Monday, 16 January 2017

My Personal Thoughts On Disney Then And Now!

There's no doubt that I did grow up with Disney. It was responsible for some cartoon movies I grew up with like Cinderella, Snow White, Little Mermaid Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. But a lot of these changed. Adaptations aren't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, deviating from the original material does wonders since some fairy tales were really just too tragic or too brutal. Who wouldn't prefer Ariel to be with Prince Eric? Who would want to watch Lady Tremaine force her daughters to cut their toes off? I don't think anybody would and sometimes toning things down is the way to go because too much dark and edgy can be a bad thing.

I started having a lot of dislike or even hatred toward Disney later in my life. I don't think it started with Disney's Hercules. Sure Disney's Hercules wasn't great but at least they were recovering after that. The problem is with the Hannah Montana era. That show was so freaking annoying and it went on and on because of the popularity. Even the mere mention of Miley Cyrus was enough to trigger my anger. That era also introduced a lot of Hannah Montana acting in many of its shows. A few examples I could name are Mara and Kapri in Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Cassidy in Dino Thunder and Syd in Power Rangers SPD.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Power Rangers Snobs: A Living Example Of American Superiority Mentality's Stupidity!

Power Rangers snobs need to face this fact: no Super Sentai means no Power Rangers! They might reply with, "But Saban took Super Sentai which is crap and made it legend!" to my face. But here's one question that I might ask to them, "Did you even bother to watch Super Sentai before you call it crap? Did you bother to do some comparison or are you just bitching out because one's in Japanese and your beloved show is in English?" The whole idea of taking "crap" and making it "legend" is something. If it were crap why did Super Sentai survive in spite of having some bad seasons? If it were crap then why is Super Sentai the longest running Tokusatsu series by Toei? If it were crap then why would it attract both Stan Lee and Haim Saban in two different occasions? That may be a few questions to ask the Power Rangers snobs assuming they can provide a good answer.

Here's what I'm just think about that the whole kingdom of these Power Rangers purists or Power Rangers snobs. So what's their reason why they think that Power Rangers is better? I think it's linked to a whole lot of stupid reasons. Some reasons may include because it's in American-English or because it's American. I even say "HUH?!" to that because how can a show be better for being in American-English or being American? Sometimes, it takes one's guts to start to learn to endure reading subtitles (since a dubbed Super Sentai for the U.S. may not be a reality) or how can being American make it better? Is it me or is America also filled with too many shallow-minded people? This also goes for those with the American superiority mentality. They're no better than any kind of person who bootlicks any nationality to be more "superior" than the other.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

To Watch Or Not To Watch: The Beauty And The Beast Live Remake For 2017!

I remembered watching the Beauty and the Beast movie by Disney several times as a child. I enjoyed the original and the remastered version. 1991 was the year the original came out and there was the remastered version which included the song "Human Again". After 26 years a new Beauty and the Beast movie is coming out. Knowing how Disney had changed a lot during the late 90s up to present I've had a love/hate relationship with Disney. I couldn't even stand how they handled Power Rangers and now Marvel and Star Wars. 

I'd like to give my early thoughts on Emma Watson playing Belle. Granted, I don't really think of her to be super pretty but sometimes you don't need a super pretty lady to play Belle. She's sort of pretty but not all that hot. I think a not so attractive Belle might be a good thing. In the past, I always thought of Belle only on the outside. No joke, I thought Belle in her cartoon form was extraordinarily attractive. Maybe casting her as Belle may or may not work like a charm. There's always some disagreement on who to cast and who not to cast. Sometimes, I think Belle can still work even if she's not the most beautiful woman in town. 

I gave a thought would I watch a movie that I watched when I was just a child in its live version now I'm an adult? Granted that I'm having a love/hate relationship with Disney it's still remains to be seen.