way Psychorror is an extension to Demon King Psycho in Sharivan.  I was thinking it was pretty much a waste to how Tasmader was and I thought, at least he could have been given THIS kind of execution...

Make Tasmader more like Sword Saint Bilgenia.  I mean, you have freaking Tatsuya Matsui until the end... so why not make him really  bigger dickhead.  For one, he will have all these types of conversations with the Crisis Empire against the typical convoluted/unbelievable villain schemes you see very often in Tokusatsu.  I mean, he was supposedly sent by Grand Lord Crisis to keep the Crisis Empire's invasion on schedule and why not make him like Sword Saint Bilgenia?!

The problem with Tasmader is that no matter how aggressive he was (again he was just an extension of Grand Lord Crisis so it's highly possible they are one person, two different bodies), he usually just focused on stupid plans to take over the world like that floating city or kidnapping children.  If I were to write him as a villain, I would make him more like Bilgenia, focus on Kotaro so the Crisis Invasion can be on schedule.  I would probably make him more aggressive and violent where would always target Kotaro when he least expects it, attack him!  Bosgan did have a few moments he dealt with Black RX in person but most of the time, Crisis troopers are just too lazy.  General Jak is the master of making stupid, convoluted plans like stealing gold to make a palace of gold for Crisis' arrival and so on.  Make Tasmader another Bilgenia!!!!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Apocalypse and Stryfe: Social Darwinists in X-Men!

X-Men had two villains who were really notorious Social Darwinists.  For them, they seek to weed out the weak and only the strong will survive.  These are the two examples:

Apocalypse is one of the most powerful foes in X-Men.  Whatever version he was in, cartoon or comics he is pictured to be one who believes that only the strong have the right to survive, that the weak shall perish.  He believes in weeding out humanity, testing new powerful mutants such as he did with Nathan Christopher Charles Summers (he infected him with the T-O Virus), who would later be Cable.  He believes that only the strong has the right to survive, which I believe he infected the infant Nathan to see if he was truly fit or not.  He was always aiming to be the most powerful so he can continue his doctrine of the survival of the fittest.  To further his goals, he even created the stories of "The Twelve" which was his ruse, so he can grab all the power he wants, use Nate Grey's body as his new shell and... to become even more powerful so he can continue to menace the world.  What is noteworthy is that he encouraged brutality and waged wars, just so to create a world only for the strong under his rule.

Stryfe is another.  Having been raised by the Askani's version of Apocalypse, he was rightfully named Stryfe.  He was raised according to the doctrine of the survival of the fittest, even to the point he resisted the merging process with the future version of Apocalypse.  Later, he ended up traveling in time to the present day, a man older than his supposed parents Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor.  He was the clone of Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, supposedly born to defeat Apocalypse but instead, raised in the ways of Apocalypse.  His most despicable action yet just to promote Social Darwinism was to launch the Legacy Virus INTO the world.  The Legacy Virus began killing a lot of mutants then humans followed.  He like Apocalypse would wage wars just weed out the weak in favor of the strong.

Either way, both of them are best destroyed altogether.