Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Sharing Some Of My Thoughts On Ciara Hanna's Answer To Her Role As Gia Plot-Wise

Well Morphin Legacy as usual beats me to it, all I can do right now is to simply share what I thought with Ciara Hanna's role as Gia. The whole interview can be read here.

Bits and pieces I selected from the whole interview

One of our Favorite Moments was Gia’s team-leadership moment in "Prince Takes Knight"! 
What was it like to film that?

A:  I LOVED that. I’m a natural leader anyway and always love being the front runner, so this episode was so much fun for me. Gia makes a great secondary leader I think. She has a tough side that doesn’t let her emotions get in the way when needed, but always still a great friend and teammate.

If you could’ve given Gia a Focus Episode, What would it have been about?

A:  I would love for her to show some struggle. she comes off so tough all the time, but she needed to be human a bit and show weakness. Also it would’ve been nice for her and Jake to actually go on a date. It would’ve been hilarious to see nervous Jake trying to create date conversation.

My reaction would be very weird, you've been warned!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Chad Lee In Lightspeed Rescue: A Throwback To Hirohisa Soda's Blue Rangers Who Were Water Sportsmen?

While watching Gogo Five and some bits of Lightspeed Rescue, Chad is definitely no Americanized Nagare. Instead, he would feel like some awesome blue rangers way back in the Hirohisa Soda era. I felt like he's more like these guys instead of his Lightspeed Rescue counterpart which is cool, considering that it's better to borrow ideas from other shows, not just the Japanese counterpart.

Dynaman's Yousuke Shiima is a swimmer and surfer, the first aquatic blue ranger.

Ryuta Nanbara is a water sportsman. In the beginning of Bioman, Ryuta can be seen as a water sportsman and his intro shows he is one. Like this guy, Chad is an accomplished martial artist. Chad might be best viewed as an Americanized version of Ryuta.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Two Kazama Ladies Of Tekken: Jun Kazama And Asuka Kazama!

Having played Tekken as a kid though it wasn't really my favorite at first, I thought about how Jun was sort of my "crush", while Kazuya was my favorite character. Now I could talk about the two Kazama ladies...

Tekken 2 introduced the first Kazama member in Tekken. During the events of Tekken 2, Kazuya had taken over his father's place but had sank the Zaibatsu into what some say as a darker era. She was in charge of wildlife preservation, she went together with Lei Wulong to try and arrest Kazuya. Most likely, she might actually be the host to "Angel" as she is the one who visibly fight over for Kazuya's soul. She seeks to redeem Kazuya from the Devil within.