Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The X-Men Legends Series

Activision (the company that SADLY killed Fantasy Leader's favorite character Crash Bandicoot) released two awesome games called the X-Men Legends series.  First, you must realize that the games are NOT canon to the normal Marvel Universe, it's more of a "What If" series where sometimes the game has characters that don't exist within the normal Marvel Universe.  These games were released on the PC, Gamecube, XBox and the PS2.  I only played the PS2 versions and here's what I thought of the series.  For one, the games' RPG-like system for me is easier to adapt for me who is a non-RPG player.  One controls a main character and chooses three teammates to which he can take over control with for specific tasks.  One must get a balanced team and know how to set team-ups.  For example, you might need Colossus to help with heavy stuff while you need Storm to fly around.  I just figured out it was fun to try and use the characters.

The first entry of the series was a story of Magneto attempting to shadow the Earth, angry with how mutantkind is being mistreated.  It is told in the story of the X-Men character Magma.  There are two opposing sides namely OC character William Kincaid who was creating the mutant hunting Sentinels and Magneto, who plans to cover the Earth in darkness.  It almost felt like an RPG, souped up version of the Konami X-Men game with Magma taking the place of Shadow Cat and some of the bosses namely Pyro, Blob, Juggernaut, Mystique and Magneto were in the arcade game.  However it has a more intense part because we have Havok who starts off as a member of the Brotherhood, much to Cyclops' dismay.  The final battle takes place on Asteroid M with a twist.

The second entry is where Apocalypse is the main antagonist with some differences from the Marvel story.  For instance, Angel's story of how he became Death is different, Mr. Sinister is still working with Apocalypse (but plans to betray him), Beast and Dark Beast are merged into a single character, we have the fabled "Four" instead of "The Twelve", Living Monolith works for Apocalypse, Stryfe enters into the present without any explanation, etc.  The second game itself has a more striking story considering it's my favorite X-Men villain Apocalypse that's working.  I know I also like Magneto but I do love how Apocalypse really is a real conflict in the X-Men stories.  The Brotherhood and X-Men must work together if they are to stop Apocalypse.  The clues come together with the identity of "The Four" as Apocalypse seeks to use them to gain what he believes would lead to godlike might with their "harmonic DNA".

So far both games are worth a buy and has a nice "what if" concept of the Marvel Universe.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Madelyne Pryor: Why I Feel Sorry for Her

I know Madelyne Pryor has been more villain than heroine, however she was also a tragic character the same time.  Mr. Sinister couldn't secure Jean Grey so he cloned her as a copy of Jean Grey.  As the clone grew up, she manifested no mutant powers.  Mr. Sinister considered her a failure until one day, the Phoenix Force descended unto her instead of Jean Grey (who was thought to have died)... and Mr. Sinister's plan came in to part of what he wanted.  Since Jean Grey was not available for the time, Madelyne Pryor the identical clone of Jean Grey would suffice in her place.  The union between Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor would result to Cable, who would come back years later older than his parents.

So she did fall for Scott Summers for a time, she was happy.  She and Cyclops both had a son she ended up naming as Nathan (after Mr. Sinister's suggestion).  What she did not remember for sure was that, Mr. Sinister her" father" intended to grab the child as soon as it was born.  Everything seemed normal for her BUT one day, she realized that Cyclops left her for his former love, Jean Grey.  This of course enraged her especially when later, she realized that she was just a substitute for Jean Grey and that Cyclops only married her for her resemblance.  This allowed her to be vulnerable to the demon S'ym who manipulated her to be the Goblin Queen.  She also manipulated Havok under the influence of S'ym.

Madelyne was driven by hate, even towards her own son Nathan Christopher.  She would now even sacrifice her own son along with other mutant babies to fulfill the vision of "Inferno"  Although unjustifiable, I cannot help but blame Cyclops' irresponsible actions on everything wrong that happened to Madelyne Pryor later.

Axl in Megaman X: Attempting To Recreate Bass?

Anybody who has played Megaman and Bass for the Super Famicom or in the Game Boy Advance may actually figure out that Bass' controls of being able to fire in multiple directions, no charging but a series of rapid fire bullets.  The same was added into Axl who was introduced into the seventh game as a prototype towards a new generation, yet hinted to have been existing from the previous century.  Axl is introduced as a vigilante and member of Red Alert.  Like Bass, he appears in the seventh game of their respective series.  But unlike Bass, he is introduced as a playable character instead of a villain (which Bass dropped into the status of anti-hero after Megaman 7).

My thoughts were this... did Capcom try to recreate Bass with Axl?  Probably.  Whether or not Axl could be Bass is never official, just my speculation.  Like Bass, Axl is an arrogant jerk with a bad mouth, he can fire in several directions but can't run while doing it, he is a master infiltrator (remember Bass invaded Dr. Light's laboratory in Megaman 7) and well, a jerk.  Unlike Bass he can hover instead of double jump (which is an ability Zero has after defeating a certain boss in X4 and X5 but onwards, he has it by default.  Too bad Keiji Inafune was no longer involved in Axl's creation.