Mako Shiraishi VS. Gia Moran: Who's The New Kimberly?

Well I'll write this longer post so while I don't think Emma can stand a chance against Mako, but Gia seems to have some advantage.  People know I'm a sucker for hot blondes and hot brunettes.  Now it's time to do some comparison between Mako Shiraishi and Gia Moran.  Again, do expect my biases and extreme favoritism all in this post!

First, I'd like to talk about Mako Shiraishi.  

She starts of as a pre-school teacher in Shinkenger and she has a habit of throwing a witty/sarcastic comment on your face like Kimberly in MMPR or Chisato in Megaranger which is typical in almost every episode.  Overall, she's a likable character but she's not that great, I mean I like her but she's gotten out of my top ten favorites (and no Shinkenger has become a top ten for me like how poor Kotoha is kicked out in favor of Ako Hayasaka and Takeru Shiba is kicked out in favor of Takeru/Red Mask) as of late.

While she does seem mean at times, for example, she won't hesitate to fire "You're annoying." or her encounter with Ryunosuke (she was NOT in a relationship with him, she was just trying to help him) became a more grown-up version of "Different Drum" from MMPR, I felt like that she was the big sister the team needed.  On the other hand, she has the comedic, super unrealistic bad cooking gag that is taken to cartoony levels similar to Yukito's bad cooking in Abaranger which for me is funny considering that the actress Rin Takanashi can cook in real life.  Other than that, she is the big sister of the team who wants to help anyone in need whether it'd be her teammates, children or even toy lanterns.

Combat-wise, I think Mako is the weakest when it comes to brawn but she relies more on her brain and defensive fighting which balances her out compared to Sakura (one of my favorites) preventing her from becoming a Mary Sue in Shinkenger.  Later we figure out why she's doing the things she do like becoming a pre-school teacher, big sister figure and so on was because she was raised by her grandmother to become a samurai, as her mother had some medical issues.

Second, I'd like to talk about Gia Moran

I'll admit before I Mega-PUUUUUUKED over Megaforce (and you're better off watching Megaranger), I kind of thought it'd be purely a Goseiger-based season, never mind that... they had to try to cram in Gokaiger hence ruining the whole show!  Moving on, I thought about how I had the hots for Gia but that won't save me from EVER hurting Megaforce's stupidity.  I'll admit Ciara Hanna is indeed able to act but the problem has to do with her CHARACTER, Gia Moran.

Gia Moran is portrayed to be a bit of another Kimberly, one being Emma.  Why I'm not even bringing up Emma is because... well... I just freaking dislike her.  On the other hand, I can still bring Gia up because of my soft spot for her which goes up and down.  Her point of similarities with Kimberly are that she's the hottest girl in school and has an annoying stalker in Jake (who unfortunately becomes a Power Ranger) with her which creates another "Looking For Love In the Wrong Places".

At first, she seemed fine but the problem with her is how more often than not, she does get sort of annoying but not like Emma.  What I can't stand about her is that not only do the writers give her less development (focusing on that annoying Emma).  Not only that, why make her too much of a Head Bitch In Charge to supposedly "make up" for her lack of focus?  WTH!

Some comparisons between them

I feel like comparing them both to a certain extent.  So looking at the details above, I feel like that it can be apples vs. oranges considering Mako is Japanese (but she looks like she's half-Filipino or half-something, dunno) vs. Gia who is a blonde beauty.  Let's take a look at the inner characteristics and writing styles to define the winner.

In terms of being the "New Kimberly", I think Mako really wins.  Mako has almost every trait you like or don't like about Kimberly.  Gia tends to be just a part of Kimberly in the hotness department (both are the hottest girls in school) but she's more of the Mary Sue like Sakura in Boukenger,  Heck, I think Sakura in Boukenger is better than Gia Moran!  On the other hand, Mako presents herself to be a more likable character even if she's not the greatest thing ever.

Pretty much, Mako Shiraishi is the new Kimberly, hands down!


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