Saturday, 22 October 2016

Judd Lynn Is Really Heading Towards Burnout Ville!

No writer is ever exempted from hitting Burnout Ville. Lynn was responsible for revolutionizing Power Rangers during his time with Haim Saban. But like many before him like Hirohisa Soda, Toshiki Inoue, Junki Takegami and Yasuko Kobayashi he's no different. After watching more episodes of Power Rangers Dino Charge I just feel like, "That's it, I'm dropping it! Maybe I'll still end up picking up Kyoryuger at the end of the day or neither!"

What can't be denied is that it may have been foolish to rejoice Judd Lynn was back. Who knows he may have been burnt out. The scenario may be just like people were rejoicing with Toshiki Inoue, Junki Takegami and Yasuko Kobayashi only to see their favorite writers needed a nice long break. Inoue's writing of Kiva may have not clicked with everyone but I'm a fan of it. Takegami's Go-onger may be considered the least of his achievements as a head writer. Kobayashi working with ToQGer only made a good concept land with lower ratings. Lynn's situation with Dino Charge is no different!

Sometimes, I'd like to imagine what if Lynn should probably run into Inoue, Takegami and Kobayashi in the cafe or at Morphicon. One may think they might talk about how they all ran out of ideas. Maybe they might complement one another for doing better than the other. It's hard to determine what conversation he'll have with writers who are now in Burnout Ville. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

I'm Pretty Glad Toei And Saban Didn't Localize Any Of The Rescue Police Series!

It's no secret that Toei and Saban both worked together to create Power Rangers. Localizing for an American audience is no easy task. Don't believe me? Do a side by side comparison between Timeranger and Power Rangers Time Force. Compare the seriousness of Power Rangers Time Force with the much more serious Kamen Rider Faiz when it comes to the issue of racism. After watching Winspector (and currently Solbrain), it's a much bigger challenge to localize them than GoGoFive. GoGoFive isn't that serious compared to the Rescue Police.

After watching Metalder and some bits of Spielban, I can't watch VR Troopers the same way anymore. Metalder had a real plot going on that VR Troopers can't beat. If Toei and Saban decided to localize Rescue Police, it could come out pretty mediocre. Anybody can argue that there are good Power Rangers seasons, sometimes Power Rangers can do some things better (but not most of the time IMO) but I usually stick to the Japanese. It's not because it's Japanese or it's the original but because of the quality of the story. It's like how I think Erin Cahill's lively and not stiff compared to Mika Katsumura but I still think Timeranger's the better show.

I can't imagine how it would be if Rescue Police got localized by Toei and Saban for American audience. Winspector, Solbrain and Exceedraft may appeal to older audiences outside Japan but not to to the American audience. Some American actors can also carry out the part but I don't think the impact will be as good as the Japanese original. Maybe, just maybe I'm just too used to the more mature feel that Japanese shows had back int he 80s to 90s.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Trying To Sit Through Kamen Rider Stronger!

Why I never call myself a die-hard Kamen Rider fan either is because of the strange truth that I usually prefer mostly old school Super Sentai (but I can enjoy new school series depending on the situation) while I prefer mostly new school Kamen Rider. I guess it's just preference or that Kamen Rider tends to feel more "mature" for me.

So what's it like taking another super old school Kamen Rider? I always have to give myself some slack considering it's the 70s. Kamen Rider Amazon has good choreography in the midst of old hat special effects. Sometimes, I even ask myself, "How much of the old school Kamen Rider willing to watch before I'm tempted to sleep through it?" I admit every time it's some super old school Kamen Rider from the Showa era, I immediately develop this bias due to the generation gap.

Then again, watching either super new school Super Sentai or super old school Kamen Rider can also be entertaining. My only fear might be a lack of familiarity makes me hesitate to pick up something so old or so new. But again, something's value is never determined by old school or new school but how well it's carried. I don't know yet what I'd think of Kamen Rider Stronger but one thing's certain, I'm enjoying all its action scenes.