Friday, 18 July 2014

How I Might Have Written Megaforce's Characterizations

I find Megaforce fine but nothing special but I thought I'll probably write these characters, this way:

Troy may follow Shun from Fourze.  I might make him a football player with an overly controlling father who also runs the school.  Things change when he becomes the red ranger.  His family problems may explain why he became "robotic".

Jake might be the Gentaro of the group, the one who wants to be friends with everyone which kinds of comes in between his ranger duties.  Heck, I might even drop the plot where he has a crush on Gia. Instead he is the "bad boy" of the group.

Noah well, I could still keep him as he is.

Gia may be the "campus queen" like Miu in Kamen Rider Fourze.  Troy dates her because his dad says he must only date a queen which Gia is.  However Troy realizes queen or no queen, he really likes her for who she is.

For Emma, I might avoid her as a Kimberly clone and instead, make her a Tomoko clone.  That is she has the "mysterious aura".

Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Darker Side of Pinocchio: What We Never Knew!

Pinocchio was definitely a classic story adapted by Disney.  However here's what we never knew of Pinocchio that happened.  These were...

Pinocchio really turned into a donkey and was sold to the circus.  When he could not perform, his owner attempted to kill him (as to turn his fur for profit) but he was turned back into a puppet.

The story of Lampwick.  While the Disney film has its moderate amounts of nightmare fuel BUT the book reveals a sadder fate for Lampwick.  Later what happens to him is that he was sold to an abusive farmer.  Pinocchio tries to save him but it's too late.  A really harsh commentary on children's misbehavior.

Conan the Adventurer: Watering Down Robert E. Howard's Stories

Since Conan the Adventurer is a cartoon, they replaced the word "barbarian" with adventurer which effectively cut off the series from the mainline of Conan.  Here they are:

Conan was toned down considerably.  While still badass and bad-tempered, he is not a womanizer, thief, bloody fighter, etc. that he was in the comics but rather, he is morally upright.  That completely separates him from the Conan of the movies, comics and novels.

Violence toned down.  Obviously it's to fit with TV-Y7-FV standards.  If this were a Japanese cartoon, they would have probably added violence.  Wrath-Amon's attack on the village was toned down, Conan's family is merely turned to stone rather than butchered by Wrath-Amon's attack, the star metal merely sends serpent men away than destroy them, etc.

And he dressed like this
Wrath-Amon is nowhere near as ruthless as Thoth-Amon in the comics/novels or the movie Thulsa Doom (who is closer to Thoth-Amon than the comics Thulsa Doom).  Instead, he is more of a hammy villain who is like the cartoons version of Serpentor.  I thought he's really more of a joke at times.  His predecessor Ram-Amon was a much better high priest for Set than he was!  He was born out of a time paradox... so we don't know how Wrath-Amon came to be before Conan tried to intervene.  All that is known is that Conan prevented Wrath-Amon from being born.

Even Set himself actually in spite of being the ultimate evil of the Conan franchise, he is watered down to this point.  In the comics, Conan won't stand a chance fighting this badass serpent.  But in the cartoons, after they shut down the main pyramid and defeated Wrath-Amon for good (he was merely turned back into a lizard)... they used all their Star Metal weapons on Set which sent him back into the Abyss.  For me, the Set of the comics and novels wouldn't fall down that easily!