Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Why The Destruction Of Alderaan Was A HUGE MISTAKE!

I remembered Star Wars: A New Hope when the Death Star was completed. I would say that Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin's biggest mistake was to think that the Death Star alone would makes ure that the empire would be in check. Palpatine was a little bit more smart to make sure that Tarkin kept an eye on Vader and vice versa considering that either one of them might use the weapon against him. 

The problem with destroying Alderaan is plan and simple: it's an overkill. It's like trying to blow up an entire forest to kill one's hunt instead of finding a logical way to kill one's prey. It could have been enough to execute Princess Leia Organa as an example for her betrayal of the Imperial Senate. But no, Grand Moff Tarkin got too confident and decided to blow off Alderaan anyway. 

Not only is the destruction of the whole planet an overkill but it's also destroying a source of income for the empire. Would the empire just simply chose to execute figures in Alderaan who had rebellion and reward Alderaanians who sided with the empire then maybe the rebellion outbreak would have not happened. Instead, the destruction of Alderaan did little or nothing to stop the ongoing rebellion. The whole planet was regarded as a martyr and led others to join the rebellion instead.

What Palpatine could have done was to actually dismiss Tarkin immediately instead of covering up the act. Would have he fired Tarkin or even have him executed then maybe the Rebellion would have not been so bad. Palpatine's decision to use patronage politics in all his decisions soon caused the two decades long empire to finally crumble. 

Monday, 20 February 2017

My Rage Awakens: Is It Me Or Is Disney Really Ruining Almost Everyone's Childhood Whenever They Buy Franchises?!

Make no mistake. I really, REALLY hate Disney now or do I? I want to give my thoughts on the devastating events that really affected my childhood. Last 2009 was the year of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger but it was also the year F***ing Disney bought Marvel. 2002 was the year when Disney acquired the rights to Power Rangers and ever since then I have no reason to watch Power Rangers. Disney gave me reasons to go away from Power Rangers. Now it's giving me a good reason to move away from Marvel and Star Wars. So what's next?

Disney ruined Power Rangers especially with the Kalish era

I don't deny that I'm not a Power Rangers fan so this wouldn't be so much of a fair analysis. But I could at least give reasons why Disney gave me good reasons not to watch Power Rangers. Whether it's the Bruce Kalish era or whatever I'm having some good reasons not to watch Power Rangers. What I didn't like about Disney's Power Rangers era would be it's too rushed to the point character development doesn't happen, Hanna Montana acting or that it's super watered down. 

I can't forget how I actually didn't bother to watch more of Disney's Power Rangers after Ninja Storm. I somehow feel regret over watching Ninja Storm because Hurricanger felt miles better. Power Rangers SPD? Some characters like Sky Tate's first impression was pretty much like this guy from the People's Court or Syd is pretty much a Hanna Montana for some time. Power Rangers Dino Thunder had that idiotic Connor (he's even more annoying than Bakaharu in Ninninger) or well... TOMMY who's just an overrated guy played by a self-glorifying idiot who thinks he's the greatest legend in Tokusatsu. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive well I can't forget how I laughed while writing their undignified demise. 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Tommy's Dr. Evil Laugh VS. Burai's Terrifyingly Evil Laugh

Tommy laughs like Dr. Evil or Scott Evil in here. I always thought this laugh was forgettable. Lord Zedd's laugh was better than this. Lord Zedd may not be all sound like a killer but he made a memorable evil laugh for a cartoon villain.

On the other hand, Burai's evil laugh was really that terrifying. He sounded like a killer. It was such a bummer IMO that Burai's suit footage was taken and given Dr. Evil's corny evil laugh. I guess those American soccer moms just love to bitch too much don't they? 

What do you think?