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Monday, 24 November 2014

Wishful Casting: Power Rangers Megaforce Edition!

While watching Power Rangers Megaforce, I would admit that I can get annoyed by Christina Masterson's bad acting.  Ciara Hanna's okay, Azim Rizk looks like he could act like another Gentaro Kisaragi, John Loudermilk looks like he's a live version of Tucker... the problem is with Christina Masterson and Andrew Gray.  Now I started to look at a few Nickelodeon details somebody else could have done a better job:

I wish Victoria Justice played the role of Emma Goodall instead.  For Andrew Gray, he's not annoying... just boring!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Confessions of a Kimberly Ann Hart Fan

It's no secret anymore that I really, REALLY had the hots for Kimberly Ann Hart in Power Rangers.  Here's my confession of what could be a guilty pleasure or not.  Back to memory lane, Power Rangers was a guilty pleasure for me because even if I like Super Sentai more (and still do), I cannot deny Kimberly was indeed a guilty pleasure.

Why did I watch Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers as a child?  I was more enamored wit Kimberly than the show itself.  Some actions made me look like I was a little girl.  There was a stereotype back then that men weren't supposed to like the female characters (but at least within my community, not the world as a whole).  In my case, even episode one really had me have the hots for Kimberly.  I would admit even the first episode was corny, I had no idea of Zyuranger back then but she was really, really gorgeous and that's when I first entered into the Power Rangers franchise.

I looked forward to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers even if I looked forward to Sentai broadcasts more than the former.  The whole show for me was the Kimberly Ann Hart show and it caused me to shift my favorite from Billy to Tommy all because of her.  Tommy wasn't all that interesting in the long run as I grew up.  For Kimberly, I was enamored with her even if the actress was way older (she's a family woman now) and the character is basically non-existent.  It was a stupid infatuation... it's like believing that fairies exist even when you are aware they don't.

Every season for me felt like it was just Kimberly.  The whole series for me revolved around her even when it didn't.  I was even stupidly focused on her focus episodes all the more.  Although she appeared ditzy and materialistic, overly blunt and all... like I said her beauty blinded me to her weakness.  She was just stunning, very stunning indeed at least in my own point of view.  I loved almost everything about her... from her looks to her charm.  She was really spell-binding for me.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Cyclops and Emma Frost: Why It's VERY WRONG!!!!

Maybe one of the reasons why I have really gotten mad at Marvel Comics the same way I gotten mad with Capcom is this... HOW COULD YOU KEEP GIVING IN TO MORE BAD STORIES?  Granted, I was even angry with Cyclops for his whole reason of marrying Madelyne Pryor, later he gets Jean Grey... I would really have to think that the worst is Cyclops/Emma Frost and WHY IS THAT?!  

Now let's take a look at the scenario.  I don't have anything against Emma Frost becoming an X-Man but how the writers carried her out is like, as if she's never changed for the better.  The whole affair for me was just as bad writing as the Dear John letter in PR Zeo, no even worse.  And I would like to explain what was going on.  Now remember, this is my opinion to why I think Cyclops and Emma Frost pairing is bad while I back it up with some facts of what happened.  For a Marvel Comics decision to put Emma Frost into the X-Men, it's not bad per se.  Sad to say but Emma is a victim of bad writing and this is one post that makes me think that doesn't do justice to her character either.  She could have had other pairings among the X-Men.  Sigh... Marvel Comics has done one serious blunder with this one!

It was post-merger Cyclops.  Cyclops did pass through the most insane moment of his life when he was merged with Apocalypse.  I can understand why his relationship was strained but for one, GOING TO EMMA IS NOT THE SOLUTION.  You do not solve your strained marriage with another affair... and Cyclops is really an idiot to do that!  Worse, Emma should know better than to get messy with Cyclops' love life and even if it was a psychic affair, it's just wrong at MANY LEVELS and Jean Grey has EVERY RIGHT to get mad at it!  I would probably have done worse if I were in her place.  I know I would have done the same mistake if were Cyclops but nothing justifies the whole affair.  In fact, I would dare say that this is one of the worst pairings in Marvel Comics history to the point I'd rather take the Vision and Scarlet Witch pairing, weird as it is, any day!