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Power Rangers Seasons That I Refuse To Compare Too Much With Their Super Sentai Counterparts

Super Sentai and Power Rangers exist due to the cultural differences between Japan and the United States. I don't think Toei Ltd. would have succeeded with Power Rangers if Saban Entertainment wasn't working with them. I'd like to present Power Rangers shows that I refuse to compare too much with their original counterparts and why.

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Zyuranger is all about mystical ancient warriors in the present day so stuff like "Mei is a better fighter than Kimberly." can be answered with "Duh, Kimberly's not a warrior princess!" Mighty Morphin' is all about teens becoming heroes like Turboranger and not ancient warriors. Also, trying to compare Bandora with Rita Repulsa gets out of hand. Bandora's a hammy villain who hates children when Rita Repulsa is just a nutjob villain. So why even make the comparison since Mighty Morphin' when both are apples and oranges?

Power Rangers in Space

Yet another apples vs. oranges iss…

How I Evolved As A Tekken Fan

I remembered as a child, I wasn't all too fond of Tekken. The reason was because of the "odd gameplay" where characters used the one button per limb fighting system and the more realistic approach in fighting. I started to like the series for its use of 3D graphics. But one thing I could remember was, "HOW ON EARTH AM I GOING TO MEMORIZE ALL THESE MOVES?" So I played Tekken like a masher using King without realizing that the game's actually meant to be accessible yet it goes deeper as you play it.

I had confused feelings about Tekken without understanding the full lore that it was always meant to be sci-fi since the beginning. It felt awkward to have non-projectile, a little more realistic fighting gameplay while the game requires you to screw logic every now and then. But that's the beauty of it with Tekken. You didn't really need to think too much. I was in denial that I actually enjoyed Tekken 3 but found the whole long list of moves to be tireso…