Monday, 2 March 2015

Was Janperson Drafted To Be Formerly Human?

Considering Janperson has been more Robocop in terms of execution than Jiban, it's highly possible that Janperson might have had an origin closer to Robocop than the final draft.  Jiban was very loosely based on Robocop while Janperson feels like it is the first Asian Robocop.  So what's the possible intended origins of Janperson?

Jiban itself had copied one element from Robocop.  Jiban used to be a human being known as Naoto Tamura who was gunned down by the Bioron Syndicate.  Later he was revived as the cyborg police cop known as Jiban.  But unlike Robocop, Jiban could revert back to his human identity to hide the fact that he is already a robot.  Only later on did people realize that Naoto is the cyborg known as Jiban.  But unlike Robocop, Jiban fought against monsters of the week and Janperson didn't.

Janperson on the other hand appeared as a mysterious hero who the cops later warmed up to.  Nobody knew where he came from and how he came out to be.  However in episode 18, Janperson was revealed to be a modified police combat robot.  He was a defective robot but his creator Kaoru modified him, added him with human feelings and thus he became a fully mechanical version of Robocop.  But wait... could it be possible that Janperson was intended to be formerly human?  Even Janperson looks like a remodel of a Robocop toy.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Two Problematic Main Cast Members of Power Rangers Megaforce?

Looks like Troy and Emma were meant for each other huh?!

Just to think, even if I don't hate Power Rangers, I still couldn't help but agree with what PR fans could be saying.  Emma and Troy are the biggest problems of Power Rangers Megaforce when it comes to the main cast.  It was Mega-Fail and Super Mega-Fail with these two.  So what went wrong?  I could start to point out some mistakes that had happened with them.

First, I would talk about Troy.  

So far, he's blandest, most boring character Saban could ever conceive.  While I started looking at Andrew Gray's videos vs. his character, it looks like that Andrew can act but he refuses to give his best in Megaforce with such a dull character.  Jonathan Tzachor could have learned a thing or two on how Kamen Rider Fourze managed Justin Tomimori's character in Fourze (Shun is a more attractive version of Troy).  

What's my main problem with Troy?  Generic, bland, boring.  I don't find the character's personality bad but... he's just plain boring.  I mean, a backstory could have at least salvaged Troy's personality.  In Kamen Rider Fourze, the reason why Shun was such a robotic character was because of father problems.  I mean, I don't think it's unreasonable for Troy to have a backstory to even explain why he's so robotic.

Second, I would talk about Emma

Emma's hot but my problem is the acting.  Yes, the acting.  For one, she's not even hot enough to distract me from her bad acting.  My other problem with her is that she's a damn Kimberly wannabee and the actress Christina Masterson is a cheap knock-off of action star Maggie Quigley (they do kind of look alike).  I always thought that she gets too much focus.  Pretty much, while Troy is robotic, she is overly cheery.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Ciara Hanna Should Have Been the Pink Ranger!!!!!

That would have been really far better!!!!!

While looking at Power Rangers Megaforce and being unable to bear Emma's actress Christina Masterson, I thought the role should have been for Ciara Hanna.  Aside from the appearance, Ciara Hanna looks hotter and sexier.  She would have sufficed to become the new Kimberly over Christina Masterson!!!!

Having a season of this is better than Christina Masterson!

I always thought that Ciara, not Christina would have been far better off wearing them short shorts and being Emma.  I mean, Kimberly in MMPR is the hottest girl in school.  Aside from her hot blonde factor, Ciara Hanna can act compared to most of her teammates.  I always thought she should have been the pink ranger instead!

Oh what a shame really, she would have made a stronger Emma Goodall!