The Challenge Of Bringing Mortal Kombat Home During The 90s

Mortal Kombat itself became a hit game and it was an ambitious project. It used digitized graphics (something that quickly became obsolete). It was simply an ambitious project and bringing it home wasn't an easy task. The home consoles back then were usually 16-bit or 32-bit which made it a challenge.

One good example would be how Mortal Kombat from the arcade couldn't get the graphics ported as it is to the 16-bit systems. The Sega Genesis and the Super NES ports would have aged terribly by now. As much as I like to do retrogaming but we can see the differences. The 16-bit systems couldn't capture the glory of the arcade. Who can remember playing Killer Instinct on the Super NES and the graphics were a huge downgrade from the arcade version? If I ever got into Killer Instinct I'll really get myself an X-Box One and the opportunity to truly bring the arcade game home with the bonus that the reboot version has to offer.

The dawn of the 32-bit gaming came and one big ar…

Some People Do Prefer The Power Rangers Counterparts Better

I've written about the Power Rangers snob rumor mill. Take note that just because certain people like the Power Rangers counterpart better doesn't mean they're automatically a snob. So what's the difference? A snob is someone who thinks at a one-sided view (and I'm really guilty of that) vs. the one who actually tries to sees the pros and cons on both sides.

Mighty Morphin' over Zyuranger

As much as I can't find myself doing a Mighty Morphin' rewatch but I could point out some strengths Mighty Morphin' has. One example is Amy Jo Johnson is a better actress than Reiko Chiba or two, there's not much child of the week focus. Heck, I don't even feel like comparing the two batches because the Zyurangers are from warrior tribes so it's not even a fair fight. Zyuranger has its own sets of flaws also like it suffers from too much child of the week syndrome or how the show doesn't explain why Daizyujin still needed to be piloted if its sentien…

Why The Dragon Ball Z Movies Aren't Canon

As a child, I remembered watching four Dragon Ball Z movies which were edited into two movies. One was called "The Greatest Rivals" which was a combination of Cooler's Revenge and Return of Cooler. Another one combined both The Return of Broly and Bio Broly. I didn't even realize that these movies aren't canon if you try to look at even at the minor details. Please remember the Dragon Ball Z specials like Future Trunks' backstory and Bardock: the Father of Goku are TV specials. Let's get on shall we?
So what's the purpose of the Dragon Ball Z movies? It seems to be a series of what ifs. Let's think of some interesting what ifs that were created by these movies. Here's what I could name of what if scenarios that were made and here's the only ones I'm familiar with... and let's think of these entries like the "What If" comic series by Marvel Comics:
I pretty think that Turles just can't fit in. The events are pr…

Marvel VS. Capcom Series: Two VS. Two Or Three VS. Three

I remembered the hype that Marvel vs. Capcom 2's three on three which took Tag Team at a different level. It was fun experimenting on not just two but three characters and see what insane Team Hyper Combos I could come up with. I enjoyed messing with the Assist system and using it against my friends. It was fun but there was a drawback. That drawback is where matches can take longer to finish than a two vs. two gameplay. I could remember how often I turned off the timer in the console version just so I could beat all three opponents. The game was cool but suffered some drag and I felt like it was too much on quantity and not quality.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite going back to the standard two vs. two feels like a breath of fresh air. Sure, I'd like to see the three vs. three matches improved some time but it's sometimes nice to have an old school feel in a new school game. Two vs. two is more focused than three vs. three. I just made that realization after I played Mortal K…

What I Think Of This Sneak Peak Of Tekken 7's Story Mode

Here's a sneak peak of Tekken 7's upcoming Story Mode. What do I think about it? So far, so good and I'm pretty much impressed by what the game has to offer. It goes beyond the legendary Story Mode that the Mortal Kombat franchise introduced during the PS3 era. Mortal Kombat introduced the mode during MK vs. DC (where you could choose between two sides) and continued the tradition during the Mortal Kombat reboot game.

You can see that there are Real Time events similar to Mortal Kombat X's Story Mode or the interactive endings from Soul Calibur III. The story mode will allow you to relive the events of the past events in Tekken such as play as as a younger Kazuya or get the chance to participate in the opening scene of Tekken 5 fighting a series of Jack-4 robots. These are just a few of the ways that the Story Mode has been innovated such as fighting a series of NPCs aside from the playable characters. I'm wondering whether or not we'll have one character focu…

The Power Rangers Snob Rumor Mill?

It's no secret that Tokusatsu societies can be full of rumor mills. I'll try to speak in a less biased way since people know I usually don't watch Power Rangers except if I have some dumb reasoning behind it (ex. hot girls) but I get a lot more of that from Super Sentai. Now it's time to look at the rumor mill that I've encountered but this isn't even a full list. These aren't even provable and are just circulated for the sake of being a Power Rangers snob.

Rumor mill: Mighty Morphin' is more popular than Zyuranger

I acknowledge the fact that Mighty Morphin' did get dubbed in Japan though I still can't get over why in the world is Reiko Chiba dubbing Kimberly?! I'd actually prefer it if Kimberly were dubbed by Natsuki Takahashi. So what's wrong with this one? There's no real evidence to back that up. Both shows have their pros and cons. I still like Kimberly better than Mei while preferring Zyuranger over Mighty Morphin'.

Rumor mi…

My Thoughts On Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite's Latest Trailer

While Street Fighter V came out as a disappointment, I don't deny I have a love/hate with Marvel Comics now for ruining the childhood of their readers and allowing themselves to get sold to Disney and a lot of bad plots (ex. Suddenly throwing Magneto's paternity out of the window, pairing Cyclops with Emma Frost and randomly killing Jean Grey, making Cyclops no longer the character he was, killing Wolverine) and Capcom for how it treated Megaman. Yes, I've been calling Capcom as Crapcom ever since Marvel vs. Capcom 3 which is supposedly a new school game but it looks incredibly ANEMIC making the old school games a better play. But I never thought I'd actually tackle on Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite's updates.
The new villain is known as Dark Kahn. It was nice to do some crossover plots like allowing Akuma to become a cyborg thanks to Apocalypse in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. This time, I feel like Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (and I personally dislike th…