Power Rangers Snobs: A Living Example Of American Superiority Mentality's Stupidity

Power Rangers snobs need to face this fact: no Super Sentai means no Power Rangers! They might reply with, "But Saban took Super Sentai which is crap and made it legend!" to my face. But here's one question that I might ask to them, "Did you even bother to watch Super Sentai before you call it crap? Did you bother to do some comparison or are you just bitching out because one's in Japanese and your beloved show is in English?" The whole idea of taking "crap" and making it "legend" is something. If it were crap why did Super Sentai survive in spite of having some bad seasons? If it were crap then why is Super Sentai the longest running Tokusatsu series by Toei? If it were crap then why would it attract both Stan Lee and Haim Saban in two different occasions? That may be a few questions to ask the Power Rangers snobs assuming they can provide a good answer.

Here's what I'm just think about that the whole kingdom of these Power Ran…

Serpentor And Galvatron Are Really Stupid Leaders With Great Entertaiment Value

G.I.Joe and Transformers may be a huge part of any 80s child or 90s child. For a 90s child, it would be G.I.Joe and Transformers re-runs. Let's take a look at these two crazy characters that really were so stupid they don't fail to entertain the viewers.

G.I.Joe's Serpentor
So what's Dr. Mindbender's solution when Cobra Commander keeps leading COBRA like Dr. Evil would? Create an even more stupid leader! Dr. Mindbender's plan seemed good on paper when he thought of making a newer leader with the DNA of history's greatest tyrants. But there's one problem: Dr. Mindbender's lack of judgment created an even more stupid leader for COBRA. Dr. Mindbender could have thought of using Mao Zedong's DNA instead of Sgt. Slaughter's to complete his intended emperor. We got a villain of really extreme stupidity who nearly ended COBRA the moment he seized power.

What entertained me was how Serpentor would just recklessly invade Washington D.C. without a bac…

The 80s Cartoon Cobra Commander Differed From The Comic Cobra Commander

What shocked me as I was growing up was that cartoon Cobra Commander was NOTHING like the comics. The comics version of Cobra Commander is pictured to be more ruthless, a real terrorist that you should fear and one you could compare to real life international terrorists. So what's with the comic version? The comics version of Cobra Commander used to be a used car salesman who ended up going from nobody to nightmare. He wasn't some whiny idiot like Megatron (and later Starscream when Serpentor took over) but a real threat you couldn't discount.
But what happened in the cartoons? Considering that G.I.Joe was in the 1980s and censorship was one of the issues. The G.I.Joe comics was a lot more violent than the cartoons. The cartoon Cobra Commander ended up becoming a typical cartoon villain. While he's formed the international organization known as COBRA he's also displayed a lot of stupid traits. He's always coming up with Dr. Evil type of plans and he refuses to …

Cobra Commander Should've Fired Destro Years Ago

It's amazing how stupid cartoon villains can get, can they? If Megatron has refused to fire Starscream then you have Cobra Commander refusing to fire Destro. In the earlier episodes, Destro already had his expressed desire to take over COBRA. I even remembered one episode where he took over COBRA so why does Cobra Commander keep him around anyway? Destro wasn't the type of person you should trust in your organization.
The second season features Destro has no real loyalty. He only cooperated with Dr. Mindbender to create the Cobra Emperor, Serpentor out of hatred for Cobra Commander. Destro was involved with the creation of Serpentor but had other plans. When he felt he was useless he decided to temporarily join Cobra Commander. But that was only because Destro had his own selfish reasons.
The G.I.Joe movie should give Cobra Commander the motive to get rid of Destro for good. Do you remember the time when Destro decided to assassinate Cobra Commander's character in front of …

Cobra Commander VS. Serpentor: Who's More Stupid As A Cartoon Villain?

G.I.Joe had two leaders for Cobra. One was Cobra Commander and the other is Serpentor. When Cobra's higher ups got fed up with Cobra Commander's Yosemite Sam antics, they created Serpentor but the new leader wasn't any better. Who's more stupid? Let's take an assessment of both leaders of Cobra and how they did as hammy leaders.
Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander was the founder of the Cobra. In  the G.I.Joe movie, he was actually chosen by Golobulus but he seemed to have his own motives all the time. So I thought he's crazy and loopy but also scheming at the same time. He's sort of the Megatron of G.I.Joe especially both share the same trait of "retreat" and threw tantrums at their subordinates. Difference is Cobra Commander's really that stupid compared to Destro who's a more intelligent version of Starscream. He could have fired Destro years ago but he just kept the same threat to his power intact. For that, he's really pretty stupid t…

Why The Destruction Of Alderaan Was A HUGE MISTAKE!

I remembered Star Wars: A New Hope when the Death Star was completed. I would say that Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin's biggest mistake was to think that the Death Star alone would makes ure that the empire would be in check. Palpatine was a little bit more smart to make sure that Tarkin kept an eye on Vader and vice versa considering that either one of them might use the weapon against him. 
The problem with destroying Alderaan is plan and simple: it's an overkill. It's like trying to blow up an entire forest to kill one's hunt instead of finding a logical way to kill one's prey. It could have been enough to execute Princess Leia Organa as an example for her betrayal of the Imperial Senate. But no, Grand Moff Tarkin got too confident and decided to blow off Alderaan anyway. 
Not only is the destruction of the whole planet an overkill but it's also destroying a source of income for the empire. Would the empire just simply chose to execute figures in Alderaan who ha…

My Rage Awakens: Is It Me Or Is Disney Really Ruining Almost Everyone's Childhood Whenever They Buy Franchises?!

Make no mistake. I really, REALLY hate Disney now or do I? I want to give my thoughts on the devastating events that really affected my childhood. Last 2009 was the year of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger but it was also the year F***ing Disney bought Marvel. 2002 was the year when Disney acquired the rights to Power Rangers and ever since then I have no reason to watch Power Rangers. Disney gave me reasons to go away from Power Rangers. Now it's giving me a good reason to move away from Marvel and Star Wars. So what's next?
Disney ruined Power Rangers especially with the Kalish era
I don't deny that I'm not a Power Rangers fan so this wouldn't be so much of a fair analysis. But I could at least give reasons why Disney gave me good reasons not to watch Power Rangers. Whether it's the Bruce Kalish era or whatever I'm having some good reasons not to watch Power Rangers. What I didn't like about Disney's Power Rangers era would be it's too rushed to the …

Tommy's Dr. Evil Laugh VS. Burai's Terrifyingly Evil Laugh

Tommy laughs like Dr. Evil or Scott Evil in here. I always thought this laugh was forgettable. Lord Zedd's laugh was better than this. Lord Zedd may not be all sound like a killer but he made a memorable evil laugh for a cartoon villain.

On the other hand, Burai's evil laugh was really that terrifying. He sounded like a killer. It was such a bummer IMO that Burai's suit footage was taken and given Dr. Evil's corny evil laugh. I guess those American soccer moms just love to bitch too much don't they? 
What do you think?