Monday, 26 September 2016

What I Think Of Casting Emma Watson As Belle

I thought about "What took it so long for Disney to have a Beauty and the Beast live action film?" I was pretty much irritated by how Disney went downhill with how Power Rangers ended up getting worse under their run (not that it hasn't gotten worse after Mr. Krabs got the rights back either), so I want to give some thoughts on Emma Watson as Belle. So maybe, she's not really that pretty for me but casting a British woman as the French woman Belle would probably make more sense. 

While I wouldn't call her the "most beautiful woman ever" (and that's always an exaggeration) but playing Belle might work. She's got the appearance and she's European. Belle is European and she's got brown hair. She's not exactly all that pretty but I think she'll do. I'm not a fan of her but I'd like to see the live version of the movie myself. 

Monday, 19 September 2016

I Won't Consider Myself A Power Rangers Fan...

I can always say that I usually choose not to watch Power Rangers because I don't really like it as much as Super Sentai. Back as a child, I enjoyed watching Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I watched it like every other child. I still remember my crush on Kimberly and how much I collected items like her trading cards and stickers. I didn't care how stupid it felt but I did it anyway. But there was always something that came in between. I would say that something in between was Super Sentai and other Japanese Tokusatsu shows.

It's certain that I was also watching Super Sentai (without knowing the term back then) as well as Kamen Rider Black, Shaider and Gavan. I just called it "The original Japanese Power Rangers." I just wondered why in the world there were Mighty Morphin' stickers with Japanese characters unaware of the existence of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. I remembered Bioman, Maskman, Turboranger, Fiveman and Jetman as part of the pre-Zyuranger Super Sentai era. I had no idea of what was going on or other series. The more I watched the Super Sentai series without knowing it was called Super Sentai, I really didn't like Power Rangers. Then I remembered that I dropped Power Rangers Zeo after Douglas Sloan forged Kimberly's signature in a "Dear John" letter. Then I thought of it... I started hating Tommy after I was a fan of his as a child. Until now, I still feel that I don't like Tommy anymore. I even assume I hate him now.

Kamen Rider Black And My Problem With Shadow Moon

I may be a fan of Kamen Rider Black, it's my very first Kamen Rider before I saw more Showa era Kamen Riders. I have seen Kamen Rider from Kamen Rider Kuuga and soon I'll be done with Kamen Rider Ghost. Next, I'll be watching Kamen Rider EX-AID (which I feel will usurp Zyuohger in my eyes). But I'll discuss about Shadow Moon. Sure he was a cool concept but he wasn't fully used. It was nice to think that, "DUNDUNDUN! We've got the very first evil Kamen Rider!" I agree but there's one thing I thought went wrong with him.

Okay, the whole awakening of Shadow Moon was badass. The three Gorgom high priests were going to get their cool upgrades. They were going to be more active after getting fed up with hiding in the shadows for so long. Then we have Shadow Moon awakening... he takes the Satan Saber and shows he's a powerful threat. Aside from Bilgenia's sudden demise (to show how powerful Shadow Moon is) but he doesn't really show how much cooler he is. Most of the time, he's just... an oversized paperweight for most of his term as a future candidate to become Gorgom's leader.