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Monday, 15 December 2014

Megaman X as A Totally Different Robot from the Original Megaman

Well I've been in the wrong and here's Capcom's official word that confirms Megaman X is NOT the original Megaman.  So we don't know what happened to the original Megaman, maybe he just simply burned off and why he wasn't referenced in the X series is something.

From Club Capcom (read here):

How is this connected to Rockman?

The new “Rockman X” is, to put it simply, a game that is set in the same world as the “Rockman” that appears on the Famicom. Only, the “Rockman” time period is set in 20XX A.D., while “Rockman X” takes place in 21XX. That is, “X” is set in a slightly later era.

Our protagonist this time is X, who is of course an entirely different person from Rockman. He’ll still have the Rockbuster on his left hand, the helmet, and everything that’s come to be associated with Rockman, but he is in fact a separate character. He is merely inheriting the world stage of the “Rockman” series, and that means the same familiar types of enemy characters will be around as well. Please think of this as new series set further along in the same universe.

Based on Club Capcom, Megaman X is not the original Megaman.  Rather he's an advanced version of Megaman.  That means Zero can't be Bass either.  Just me thinking since Megaman X is a new generation robot called a "Reploid", some events in the original Megaman suggest that Dr. Light's AI was already working.  For example, Megaman wanted to kill Dr. Wily and nearly broke the Asimov's Law of Robotics.  X's advanced system compared to the original Megaman was more advanced, which Dr. Light saw as a threat if it wasn't tested properly... remember Megaman hesitated to shoot Wily but X may break that law.  The rise of human-like A.I. was already evident with Protoman's willful defection from Dr. Wily to Bass' turn from villain to anti-hero.

Is Emma Goodall from Megaforce a Teenage Version of Emiko Watarase?!

I think this is a coincidence or not.  Then again, I don't think Saban was watching Neo Ultra Q.

Rin Takanashi's role in Neo Ultra Q mini-series is the columnist Emiko Watarase.  Back in 2009, she played the part of Mako Shiraishi in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.  It's her character's job to get the latest news scoops.

Now we have Christina Masterson cast as Emma Goodall who may be aspiring to be a magazine columnist, as seen in the episode where she and Gia found a rare flower.  However she appears to be a more cheery, immature version of Emiko Watarase.

Probably just a coincidence.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Summers-Grey Offsprings

X-Men had these characters who were results of the Summers-Grey genetic unions namely:

Nathan Christopher Charles Pryor Summers.  The son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey's clone).  Mr. Sinister's plans nearly got into ruin but one day, the Phoenix Force awakened his otherwise failed experiment Madelyne Pryor.  Madelyne was now given life so more or less, she can get preggers.  The union of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor was the closest that Mr. Sinister could get to a union of Cyclops and Jean Grey.  He got the name Nathan from Mr. Sinister (suggestion to Madelyne), Christopher from his paternal grandfather and Charles from Professor X.  Even as a child, his powers became manifest that it awakened.  Apocalypse infected him with the T-O Virus most likely to test his worth.  He was sent into the Askani's Future where he got stranded and later, came back as a child older than his parents, even old enough to be his father's father.  Because of the T-O Virus, he doesn't always manifest his power as he needs them to hold the infection back.

Stryfe.  During the time that Nathan Summers was sent into the future, a clone was produced just in case that the former would die.  However, Nathan survived the infection (thus proving his worth) which Stryfe was a healthy clone.  The future version of Apocalypse raised the clone and trained him in the ways of the Canaanites.  After the end of the reign of Apocalypse in the Askani Future, Stryfe became the leader of the New Canaanites.  Considering he has no T-O Virus with him, he is more dangerous than Cable himself and an extremely powerful telepath.  He also raped Aliya which resulted to his son, Tyler Dayspring.

Nathan Grey.  In the AoA Reality, AoA Mr. Sinister was afraid that his master AoA Apocalypse had gone too far.  To combat Apocalypse, the DNA of AoA Cyclops (who was a villain this reality) was merged with AoA Jean Grey.  The result was Nathan Grey.  Later he ended up in the mainline Marvel continuity and engaged in a rather incestuous relationship with Madelyne Pryor (considering they both share Jean Grey's DNA).

Rachel Summers.  She is the daughter of Scott and Jean from the Days of Future Past.  Sad to say, she will never be born in our continuity.  She held the Phoenix Force in her reality and has inherited much of her mother's powers.