Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Street Fighter Alpha 3: A Huge Mix of Previous Street Fighter Games!

Street Fighter Alpha 3 in itself happens to be a huge mix of Street Fighter II series and the Street Fighter Alpha series.  Just in case you didn't know this, Street Fighter Alpha is a prequel series to Street Fighter II in spite of having an advanced fighting engine.  Street Fighter Alpha 3 (especially the home version) is a huge return to much of the previous games along with new characters.  In Street Fighter Alpha 3 home versions, Guile is an unlockable character and so is Evil Ryu, which Guile belonged to the Street Fighter II series.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 itself is a huge mix of Street Fighter II series and Street Fighter Alpha series for these reasons:

1.) Since Street Fighter Alpha 3 allows you to play with both X-Ism and A-Ism (V-Ism is the custom combo mode), you get a bit of Street Fighter Alpha AND Super Street Fighter Fighter II Turbo.  X-Ism is a one level super meter that allows fighters to do only ONE super move and play much like their Super Street Fighter II Turbo counterparts for those who also appeared in that cast.  A-Ism is basically Street Fighter Alpha's fighting system.  The new system called V-Ism allows you to do Custom Combos in place of Super Combos.

2.) Another thing you might realize is that at the beginning, you will notice ALL the characters of Street Fighter Alpha 1-2 and Super Street Fighter II Turbo are present if you play the home version of the game in contrast to the Arcade Version.  You may have had new characters like R. Mika, Karin and Cody but you cannot deny you have the full cast of Street Fighter Alpha 1 and 2 and most of Super Street Fighter II Turbo returning like Cammy, Fei Long, Balrog (Mike Bison in Japan), Vega (Balrog in Japan), Dee Jay and Guile as a complete part of the home console roster.  Evil Ryu was also in updated versions of Street Fighter Alpha 2.

3.) Some moves from the classic Street Fighter II series make a comeback due to X-Ism.  X-Ism Chun Li (though she has no Kikouken for some reason) uses her Spinning Bird Kick (which makes a return in Street Fighter 4 series), Ryu has his red fireball move (spam worthy), General Bison (General Vega in Japan) uses a psycho crusher as a regular move in contrast to it being a damaging super in A-Ism and Dhalsim's X-Ism Yoga Inferno is very much like the hard to connect one in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Cable's Relationship To The Techno-Organic Virus

One of X-Men's most interesting plots way back before Marvel Comics fell apart even more, was that of Cable's relationship with the Techno-Organic Virus.  Apocalypse kidnapped the infant Nathan Christopher Charles Summers, the child who would grow up as Cable and return in time, twice older than his parents.  What puzzled me is why did Apocalypse not just crush Nathan as a child after absorbing some of his power?  The answer might be in Apocalypse' belief that he has come to weed out the weak in favor of the strong.  Remember that Nathan even as an infant, manifested such tremendous power which awoke Apocalypse from slumber.  Perhaps Apocalypse saw Nathan as what would be the time of testing.  Although he mentioned it's best to put an end to the "brat", it might have just been an excuse as he sees some use to the child after all.

What would be the reason behind infecting Nathan with the virus?  To kill him?  More likely not!  I would see that Apocalypse was doing was to test the child's worth.  If the child survives, surely there can be of some use for the ancient warlord right?  Nathan possessed so much power that he might prove his worth in the midst of that infection.  When he was taken into 2,000 years into the future by his alternate reality half-sister Rachel, he miraculously survived the infection which didn't hit until he hit puberty.  The fact that Nathan could survive the infection and that his powers could hold the T-O Virus at bay proves that he was indeed, a very powerful telepath.  He would have to use his powers to hold the virus at bay.

Because of the virus, Cable could not fully use his power which may have lessened Apocalypse' chances of being overthrown.  Cable would also be pretty outmatched by his more powerful clone called Stryfe.  Stryfe unlike Cable could fully manifest the potential of the Summers-Grey DNA while Cable could not due to the techno-organic virus.  Both enemies still clashed and at times, Cable used limited use of his telepathy and telekinesis because of the virus.  During Psylocke's battle with the Shadow King, Cable almost died as all telepathic powers were blocked for a time.  Later he would the Psimitar spear to harness his potential... and he would later use that weapon to dissipate Apocalypse' consciousness.  But later, Cable would use the T-O Virus to reawaken his ancient foe after the House of M incident.

Shinnok's Outfit in Mortal Kombat X Looks Like... Loki in Marvel Comics!

I looked at Shinnok's outfits and then, he does look like a court jester of sorts.  Doesn't that remind you of of...

That's right, Loki in Marvel Comics but with some modifications.  I just thought that like Loki, both of them are rivals with the thunder gods of their respective universe with their plans to rule the Universe in their own twisted way.  Unlike Loki though, Shinnok also has the attributes of Mephisto being the ruler of the Netherrealm of their respective universes.